Bumping into Alannah Hill

Meeting Alannah Hill

The New Semester has begun with Men’s and Womenswear being our main focus and project before our major and final semester !

What better way to explore different designers collections and tastes this season by hitting up none other than Sydney’s Westfield.

The day began with ZARA, just casually hanging around in front waiting for the class to arrive.

In the distance this Sparkling Tall Lady Approaching, her hair and makeup magnificently done with a lovely floral printed skirt that swept the floor – It looked like her ? Could it be ? Really ? OMG it actually was ALANNAH HILL !

Following her around in Zara wondering whether we should approach her like annoying paparazzi clogging up space to ask for a photograph. An excited Bunch we were !

Finally I decided that I just couldn’t possibly leave the store without approaching her so I did.

She was one of the nicest designers I’d ever Met ! When we were told by Zara’s staff we couldn’t take photographs inside their store she even offered to drop her shopping and for us to come outside and take photographs before commencement ! How lovely was that !

Image above | Me, Alannah Hill and my good friend Jessica.

over and out xx


Model | Marnee K. <3

She is one of the most gorgeous and Kindest individuals I know !

Beautiful inside and out – The one and only Marnee Kidd !


Bumped into her in Cremorne at my friend’s 21st – Always a smile on her face !

Both of us wearing trendy outfits – Lively Reds and pastel nude midriffs – Loving life ❤

Check out The conceptual Knitwear blog for photos and videos of the both of us !

Below | Treat your eyes to the birthday girls outfit !!!!! LOVE IT !!!


The birthday girl and Yours Truly – P.S LOVE HER DRESS TO BITS !


Yes i know i didn’t dress winter wonderland –

but if you take a CLOSE look –


My eye makeup goes white to blue – totally fitting me in with the dress code hahaha !


xxxxxx over and out