Romance was Born | The comic Book comes to life !

I think it was late 2010, Mid October when I had the pleasure of working with Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett for a day at there Studio on Oxford Street.

I’ll never forget their cluttered studio – cluttered in a good way of course ! It revealed the source behind their inspirations and creativity. It was filled with many beautiful trims, creatively embellished  props and pieces, inspirational images, colourful fabrics and collections. Without having studied them intensely, I could already see what talents they both had !

I began to fall in love with them more and more. The more I saw their logo, their designs, their runways the more they both inspired me !

During this time of year I’m usually wrapped up in fashion week – assisting designers, stylists as well as dressers backstage, however this year I took a step back and decided to sacrifice what I love doing every year (as I’m sure there are so many more events I can do this at) and focus more on major work.

This morning, as I turned on the television, my fashion fix sprung to a new high !

Not sure if you all know but Mercedes Fashion week has started here in Sydney, Australia and guess who opened the show – yes ROMANCE WAS BORN !

The comic book came to life with Romance was born’s collection !

Superhero styled hair and makeup, graphic prints, pop art, geometric stripes, it was all very 60’s, very fun and I loved every bit of it !

Here’s a few pictures from the show.

romance was born1


romance was born2

romance was born5

romance was born6

romance was born3

romance was born4

so who else likes Romance was Born ?

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You can click this link to view The Australian’s video :

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly


this thing called a bachelor of fashion design

Saturday morning – status – dead tired, overworked and anxious !

So it’s the weekend before my last term of college commences… I’m not quite sure whether I’m stressed, relieved, nervous, or happy – It all feels kind of surreal.

Sometimes we have so much going on that even the biggest events pass by like a breeze, all that stress, hard work and effort become quickly brushed into the past.

Notice how we spend so much time working up to things, then so much time looking back on them ? Realise how the actual event just came and went!

Sometimes things aren’t so bad I guess.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in this two week break. I wouldn’t really call it a “ break” though as I’ve been tirelessly sewing/sampling and working. I know I’ve kind of disappeared since my last post on Easter but those weeks have just flown by so quickly that I’m only just taking control, taking one step back and breathing !

* * *

When I came back from LA in July 2009 I was all freshened up and relaxed. I knew that if I wanted to give my absolute best to “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” I had to have the right mind. The first two classes I had in my first year were Fashion design studio and Colour Theory. I remember thinking “oh just making skirts and learning different types of silhouettes, working with different paint mediums – this is alright, it’s not too bad – a bit too much work to do, but I guess its alright”.

See when you are new to things, they are fun and exciting,  whether they remain that way and if you’re up for the challenges as the terms get harder and harder, that’s the real test.

I remember using a MAC for the first time and thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THIS !?!?!?! and learning how to use Photoshop and illustrator – that was a triple Trip out for me ! Then of course design studio part 2, where we had to design a range  as well as make one the shirts from our range – Looking back on that, I always giggle because back then I thought that was hard and stressful. I used to say to myself – “Oh my god I’m struggling to do this, I wonder what my state will be like when I’m in third year?!” – It’s made me realise how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learnt, how it’s shaped what I’ve become and what I know. All the things I’ve sacrificed, all those parties, night outs, festivals and trips – was it worth missing all these things ? Honest answer of course is a yes. You never lose your true friends, trust me on that – it’s true – I still have all mine – if not, I have many more than I began with. After you learn to expect less from people around you and learn how to become a bit more independent you learn how to give things up and think more about you rather than for other people all the time, it becomes natural. It’s not a bad thing, it just becomes clear what your priorities are. It took a long time for me to get my priorities straight. Regardless, I always put college first, like I’ve mentioned many times before, college saved me, it was like it was always there, always giving me something to do, keeping me company through heartbreaks, life dramas and crisis’ There was no escaping it with that workload.

…and just when you think you’ve grasped the game of “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” you head into your second year – swimwear, fashion shows, more theory, more prac, more draping, more new skills – you’re bombarded with all these new things.The most important part through this is that you keep true to what you’ve been doing,you never give up and you never let the team down. I’ve kept this mindset, and it’s always kept me strong. Another thing I noticed as the terms went on was that our classes got smaller and smaller – the amount of stress, budget, workload – some people just aren’t cut out for it.

At the end of 2010 we had a fashion show, like we do every year. My swimwear was in this show and the feedback from people, their expressions and their opinions motivated me a lot, it’s the final point – the return to start card, it’s like saying “ oh marvellous, great talent ! now go refresh, do your thing again, start a new range and excite us all again”. When people want more, and expect more it’s exciting, especially for someone young, and fresh like me !

To read my previous blog post on my swimwear just click the picture below.

After a long summer/Christmas break it was time to tackle 2011. By this stage I thought the experimentation process would be over and done with until of course I had to do knitwear as a subject. I’d always wanted to learn how to knit, however I’m sure after all that curiosity it’s something I won’t be doing sometime soon. hahahaha !! I remember looking back to 2009 and thinking WOW where did those two years go ! They had just flown !! LA felt as fresh as the day before, expect for the fact that two years had gone by and I was almost reaching my final year !!

(Just click the photographs to get linked to the blog posts from that photo-shoot/range)

After doing the photo-shoot for my knitwear, relying on the great skills I had learnt from working with stylists and designers from Fashion week and the Westfield show as well as interning at Ladakh, the flow of things came naturally, and it actually felt good handling my own work, my own shoot, my own team.

But hey – It’d doesn’t stop there !

Because I had started in July – My year began in July, meaning that straight after knitwear and being sick came mens and womenswear ! Till this day – I look back- I just don’t know how I managed to get it done. Again, all I can think of is the beginning and the end. All that stuff in between just untangles itself and the magic happens.

One of the most valuable things I learnt during men’s and women’s is that You learn that people who have always supported you will always of course be there if they are genuine, the people who are envious always talk shit no matter how much you ignore them and newcomers that have somehow made it into your life were sent by some “saviour of events” to help you through things you thought you’d never be able to accomplish!

Many favours, many volunteering events, networking – it all pays off – But don’t be fake ! I’ve always been myself, at times an honest bitch, and at others I’ve bitten my tongue, but all with good reason.

The following photographs were all possible because of the amazing team I had. I’m so proud of myself, to see what I’ve achieved. It’s a great feeling.

To read the story about 2012 fall/winter RTW and view the collection shots simply click here







So guess what that left me with – one semester to go and major work approaching.

It’s only April and already in the first 4 months so much has happened ! The first term of the semester is done, I’ve completed all my subjects besides major work of course, my brother got married, we also lost some loved ones along the way, and just so many more other things !!

* * *

So it’s the weekend before my last term of college commences… I’m not quite sure whether I’m stressed, relieved, nervous, or happy – It all feels kind of surreal.

I’ve waited for this moment, this feeling for so long and I think I’ve become so used to the nature of “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” that I’m actually coping okay ( apart from all the stress and hair I’ve lost hahahaha) It is still very hard, but I guess the previous years kind of built my expectations up, they’ve moulded me into a strong little seamstress !

All the final bits of fabric shopping are getting done – tiring days driving long distances from one supplier to another – I love that part though – Fabrication is really important to me, The feel of it, the composition…


mmm I can smell the leather every time I look at this picture ! I love this place !

so Sample marking is on Tuesday, They aren’t perfect but they are just samples, I actually can’t wait for college to start again. I love seeing my things come to life – not by samples but by their actual fabrics, trims and embellishments. The story comes to life. I love the hype and stress of things – the fast-paced environment !

I made this video a few months ago – So I could show you guys my findings from Fabric shopping phase #1 !  p.s the video just ends randomly !

fabrics phase #1

Well the journey goes on, and I hope this fills all the gaps for you guys. I haven’t disappeared completely, I’m still here – just working very very hard And of course as this is the life of Rhy I’ll share many things with you guys along the way !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Happy Easter Everyone !!!!

Happy Easter Everyone ! I hope the Easter Bunny Spoiled each and every one of you. I must say though, for once, I haven’t consumed much chocolate ha-ha

Thank god for the Easter four day Long weekend though or else I wouldn’t of gotten a decent breather. However, it wasn’t all break break break.


it was really nice to spend some “TIMEOUT” with my boyfriend away from college and work, my first day off in such a long time. ( Yay to everywhere being shut !) My boyfriend and I head down to Brooklyn ( no not NEW YORK !! – I wish ) where we had a little picnic for ourselves in front of the water. It was really relaxing, a good chance to de stress, watch the water, the surroundings ! I loved it 🙂 I’ve been so busy with everything, as I always am, that It almost felt like a dream. Towards the night we made dinner for my boyfriends family, two little master chefs we are ! Very juicy chicken breast marinated in soy sauce, honey and oranges with a side of oven baked and Italian herbs seasoned potatoes and pumpkin ( yummy !! ) and of course some salad ! It tasted so unbelievably Great considering the oranges !! Definitely a Team effort Smile

We ended the night with Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 – Just for fun and to shit ourselves a little haha



We headed to our Armenian Church in Chatswood, Sydney for Easter as well as rehearsals for my brothers wedding this Saturday ( OMGGGGGG SOO SOOONNN !!!!)

Here is my outfit from the day :


So I chose to wear all black with only one animal print to keep it on-trend yet simple for Church.

I purchased this python printed top from a boutique a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it since !!

My Skirt is a very old Forever 21 skirt from When I was in LA California in Spring 2009 – I love this skirt and will probably never throw it away as it’s saved me SO MANY TIMES ! hahaha

Some final touches – I buttoned up the shirt collar for a sharp look and added a strip of Lace trimming which you can find at any haberdashery/fabric/ribbon store. I simply chopped a bit off what I had bought, and tied it in a bow around my neck as you can see in the picture.


I also decided to wear black stockings – conservative for church. And one of my favourite jackets from my wardrobe. It’s a Little Black Jacket, but the panels, the thin collar and sleeve/shoulder design give it that extra oomph and make styling your look so much easier because it’s ALL THERE !

I’m striking a pose for you lot down below hahaha Fierce baby Fierce !


As for shoes and hand bags, I went all black. However I did want to go my new teal heels (from a previous post) and my matching ASOS bag. Another option could be brown or burgundy as both these colours sit well with the subtle tones.

I hope you all had a weekend as great as mine ! Let me know what you guys did ?

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly