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Ratavosi was Born.
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Ash and Abby | Doberman Love !

A Few weeks Ago My boyfriend and I decided to embark upon an adventure to Sydney’s China town.

It was a beautiful Sunday. Not too hot, not too cold, Not too windy, Just perfect. We parked the car at Milson’s Point and from there we walked over the harbour Bridge all the way to China town.


On  this adventure, We discovered a quaint little place called KANZI !

One side, a tremendous boutique of fast fashion goodness and the other side, a Rustic/shabby styled Cafe.









Amongst all the colourful racks, I came across these two Doberman Inspired Garments !

Immediately, I thought of my cousin In LA and her two Dobermans. I think it’s time you all met the hottest models on the LA Dog Scene !


Everyone, Say Hello to Ash and Abby.


Ash is a Pure Breed American Doberman. He has a lot of character and personality for a Dobe, he’s fun, loving and very “American” attitude had me giggling away. Abby, on the other hand, is a pure breed European Doberman. She has an amazing body with a much more serious, classic Doberman face than Ash. She’s actually a very humble dobe, believe it or not.

I had the pleasure of meeting this very unique and talented Duo whilst in LA. I must say owner Angineh has done a brilliant job with the two.

If you are a photographer or producer, and think you’re missing something hot and fierce from your shoot then Ash and Abby are your answer !

Ash and Abby are well trained, work by command and have done a number of very fantastic shoots working alongside well- known photographers, stylists and magazines.

Scroll down and see some of their tremendous shoots below.









They are so GORGEOUS !!!!

I had a bit of fun with them myself. See my instagram pics below.




Kisses with Abby – Mwa Mwa !



For inquiries email, Visit their website or even follow them on instagram @dobes_ashandabby


xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly



Dressing Up Kendra !

Dressing up Kendra!

TGIF! Boy am I glad it’s Friday. I’m sure a lot of you are, Right!?

Tonight’s post, as the name suggests, is about Dressing up Kendra!

Kendra is a well-known travel expert. She has been featured on news channels and television shows such As Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus. She has approached me with the very daring yet pleasurable challenge, dressing her up for her Family Disney Epcot Theme Park visit.

Here’s a note from Kendra stating her challenge:

“This spring I am going to Orlando with my family. We’re going to have a lot of fun spending time together and making memories. We plan to visit Disney’s Epcot theme park during our visit. I’m sure we’ll take many snapshots to commemorate the event. I want to make sure I don’t embarrass my kids by wearing something unfashionable. I have reached out to some of my favorite bloggers to help me choose an outfit for my Adventures at Epcot. I contacted Rhaya, a reputable fashion blogger for some help insight. Her fashion blog is always updated with the best looks, tips and tricks. I’m sure she will do a fabulous job helping me find the right outfit. While vacationing in any city, you’ll notice that an area has its own specific style. Orlando’s style is laidback and comfortable. The hospitable people of Orlando graciously welcome millions of world travelers every year. The attractions here are more family friendly than those in any other city I’ve visited. I was able to book my trip though this wonderful travel website Gogobot. Gogobot gave me reviews on the best Disney world hotels.  I know we will enjoy a wide variety of activities, from dining at unique restaurants to experiencing spectacular shows. I might even slip away with my husband to enjoy drinks at the hotel lounge in the evening. Whatever I do during my stay here, I’ll feel my best when I look my best. I can’t wait to what fashions Rhaya chooses for me to wear at Epcot.”

Good Choice Kendra – Won’t let you down.

As soon as I read the words “Laidback” and “Comfortable” I immediately thought of Stripes and Keds ha-ha ! Having recently made a trip to the states myself and actually visited Disneyland, it’s a little same, same but different. So Let’s Get started on her day time outfit.

Let’s start from the bottom up. First we’ll tackle Footwear! When visiting any theme park you will need to wear some really good walking shoes. As I mentioned earlier, Keds footwear not only looks great but feels great on your feet, especially if you are going to be out and about in them all day. They are available in all sorts of colors and styles, so you can go crazy! For bottoms, I have chosen a very comfortable yet fashion forward denim jean. I say fashion forward because it isn’t your regular daggy jean, but it is a nice skinny, cropped fit that will keep you looking fashionable yet functional at the same time. Now, I did see that Kendra was planning her trip during spring, so therefore I’ve added this loose-fit, wide striped, H&M, short sleeve tee. It won’t stick to you and make you feel uncomfortable whilst at the theme park. This is very important particularly if you are trying to juggle the children and all the theme park activities. You will also notice there is a little black anorak on the right. I’ve added this because Anorak’s are great, light weight, casual, cover-ups just in case the weather changes up.


This outfit is honestly one of the most stylishly effortless daytime ensembles that you will come across this spring. You can never go wrong with Stripes and denim.

I have two looks for Kendra; we have had a look at her day time look, now let’s take a glance at her night time look.

Kendra has great height and a gorgeous fit body. I would love to have her in a stunning embellished maxi. HOWEVER, seeming as we are at a theme Park on a family vacation, it is important not to look too OTT, but to look stylish. The season “spring” is often complemented by Beautiful Bright colors, so let’s add a splash of color with some blue or pink tones that will look amazing with Kendra’s Skin-tone and hair color.

Check out the board below.


I’ve chosen a beautiful, fitted body-con style dress. We want to avoid printed dresses, so by choosing something solid colored we can embellish the look with OTT jewellery instead. When I say “OTT jewellery” I don’t mean deck your arm to your elbow, I mean a few, statement, dazzling pieces that work well together to make your outfit shine.

I did want to avoid heels, but I thought “Oh my – Look at that Gorgeous Valentino” haha! The lengths of the heels aren’t too high so I guess that is a good sign.

I also wanted to steer clear from Black so that Kendra can have a bit of fun on her night-out.

I hope you like this bright, colorful spring inspired outfit Kendra.


 Bonnuit  <3

Much Love, xoxo

Yours Truly


Shine on Blogging Award !!

Good morning to you all!

Wake up, Wake up! The weekend has arrived!

It’s going to be a crazy weekend, Lots of news to share and plenty of pieces to keep you entertained (You’ll see what I mean soon).

So where do we begin… Let’s rewind to a few days ago.

20th March 2014, Thursday – I wake up at 5.30 am with a notification on my home screen. A Message from Kristel nominating me for the Shine-on Blogger to Blogger award! It was honestly far too much excitement for a Thursday morning but I must say Kristel, Darling, you made my day! Thank you so much for this award, being part of my blogging life and always reading my posts.

shine on

If you’re not familiar (which I wasn’t at first) with any blogging award, nominees have to follow a set of rules.

1-      Speak about the person who offered you the award.

2-      Insert the above photo

3-      State 7 things about yourself

4-      Make 15 nominations and pass on the shine.

5-      Make sure you advise the new winners they were nominated!

So, Let’s Talk about Kristel.

Kristel owns the blog Rags For Bones it’s a true fashionista’s insight on fashion and style. She often uses polyvore to create these amazing mood/style boards that honestly really help when you need a go-to guide for what’s hot and on-trend. Great Job Kristel!

7 questions to answer.

1 – How was your blog born?

Well I woke up one morning and I thought – “I love fashion, I love to write, my life is pretty chaotic right now, so let’s start a blog. I can share my style, fashion, my work, experience, and my collections, to people all over the world. Who knows I may even inspire a few and be an icon.” I think a few months later, I had to undergo a severe back operation. That is when I really started to get into the blog. Writing more about my personal experience during college and how they work you to the bone with their tough-love methods. But Hey Look at me – I’m 23, I have a really good job, one that I’d consider one of my “dream jobs” and I strive to do my best to fulfill my inner crazy-workaholic-Gal. I’m really passionate, determined and motivated – What’s going to stop me? NOTHING.

2 – What is the most important thing in your life ?

This is a really hard one actually. We all have so many different priorities in life that it’s hard to just pick one and say “Yes, that is the most important one”. I personally want to cheat and say two… So I will J *rebellious stance*. The two main would definitely have to be good health and family. Let’s face it I really need my health – If you read and follow my blog you should already know how much I’ve been through, so that’s definitely the first. The second would be the bond of family. The warmth, support and presence of having a very close and understanding family, for me, are also one of the most important things in life.

3 – Do you have any other passions ?

I’m passionate about a lot of things, my career, my family, my life. It’s all thanks to my parents for raising this little determined, motivated girl. Thanks mum, thanks Dad. What I’m working on now is actually making more collections. I am very passionate about my fashion – To have that skill and power to get a piece of fabric and create something, It’s amazing ! Knowing how to do that is actually incredible – Oh and it is always a challenge, regardless.

4 – Are you an ambitious person or are you one who likes to get carried away?

Je suis Tres Ambitious!

See, I believe that you can put your mind to anything and succeed! Nothing ever comes easy, there are always challenges, always off-days, and most likely a lot of hard work involved. Once you learn this, you begin to appreciate the exhaustion.

Try it, you control it. If you want it, you can achieve it. I guess it all falls into how much you really, actually want it.

5 – What is your style?

I love androgyny. I love girly pieces with boyish elements. Really fierce button up collars, waisted, structured pieces that are embellished so beautifully they look timeless!

6 – Do you like to travel? What is your favourite place?

I love travelling! I don’t have a favourite place yet, I don’t think I’ve been to enough places. However, I would love to go to Paris. That is one of my goals. Take me to Paris, ANYDAY!

I’d even love to go to New York.

7 – What is a quote that characterises you?

I don’t know about one characterising me but here are my top 3.

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone” Coco Chanel

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” Nelson Mandela

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door” Milton Bearle

Well there’s the 7 questions… Now onto the nominees…

1 – ColourDust and Happy Laps

2 – Girls of Wisdom

3 – Thoughts from Annika’s Room

4 – Florals For Spring

5 – Into Mind

6 – Donald Reese Photography

7 – Cloud of Lace

8 – The Fashion Power

9 – Bucket List Publications

10 – Laced in Leather

11 – Gema Katherine

12 – Vfabulous

13 – Indie Rose Deigns

14 – Style Breakdown

15 – Crengux

There you have it.

Shine on beautiful Bloggers and thank you so much for reading my posts and being a part of my life. Especially all the stalkers, I thank you too !

xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly



Get “TEMT”ed

Have you been  “TEMT”ed ??

If you answered no – then seriously, TEMT yourself.

These days there so much pressure on women to look good, That sometimes we get coaxed into sticking to the big brands because “everyone will be there” and “it’s completely unacceptable to wear something commercial” or that “I can’t be spotted in a no-name…EVA”. Well, a confession – I did it, and I have been doing it for awhile now.

Why ?

Because sometimes it is okay to buy something for a quarter of the price and feel happy when you can throw it away without worrying about dry-cleaning, or cringing at the fact that you spent so much money for something you knew you would only wear once.


My sister-in-law and I recently visited our Local TEMT store in desperate need for some fashionable, amazing pieces that were suitable for both a day and night time look. Browsing through the countless racks in the store, it honestly didn’t take long for us to pick something not only suitable for the occasion, but also something that was going to comfortable enough to wear ( and perhaps keep in the wardrobe for a second wear). I must say I was impressed with what was available for as little as $29.95.

For my international friends, who haven’t heard of Temt – you can compare it to your Forever 21, except slightly smaller.  Temt is a fast fashion company that offers on-trend, affordable pieces for any occasion. they currently don’t have an online store available, however, you can view their most recent campaign by clicking here. They have also got Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Scroll down and Enjoy


Hello !

Forever new Shoes – so comfy !


A gorgeous print !

The lines in this dress worked perfectly for my body.

the thicker lines accentuated whereas the thinner lines slimmed down.

They were also fighting with the vertical pleats in the skirt so that worked perfectly in my favour.

IMG_5829“Lady Danger” Lips.

A nice matte shade of red/orange by “MAC cosmetics”


I chose a Top knot bun because there is also so much going on at the top of this garment. However Loose curls would have looked gorgeous too.



The cutest little clutch from “Colette accessories”

Also matte, reptile skin textured.


China Glaze Nails – “Pool Party”

I am in love with the colour right now.

It is very bright and in-your-face – perfect for nicely manicured nails.


and off we go…


xoxo Much love,

Yours Truly


LA diaries | Part Trois and My New Years Resolution ! XO

I used to be a big believer in “How you spend your New Years is how you will spend the rest of the year”. I used to link everything to it, every negative event, any sign of bad luck and all of a sudden it would be the fault of that superstition combined with about a dozen others.This year, however, I’ve decided to try and leave all the paranoia,anxiety, and superstition behind.

Sometimes we go through really crazy stages in life, where we are so obsessed with perfection and the paranoia of not having enough control, we funnily, forget what life is really about. We lose control without noticing we are   a c t u a l l y   l o s i n g    c o n t r o l. I think for me, the first time I realised this was when I was about 13/14. You start high school, your fellow snotty school mates mature and become monsters and bullies and all of a sudden you are the target, the aim of the game is to bring you down. Without saying too much I never really liked high school, I never understood what happened to the innocence in some, How one day it was there and come the first day of high school, it was gone – vanished, into the air. I was bullied so much that I didn’t like being encouraged, I didn’t like being complimented, I didn’t like getting attention in class for being smart, I didn’t like people knowing I was smart, I just didn’t know what I really wanted because they wanted to make everything positive, negative. That’s what they’d do, they’d prey. Then you have the people who absolutely adore you, who think you’re funny, amazing, a great friend – and by this stage you’re so confused – stuck between trying to make sense of the people who hate you and those who actually accept you – you start to doubt yourself and everything else in your life, you become paranoid, have major trust issues, and all these crazy symptoms surface. Before you know it, You’ve evolved into something you didn’t even know existed at that age. You’re the epitome of anxiety and paranoia. They made you, they control you and all the silly thoughts in your head. What will I wear? why did they say that ? What did they mean ? Are they looking at me ? Do I look okay ? My left eyebrow is out 2 millimetres to my right, do you think anyone notices  ?! Why do they keep looking at me? Who will be there ? What did they say ? What will I wear ? I can’t wear that, what will they think ? Are they talking about me ? Is my hair funny ? Am I walking too slow ? Are people watching me ? Can people see me ? Can they hear me ? Did I just ask too many questions ? Am I talking too fast? Who’s reading my blog !? What did they say ? – Seriously WHO HASN’T THOUGHT ANY OF THOSE…Sometimes when you can’t fall asleep and your mind doesn’t SHUT OFF and LEAVE YOU ALONE…because you keep repeating stupid scenarios in your head or you are thinking one of those things – Don’t lie ! Sometimes when you want to leave the house, or are going somewhere….You think some of those things ! That’s you, girlfriend – that’s you right there…! 


Its a process – A part of growing up and finding yourself. Being confident, understanding that sometimes things go wrong and other times they go so smoothly,perfectly, so perfectly that you think, “COOL was that a dream?” The universe isn’t out to get to, It all depends on how you look at it and whether you have let your mind think you are weak or strong. Strength in the mind is a dangerous thing to have because you can conquer it all. Over the years I’ve learnt to become more independent, I’ve crazily tried to push myself – I’m always pushing myself, I’m so determined, so passionate, sometimes too passionate – I’m motivated, I have drive – Now isn’t it a shame that sometimes I get dragged down by peoples thoughts and opinions. Is it fair to treat someone like that ? It isn’t ! So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking I was the bad guy – pay it forward. Do something good for someone else, in hope that they will remember you and pass on that good. Don’t just do it because you want it to come back to you – immediately you will see how it will change your life. Think about the things you say, and how they will affect the other person.

After being bullied – I tried to understand why ? Maybe it was the thrill or something ? So I tried it myself. I tried to bully someone – I couldn’t do it… I tried to say the same words they said to me to someone else – I was thinking maybe I could gain some sort of confidence – Cheap shot it was. What did I learn from that ? Well, nothing I didn’t already know. It’s hard growing up when everything is run by judgement. That’s something I’m trying to work on this year. To be less judgemental, to seek more clarity when times get rough, to try to maintain a positive mind and to keep it strong.

You’re probably thinking how the heck is this related to LA or New Years and all that – Well CALM DOWN “HOLD YOUR HORSES” I’m getting to that.

See, I spent New Years at the most happiest place in the world…. Can you think of where that would be ?


The atmosphere, the happy workers, the families and children, the shows, sparks of energy, loud groups of laughter and joy, fireworks, cute childish rides, fake snow – It was how I spent the last day of 2013.

I was thinking WOW I’m here in LA, halfway across the world with my partner and my friends for a special occasion – I’m here with family I haven’t seen in so long – That I will miss so much. How lucky am I to be able to experience this, How lucky that I didn’t let all the people who brought out the worse in me get the best of me. I thought From this point onwards – I want to be less like the paranoid, anxious girl I have been, always thinking of what others are thinking, always playing along with the games in my mind – I want to be more confident, positive, alive. I want to look back and see I enjoyed it – I don’t want to remember sad, negative moments. AND I actually want to try and stay true to that.

The moment we walked into the gates and I saw this – I knew I could do it.

That’s my NYR ( New year Resolution). What’s yours ?


Well… Scroll away and enjoy yourselves – Part 3 of 3 of the LA Diaries !















It’s tradition that I visit Esmeralda ! hahaha


and that was the magical world of Disneyland !


Love my cuz ! <3


Universal Studios – Another one of my favourite places !








Mel’s 50’s Diner !


Another Fake Paris ! I’ll be with you someday soon <3






















Our final wedding before we head back home !!




Well that was it guys !

If you get to the end of this post I just have a few things to say to you :

Thankyou for being in my life, stalking me, subscribing to me, actually sitting through and reading this.

Thankyou for making me stronger.

Always Remember that Positivity doesn’t have a door – It is just a frame, Think of it as a long hallway – It’s negativity that has a door – the door you have a key to. Lock it for good and try to keep it that way.

And finally, If you truly did get to the end of this and you felt inspired leave me a comment and tell me what you thought.


xoxo I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend !

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Much love, Yours Truly



LA Diaries | Part deux

Hello Hello, my lovely subscribers and stalkers – I hope everyone has had a great week, an even better weekend and is getting ready to hit it all over again tomorrow !

I honestly don’t know where the time went last week, it flew by so quickly that before I could even think BLOG, I had to write one !

The weather here in Sydney hasn’t been all that great, but I must say I am liking the rain. It’s been really soothing and relieving as I’ve been such a busy little bee, dedicating as much time as I can to the new collection –  Just to tease – I just want to say a few of the first pieces are almost done but I can’t share them with you yet, that would completely spoil it. HOOORAAAAA – no Resting yet though, I still have quite a lot to do.

The week before I shared with you LA diaries Part Un if you missed it click here – If you didn’t, Scroll away and check it out !

This entry includes just a few shots here and there from Vegas. We had such a wonderful time, partying the night away, visiting all the different places, buying random junk. It was a perfectly short getaway during our getaway!


What does that say all the way up there – Yes – You read it right ! We are road tripping to VEGAS BABY !


Excuse the freeway shots – I was having a blast Click click clicking away !



Welcome to Nevada !




Paris – I’ll b with you someday soon.



I was so obsessed with the lighting in our room hahaha


The view from our room was amazing !!!!

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and  I must say the service and the rooms were unbelievable. Seriously – LOOK AT MY VIEW !


I love this shot – Getting ready in my robe for a fantabulous night out.



Bride-to-be <3



Elevator mirror shots – You learn something new everyday.




Beautiful Chandeliers all throughout the hotel . Lavishly decorated.


Being a classy tourist ! Follow me on instagram @Ratavosi.






The Perfect Tree – The Tiffany Tree ! Oooo Yes please !


This man freaked me out a little – He sat in that position for so long – How does one DO THAT !!!



Casually hanging about in Fake Paris .. I’m okay with that !





Last Stop – New york.


Some more shopping…


and some more…


My Beautiful cousin ! I miss her more and more everyday.


I’ll bring you part 3 Next weekend  and that will pretty much be the end of the photos.

I’m exhausted – Bonnuit Beauties !

xoxo Much love,

Yours Truly



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