Maxi Skirts | Look Neuf !

I honestly HATE TRYING TO FIND the perfect MAXI SKIRT… I mean seriously… they drape, they are gathered, they are suppppperrr long, make short people look ridiculous and on a slightly UNproportioned tall body can come to look like a complete DISASTER !!!!

How many maxi skirts do people have in their wardrobes ? seriously… what – like one ?… none ?

My point exactly !

I have a curvy figure, a much fuller bottom half and a rather toned, washboard upper half, so just imagine how WRONG I look !

However, I always keep the thought of finding the perfect maxi skirt somewhere in the back of my mind !

2 weeks before I found my miracle maxi skirt. oh no it wasn’t one of those love at first sight moments… it was more like "a broken record” moment – different skirt, same feeling. I was trying on all these long, gathered chiffon skirts that just sat too heavily on my bottom half making my thighs and hips look even larger than they already were. Don’t even get me started on the clingy, jersey like ones either !



Not too worry though – there is a happy ending to this story.

Short after, I came across a Tribal printed maxi and thought, GREAT it’s going to be another one of THOSE things.

Totally wasn’t ! Totally LOVED IT !


The fabric is a very light weight stretch mesh – it doesn’t cling to your body, it doesn’t make you look larger than you are, it fits perfectly around the waist, and even has a small skirt slip underneath it for you. It’s exposed waistband allows you to tuck tops in and out as well as creating belted looks.

Usually when I have printed pieces I like to tone them down with plain block colours.


As you can see I’m wearing my favourite plain black thermal shirt and just an antique gold aztec style necklace to compliment the look.

If you like the skirt simply click here to purchase online.


Happy Maxi-Skirting !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


DoLLy FoR FreE FuSioN | Look 8

I have a REALLY BAD WEAKNESS for super cute dresses ESPECIALLY when they give me a vintage vibe.

Black and white polka dot dress, gathered elastic waist, peak-a-boo back, and cute little cap sleeves !

AS IF I could say no !


This dress is from Target and is from the DOLLY for Free Fusion range !


You can style it up with some PEARLS…

Get cold ? Wear my favourite little black jacket with ruched 3/4 sleeves !


Stockings if you like, even Red shoes and some Red Lipstick.


and throw a super classy pose !



Like the dress – Just click here !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


N-E-O-N B-L-A-Z-E-R | LOOK 7 = ]

A few weeks back I bought myself a little present !

A Brilliant neon Lime Blazer – o h y e a h h !


EEEEEKKKK it was seriously so exciting ! THATS WHY I’ve decided to BLOG IT ( I’m totally not over it yet – it’s just so pretty ha ! )

After I bought it I couldn’t stop thinking about it, then when i finally arrived home, I wore it for a good 4 hours before deciding it’s time to TAKE IT OFF LOL

There’s a lot of bright/neon blazers out so if you want to “be in on it” too Just head to your nearest Mall/Shopping centre. Trust me they aren’t that hard to miss in the window !

HOWEVER ! – If you can’t find one, the one I’m wearing is from Target, It’s from the Hot options range AND if also comes in black with lime pocket openings for all the subtle babies !

Below is just a fun little collage I put together, it shows all the dominant colours for styling bright blazers !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Playing Dress ups with Clients + Look 6

Doing my daily spruiking, standing at my hub looking pretty, eyeing people who touch my clothes rack and up pops a Miss Shannon Short !

Now, I like to have fun with my clients and oh boy we definitely did !

Playing dress ups for about 45 minutes ( JUST IMAGE ALL THE OPTIONS SRSLY !! ) and voila she’s put on the same outfit that I’ve got on !

I think Shannon and I look pretty awesome !

Casual yet stylish this semi-sheer zig zag top can be dressed down( which is the look that we both had on) or even dressed up with some popping bright neon’s !


Like what we’re wearing ?

Simply click the images below to be directed to the website !


ALSO… If you don’t already have a favourite  LITTLE BLACK JACKET. The one I’m wearing is definitely one to add to your wardrobe !


It’s very stylish, $59, ruched 3/4 sleeve, and has front shawl like opening !

It’s something I haven’t stopped wearing.

Clients of all shapes, sizes, and builds have bought this and it has looked amazing on every single one of them !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Stylist’s Outfit Look 5 | Corporate Spots !

Every now and then spots and dots come back into fashion.

Sometimes the classic black and white, other times coloured

maybe set out closer together or even far apart…

Either way there’s a certain kind of dotty print for everyone !

– – – –

The one I chose is this black and white double layer blouse.

IT is really comfortable short sleeves and the fabric is nice and lightweight too. Perfect for Transeasonal wear.

It’s only $39 and from our City Dressing Department.


The following tops are other polka dot blouses. There’s quite a few to pick and choose from !


Nice and sheer classic black and white polka dot print with a front ruffle

We also have the same style, slightly different with brown and navy spots below.

Both of these shirts are $39.


This super cute black blouse with white spots and front pleating is the perfect classic addition to the corporate wardrobe.

It is just $29 and very comfortable and sheer.


If you are into metallic, we have out silver metallic blouse with black binding and white,grey and navy polka dots all over.

this too, is $39.



If you like something you see, Simply click on the images and you’ll be directed to the link, as these are all currently available online !

As I mentioned before, I chose the blouse in the first image.

Here is how I styled it.

It’s very plain, simple yet on-trend.

No extra efforts at all Smile

All you need is your basic corporate black pants.

If you don’t already have a pair, Target Essentials offers a straight leg pant at just $20.

OR what I’m wearing is my hot options one from my previous post ( the one with the snakeskin belt)

I am also wearing, on top of my blouse, our very comfortable and versatile Ponte Blazer.

The fabric Ponte adds extra warmth and stretch and therefore this blazer is the best one EVA !


What I love about this look is that if you’re not such a big accessory fan you can always get away without it because the top itself is already patterned.

So if your more the corporate classic kind, this is your look !

Overall damage :

Ponte Blazer : $79

Blouse : $39

xxxx much love, Yours Truly


Stylist’s Outfit Look 4 | Hello Yellow !


There’s no better better way to refresh your wardrobe then with some bright mustard yellow !

I think this is one of my favourite outfits so far … !

So first I chose my pants because they are the most difficult part of it all ha-ha And again you’ll notice they are the same pants from Look  2. Except this time I’m wearing the white snakeskin belt they came with. I left it on because I feel it compliments the refreshing yellows and blue/green palettes quite well as well as being able to standout in proportion to all the black in the background.

The pants are $45, To purchase the pants online click here

The next two items were my black short sleeve shirt and the yellow hot options top – which you can get at Castle Towers Target.


The black shirt I’m wearing is actually a thermal. I like to wear sleeved things at work because I’m moving around quite a lot, and it also helps keep me warm.

Our thermals are only $12 and they come in black or white as well as other sleeve lengths.

They are scoop neck with a scalloped edge.


My necklace is just a random long necklace with similar colours to my outfit.

The colour of the rocks are mint, Turquoise and mustard on a gold chain.

Just something simple will do, no need to go OTT because then it starts looking too cluttered.


The shoes have a nice wedge heel and are a really pretty blue colour.

This ties in well with the yellow, white and black.

I must say they are very comfortable to walk in and only $40.

They also come in black.


The final look :

Mustard Shirt – $35

Thermal – $12

Pants – $45

Shoes – $40

Necklace – $15

Total look = $147


there’s more to come …


xxxx Much love, Yours Truly


Whitney Port I LOVE YOUUUU !!!!!!

I’m one of those girls who never has time for television and reality shows, is always too busy patternmaking and sewing and working and doing like EVERYTHING besides relaxing LOL

Don’t believe me…?

Just ask my close friends who know how hard I work !

HOWEVER, there are a few things that have been exceptions…

Ever since my ‘09 visit to L.A I’ve had this constant longing for all those unforgettable memories and late nights, with amazing friends and family members, some I’d never even met before !

So when I started watching “The Hills” it not only allowed me to relate to their situations but also their surroundings and all the places they would go to, especially anything “fashion” related !

I immediately began to fall in love with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port ! Their work experience/interning at Teen VOGUE, Castings, fittings, runways and photo-shoots – It all slowly started to reflect parts of my life, things that I was going through in my career and experience.

I’ve followed these girls through their reality shows: The Hills, then The City, bought their books and viewed their collections and seen them develop into designers.

Whitney Port’s Label – Whitney Eve – is one that I absolutely love.

On the website they’ve described Whitney Eve as “Eclectic and feminine” and I wouldn’t put it any other way !

Soft silhouettes paired with exclusive and pretty prints and patterns !

Dress them up and Dress them down !

There’s a few favourites below





So Quite Recently, Whitney Port has asked fans to fund her fashion show.

The brave young designer has made a video appeal entitled “Road to Runway” to help raise $50,000 to help her produce the “first fan-supported runway show”.

Port mentions in her video, "I’m doing something that’s never been done before – the first-ever fan-supported fashion show at fashion week in New York. That means I’m asking you, the friends and fans who’ve made everything I do possible, to join the crowd-funding campaign."

There are also a number of perks for people who contribute:

$5 = personalised thank you tweet

$50 = be one of the first to “rock” a piece from the Whitney Eve spring 2013 line

$250 = a visit to the New York headquarters in the run up to the show for a behind-the-scenes tour.

other incentives include gift cards, bracelets, and makeovers.

So far she has only raised 3,103 Dollars, and with just over a month of the ‘fix-funded’ campaign on Indiegogo to go – let’s help her reach her 50,000 Dollar goal by September 10 !

To donate :


“Road to Runway” – Whitney port !




Wish I was in New york – One day, my dream to be at New York Fashion week – Whether it’s my clothing label or not… One day !

Whitney I LOVE YOU  and Good luck !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Target Essentials | Brighten up the wardrobe Part deux

I’m someone who pretty much lives in her flats !

I’m always carrying them with me because you never know when that gorgeous pair of platforms is going to turn on you,

So I’m always looking for easy shoes to slip on and off BUT the key here is comfort !

It’s always about comfort, and Target essentials have absolutely nailed it with their latest range of Bright flats.

Now I didn’t believe how comfortable these flats were until I touched the inner sole.

SUPER “cushiony” with a soft “you-know-it-wont-give-you-a-mad-blister” outer !

I thought I’d take them for a “test-drive” because they were only $15 !

My goodness they were so comfy and so cheap !

Didn’t bother my feet at all on my 9 till 5 !

So I took a few pairs and moved them to my stylists box !

Here’s a few pics.

They come in Grey, Black, green


and yellow


and Orange !


I’m not sure if they are available online yet but they are definitely available in Target stores in Sydney, Australia !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Stylist’s Pick | Look 3

This is just a simple one guys – with spring and summer coming up be sure to add to your wardrobe a sheer, batwing-style top.

It’s better to be prepared for the heat rather than sizzling away with it.

Bonus points for awesome bright colours and extra loose fit !

The one I’ve got below is from Target’s Free-fusion range, It comes in White, Black, Coral and Hot pink !

Visit in store to make a purchase – find your nearest target store at


p.s I think that’s a perfume stain ha-ha… don’t ask !

Additional pieces to this look are my very comfy Ponte leggings also from the Hot options range.


They are normally $35

and of Couse just a basic white cami from our Target Essentials range.

Just $9.


The final look :

Top – $35

Pants – $35 ( just click on the image to purchase online)

Basic white cami – $9.

Total = $79


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


You had me at 49 | I still like this muted orange ! <3

I know that I can wear this colour anytime I want but the fact that spring is soon to bloom and fluoros are already out makes me feel like I have to pack this colour away !

Their are three types of dresses below,

each one had me at $49 from our Hot Options range at Target,

each one a particular shade of orange and completely lovable !


Dress Un | Androgyny VS Chic


I absolutely love anything with a collar !

Especially one that is two toned and matches the pocket flap and front tab !

Collared anything can be quite chic and cute.

This style comes with a detachable ribbon to tie the perfect naughty bow !

and voila you already looking stunning and stylish – with such little effort !

ah j’adore ca !


Dress Deux | Flared and pleated


This flare A-line style fits just beautifully at the bodice and falls nicely at the waist.

With subtle design features like pleats and elbow length sleeves it’s easily made desk-to-date.

This dress has a very nice removable, brown, snake print belt.

Dress 3 | It’s a Wrap

imageThis classic wrap style dress is the perfect casual/dinner dress.

It is made from jersey, so its very comfortable to be in as well as the very flattering waist and gathered short sleeves to add oomph to this basic style.

Also comes with a detachable belt.


Well there it is – my very little tribute to this shade of orange.

Once again if you like any of the dress just click on the image.


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly