An inspirational post | Today is the beginning of something wonderful.

Today is a big day.

I have done many photoshoots before but this time it’s a little different. It’s not a college project, it’s a personal goal, a dream.

Today is the day where I look back and say I’m doing this by choice, I’m doing this because I’m passionate about something, I’m doing this because I’m going to apply all I know Into what I love.

The past couple of months have been chaotic, and super exhausting but this isn’t the end of it. Ive enjoyed every moment of it. It only gets harder from here but I just wanted to document it publicly so that one day I can look back and be so proud and so happy of myself. So that I can accept that I’ve done something great for myself. No matter how far I go, I’ll remember this, and I’ll know I gave it my best shot.

If you’re reading this and you’ve always been passionate about pursuing a certain dream then go for it. Don’t think about how hard it will be, focus more on how great it will be once all the hard work has been done. Nothing comes easy in life so if you want it you have to go about it the right way. Stick to yourself, your goals and your dreams and ignore envious, jealous people who don’t want to see you succeed.

I promise that one day you’ll get there, just like I will.


“This is the beginning of something great.
Note: always dream big, be passionate and motivated. Life is far too short to avoiding making your dream a reality”

xxxx much love,
Yours truly.


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