Clarity | noun / the quality or state of being clear. Lucidity 

Good morning world !

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend and no one has melted away in this heat. Temperatures reached 46 in my suburb yesterday and let me tell you, even standing in the shade, the wind was burning my skin. I will always, still, love summer and spring though !

As mentioned in last weeks post we will be taking a look at our first piece from our first look in the collection so without further Ado, I present | The Clarity Crop top.


This beautiful embellished Crop top is made from the finest materials sourced right here in Australia, from Australian wholesalers who are still maintaining a strong presence for local designers.

When I first designed this crop I had something else in mind for the materials I was going to use. I am glad though, through the product development stage and many Pattern making and sampling difficulties I was finally clear on a design that would work. There was clarity between the design, patterns and  what was to be the final garment.


The main base of this luxurious crop  is made entirely from silk. A slightly Heavier weight silk crepe de chine / silk satin are what keep the structure in this garment with its cross over features over the bust and more linear appearance through the back.


We then see a touch of femininity as we reach the bust area covered in sheer silk organza. And just when you think you’re going to see a nipple reveal you’re fooled because this design is the very essence of the Ratavosi nature. Sexy and mysterious, we give a little away but not all, leaving just enough for the imagination as we individually place and perfect the hand sewn lace appliqué which is mirrored over the bust.


This is a very wearable piece and very relevant to the fashion trends we are seeing pop up in not only high end / ready to wear boutiques, but in department stores too. Do keep in mind though, Ratavosi the label isn’t trend based, so the fact that we have been predicting trends for two years with this collection makes us very proud.

The difference between our Crop and the mass produced offshore manufactured garments is the quality promise we keep, the unique design and the experience that comes with this garment.

What do I mean by that ?

I mean that if you were to order one of these exclusive, small quantity produce garment we would have you come to our showroom and ensure we custom make this beauty to fit your body.

We do offer size 6 and 8 online in this still and we do offer the cups not being so sheer if you are looking for a more ready to wear piece.

We support local and we would like to think that there are plenty of people in Australia who feel the same. As mentioned a number of times before, Our garments are all designed and handmade in Australia by high quality fabrics sourced and hand picked by yours truly. I believe that high fashion pieces should maintain a certain standard, and for this reason each garment is individually crafted to perfection, as it is my number one priority.


The beautiful Kat representing Ratavosi The Label at LAFW DC.


If you would like to purchase this garment online please click here.

We also have many other items in our online shop.

Stay tuned for next week as we take a look at the Clarity pants that go back with this beauty.

xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly


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