Style 2 | Silk pants… Why I love silk so much !


There’s a thing about high waisted garments that I absolutely love !

I guess its the way they can easily add shape or accentuate the feminine form by cinching in the waist.

When I was developing sketches of bottoms for the range, I really wanted to keep them as simple a silhouette as possible and also very wearable. This was because all the tops in the range were more loud and ornate pieces.


Model : Jordan Kain

Photography : Monica Pronk Photography

Makeup : Anet Elias Makeup


The Silk Clarity pant was inspired by the relaxing palazzo styles that were creeping up in spring that year. They then turned into Culottes, which are another favourite of mine, and now the whole idea of the structured waist and loose fit pant has stuck around as an all year round staple as different designers utilise different fabrics to suit the climates of that particular season.


The main body of this silk straight leg pant consists of this beautiful medium/heavy weight, silk CDC that beautifully holds shape were tailored and controlled, but also drapes perfectly where it needs to.

As the Rebirth Range was a more spring to High Summer range I thought the concept of amalgamating something sheer and textured like the Crinkle silk chiffon would be perfect.


Image taken from sea glass swim UK – click on image to be redirected to their homepage

Silk is one of those luxurious and versatile fabrics that has a lot of benefits. It is an all-climate fabric !! This means that it has the ability to keep you warm and cozy during winter but also cool and comfortable during summer.

I just love this fabric. As difficult as it is to work with Sheer light weight silks, I enjoy the challenge quite a lot. I’d say it’s like taming something wild when your trying to ensure everything is on-grain and perfect – light weights are a hand full but the end product is well worth it !

Anyone who has worked with Silk organza and chiffon would know exactly what I mean !!


Another reason why I love Silk so much is that it retains its beauty for years,decades !

This is why I use it for my high fashion pieces, The quality is magnificent and can be worn again and again, it is truly timeless.

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