Epiphany number 3 | Goals and dreams and deep dark secrets. 

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Clarity | noun / the quality or state of being clear. Lucidity 

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2015 | Whats new on The Life Of Rhy | Keeping you Posted

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Madame Music – This one is for you !!!

Music – one word, one syllable, many things.
It drives us, inspires us, calms us, motivates us, revives us and defines us.

Music has always played a big part in my life. I’ve always listened to a mixture of things from RNB, hip hop and rap right through to house/electric dance and rock.
I’m really feeling RNB right now and the beautiful beats combined with lyrics that make you take a deep breath and go WOW, not only can I rap to this but I can really FEEL parts of the lyrics have already come alive within my life.

It’s a short story; add the sound minus the visual.

During winter, I always tend to slip myself back into some good RNB. I feel like it has a way of describing my mood very well. Laid back and chill like the weather, the moods and emotions in the atmosphere are just that little bit more realistic with the music in the background.

As we all know I study fashion design and my May to July/August playlist has been dominated by RNB artists such as Drake, Dj Khaled, Lil Wayne, and some Tyga.

However a new favourite of mine is Wiz Khalifa. Checkout my playlist below and if you like any of the songs you can listen to and download them at www.mp3skull.com

1. Drake – I get lonely too

2. Drake – dreams money can buy

3. Drake – Miss me

4. Drake – find your love

5. Dj Khaled ft drake ft Lil Wayne – I’m on one.

6. Drake – Baby come with me

7. Francisco ft Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne – forever

8. Drake – Marvin’s room

9. Drake – trust issues

10. Tyga – Lap Dance

11. Tyga ft Chris brown – holla at me

12. Tyga ft new boyz – crickets.

13. Wiz Khalifa – Chewy

14. Wiz Khalifa – The thrill

15. Wiz Khalifa – The race

16. Wiz Khalifa – Never been

17. Wiz Khalifa ft YC – Racks

18. Wiz Khalifa – in the cut

19. Wiz Khalifa – the statement

Happy Hearing and Stay in tune for my Conceptual Knitwear blog



I’m in love with this Posse !

girls in glasses


On my desktop I have enlarged it to the point where it almost feels dominating !

Besides the elongated, anorexic-looking necks and bodies, and the sunken facial features, There is something about this artwork that captivates me !

Its the Attitude it emits !

The serious “Chanel girls wearing Glasses”, beautifully sketched, and mysteriously unreadable in a way. 

Danny Roberts A-plus for you !





First blog …

Exactly how much time do we spend on social networks?

I was reading an article on just how much time people really spent on social networks last week and the results came across as a bit of a lie to me. Statistics showed that an estimated 7 hours monthly is spent by Australian users. How does that work ? Most people i know spend that amount in just one day, maybe sometimes even more ! Juggling it from i-phone to Facebook, Facebook to i-phone, i-phone to email, email to Facebook – then the same cycle starts back up again… Notification after notification, its a networking craze!

I think putting statistics aside its safe to say we spend every day of our lives communicating with people, and if not people then at least with SOMETHING ! Well at least you’d hope so, in order to NOT turn into a PRUNE against humanity.

Cutting this pointless first blog short I thought I’d just add…

The world is our oyster, and technology has so much to offer these days.  Email, Facebook, twitter, Skype… you name it – its all happenin’ … ONLINE !

Thought I’d “broaden my horizon” and start up a blog.

Suckey for a first blog but I really wanted to see my new theme happening !

ciao for now xox