So I’ve finally had the time to fix everything up and release it hoooraaaaa !!

As promised – here is the video of my latest collection Nostalgic Nuances. It is a small deluxe ready-to-wear collection.

Luxurious fabrics such as hand ombre’d and treated silks, leathers and lace. Custom-made exclusive embroidered placements , Just pure and genuine beauty and quality TO DIE FOR !

I will be releasing pictures of the collection day by day as usual. To view my previous collection simply click the “Collections” tab on the top right corner of this page.

Now before we skip to the video I’d like to extend a very VERY special thankyou to everyone who has been apart of this collection and putting it together !

Yasmine Parker for her creative vision as always as my photographer – She does amazing photography so if you have an event or an idea in mind do hit her up at She won’t let you down !

John and Nicole Ullo from Coco Liberace for allowing me to use their beautiful accessories ! Absolutely appreciate it. You can view their full collection and website at

Charntae from RJL studio photography hair and makeup for her amazing support and patience throughout the process and of course hair and makeup.

Diana Dimitriev for being the world’s most perfect assistant EVA ! Really appreciate it dear chook.

Karen Bohosian for assisting us with the shoot. Thanks so much !

My amazing machinist Connie who I still have not stopped thanking – She is a miracle worker !

Jackie Boghossian for making all the stunning embroidery pieces work in a short amount of time– Absolutely beautiful !

and of course the one and only Jordan Kain from platform models who nearly froze her little butt off during our very early photo shoots – thankyou so much for your time, effort and BEAUTY !

Looking forward to working with all of you again in the future … it’s show time now… ( click the link to view )

xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly


MEOWY XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL <3, Fashion show Talk, Christmas Dinners, and a Little RE-decorating !

Hello Lovely people !!

Just want to start by saying


I wish you all a safe and joyous New Year and I hope it’s an unforgettable day for all of you  ❤ x x x x x


P.s.. in case you can’t see it. It says MEOWY CHRISTMAS !!! I died when i saw it… clearly, it was such an impulse… yet necessary buy ! MEOW

Now !… Onto where the hell I’ve been and What I’ve been doing !? (BESIDES the minor internet problems I’ve been having that have delayed my posts !)

This year has been one hectic year for me guys, I mean it’s always hectic but a certain set of events have absolutely topped it this year ( bet I’ll say this again next year though ha !)

As you all know I finished college… So I am officially a Designer and a stylist – Hoorah ! ( Yes I have an ACTUAL degree for the NATURAL talent I’ve always had…meow)

In Early December we had our final graduate show. If I was to tell you all, that the day went smoothly and that it was all so great and I felt so relieved afterwards… I’d be lying… except for the part that I felt relieved ha !

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I have been searching for that final sign of “relief” after college, some security to make me feel it’s all come to an end and that there is no  longer any stress of that particular kind following me around in the form of a shadow or however the saying goes. As disorganised and crazy backstage and the lead up actually was, the moment where I had all my models dressed up, in my garments, the moment that I was exactly a minute away from walking out with them onto the catwalk to show off my range I felt that stress, that “whatever”, be lifted away and carried into the lights of the runway. My anxiety and nauseousness all gone. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more accomplished and happy in my life.

Who was there ? Who cares !

Did I slouch when I walked? who cares…

Did I show off my range and enjoy it…? Yes I sure did, I loved it !

I must say though as nervous and haphazard it all was on the day before the event actually started (Just like to add that we had no rehearsal or run through…for the record) I Liked being showcased like that. Often designers, well graduate designers don’t get to showcase themselves this well and I think it was a great way for everyone to see who we were, not just a projected name in some random sans serif font.

Well that was that.. and of course some backstage shots just for you guys !


The hair of course was amazing ! Loved the whole detached braid style they had going on !

The makeup was nice, a very heavy smoky black look. Pretty classic runway !


Dalian and I ! Taking random shots and anxiously waiting for the show to start ! EEKK !


Everyone’s style sheets – The beautiful Jess ( Platform models) who wore my Black laced up Embroidered Dress on the night !


Backstage again and again, everyone is hanging around waiting for the show to start.



The Gorgeous Manon from Platform Models at the fittings ❤ Wearing my ombre, vintage tea stained jumpsuit and embroidered bodysuit ! That’s sneak peak enough !


My AMAZING MACHINIST !!!! who helped me through it all…. She is a saviour !! and… I’m wearing Ladakh ❤ just the way i Like it !!


Following this there was of course a scrumptious Christmas dinner with the future in laws !


Christmas all decked out with food and ornaments as well as gifts from Santa for everyone !


Too cute !



Clearly we were all Nice not naughty this year !

now moving on from all the food… let’s talk  about DIETS..

Amongst all of this and my crazy hours at Target I happened to stroll over to the book department and there I found THE DUKAN COOKBOOK…

Minutes later I was convinced I was rather fat… too fat…Need-to-go-on-a-diet fat and without any hesitation happily talked my sister-in-law into it and yes.. we were DUKANING…

Don’t worry, we weren’t crazy enough to do it right away so we decided to be reasonable and start the first phase in the gap between Christmas and New Years.

Let me first start by saying.. I’m put off food… It’s far too repetitive…I’m sick of the same oaty dense textures in my mouth and as great as our attempt was we only lasted 3 days in the first phase ! HAHAHA

On top of that we now realise we aren’t that big, we have great womanly curves which flat girls would die for.. and the five kilo’s we wanted to so desperately CUT OFF will have to be done with our own way of exercising and eating right.

AND I have secretly skipped to the third phase… ! so shhhhhh !

HOWEVER, I do still believe that this diet is a great diet and that people who are much bigger than us will actually lose a lot of weight if they can stick to it and make it through to the final phase.. so If by any chance any of you are DUKANING… Let me know how you are going !

Oh and I must say I did actually enjoy cooking a variety of things in the attack phase.


preparing Chicken Broth soup – yummy !

It was actually so nice to discover some warm liquids to eat during attack phase.

THE DUKAN COOKBOOK was also a great book, so if you are in need of any recipes or some guidance on what you are supposed to be eating and how to make delicious edible things with what you are given, seriously check it out !

hmm what else has there been.. OH YEAH I have been super busy with my sewing and fabric sourcing as usual, and cannot wait when it’s all launched ( slow process, as I’m such a busy little bird but hang in there).

The final thing that’s been keeping me busy is my room ! Ever since my emotional rollercoaster and deep soul searching I have decided that as every door shuts and every new door is opened one must REDECORATE, REPAINT AND REORGANISE their life, and emotions starting with their room.

So I have been on the search for new furniture, wall paints (THE RIGHT COLOUR- the RIGHT SHADE !), bed covers all sorts of stuff AND have also come up with a great D.I.Y project for anyone who wants to SCHNAZZ things up a bit with their decor.

My old bedroom had light purple walls, a certain calmness to it with a whole wall of old and new polaroids/photographs stuck side by side NO GAPS of the greatest memories EVA, pretty nostalgic if you ask me. My wardrobe doors had some of fashions greatest ad campaigns posted up and shelves of every VOGUE I’ve ever received. Not a bad set up at all, but I think it’s time for a change, New light, New colour scheme and first new feature… ! Can’t Wait until it’s complete !


oh so empty ! Thankyou dearest boyfriend for helping me empty the never-ending contents of the room ❤

Can you guess what colours I’ve picked ?!


Click to go to the next post for a little D.I.Y !




this thing called a bachelor of fashion design

Saturday morning – status – dead tired, overworked and anxious !

So it’s the weekend before my last term of college commences… I’m not quite sure whether I’m stressed, relieved, nervous, or happy – It all feels kind of surreal.

Sometimes we have so much going on that even the biggest events pass by like a breeze, all that stress, hard work and effort become quickly brushed into the past.

Notice how we spend so much time working up to things, then so much time looking back on them ? Realise how the actual event just came and went!

Sometimes things aren’t so bad I guess.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in this two week break. I wouldn’t really call it a “ break” though as I’ve been tirelessly sewing/sampling and working. I know I’ve kind of disappeared since my last post on Easter but those weeks have just flown by so quickly that I’m only just taking control, taking one step back and breathing !

* * *

When I came back from LA in July 2009 I was all freshened up and relaxed. I knew that if I wanted to give my absolute best to “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” I had to have the right mind. The first two classes I had in my first year were Fashion design studio and Colour Theory. I remember thinking “oh just making skirts and learning different types of silhouettes, working with different paint mediums – this is alright, it’s not too bad – a bit too much work to do, but I guess its alright”.

See when you are new to things, they are fun and exciting,  whether they remain that way and if you’re up for the challenges as the terms get harder and harder, that’s the real test.

I remember using a MAC for the first time and thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THIS !?!?!?! and learning how to use Photoshop and illustrator – that was a triple Trip out for me ! Then of course design studio part 2, where we had to design a range  as well as make one the shirts from our range – Looking back on that, I always giggle because back then I thought that was hard and stressful. I used to say to myself – “Oh my god I’m struggling to do this, I wonder what my state will be like when I’m in third year?!” – It’s made me realise how much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learnt, how it’s shaped what I’ve become and what I know. All the things I’ve sacrificed, all those parties, night outs, festivals and trips – was it worth missing all these things ? Honest answer of course is a yes. You never lose your true friends, trust me on that – it’s true – I still have all mine – if not, I have many more than I began with. After you learn to expect less from people around you and learn how to become a bit more independent you learn how to give things up and think more about you rather than for other people all the time, it becomes natural. It’s not a bad thing, it just becomes clear what your priorities are. It took a long time for me to get my priorities straight. Regardless, I always put college first, like I’ve mentioned many times before, college saved me, it was like it was always there, always giving me something to do, keeping me company through heartbreaks, life dramas and crisis’ There was no escaping it with that workload.

…and just when you think you’ve grasped the game of “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” you head into your second year – swimwear, fashion shows, more theory, more prac, more draping, more new skills – you’re bombarded with all these new things.The most important part through this is that you keep true to what you’ve been doing,you never give up and you never let the team down. I’ve kept this mindset, and it’s always kept me strong. Another thing I noticed as the terms went on was that our classes got smaller and smaller – the amount of stress, budget, workload – some people just aren’t cut out for it.

At the end of 2010 we had a fashion show, like we do every year. My swimwear was in this show and the feedback from people, their expressions and their opinions motivated me a lot, it’s the final point – the return to start card, it’s like saying “ oh marvellous, great talent ! now go refresh, do your thing again, start a new range and excite us all again”. When people want more, and expect more it’s exciting, especially for someone young, and fresh like me !

To read my previous blog post on my swimwear just click the picture below.

After a long summer/Christmas break it was time to tackle 2011. By this stage I thought the experimentation process would be over and done with until of course I had to do knitwear as a subject. I’d always wanted to learn how to knit, however I’m sure after all that curiosity it’s something I won’t be doing sometime soon. hahahaha !! I remember looking back to 2009 and thinking WOW where did those two years go ! They had just flown !! LA felt as fresh as the day before, expect for the fact that two years had gone by and I was almost reaching my final year !!

(Just click the photographs to get linked to the blog posts from that photo-shoot/range)

After doing the photo-shoot for my knitwear, relying on the great skills I had learnt from working with stylists and designers from Fashion week and the Westfield show as well as interning at Ladakh, the flow of things came naturally, and it actually felt good handling my own work, my own shoot, my own team.

But hey – It’d doesn’t stop there !

Because I had started in July – My year began in July, meaning that straight after knitwear and being sick came mens and womenswear ! Till this day – I look back- I just don’t know how I managed to get it done. Again, all I can think of is the beginning and the end. All that stuff in between just untangles itself and the magic happens.

One of the most valuable things I learnt during men’s and women’s is that You learn that people who have always supported you will always of course be there if they are genuine, the people who are envious always talk shit no matter how much you ignore them and newcomers that have somehow made it into your life were sent by some “saviour of events” to help you through things you thought you’d never be able to accomplish!

Many favours, many volunteering events, networking – it all pays off – But don’t be fake ! I’ve always been myself, at times an honest bitch, and at others I’ve bitten my tongue, but all with good reason.

The following photographs were all possible because of the amazing team I had. I’m so proud of myself, to see what I’ve achieved. It’s a great feeling.

To read the story about 2012 fall/winter RTW and view the collection shots simply click here







So guess what that left me with – one semester to go and major work approaching.

It’s only April and already in the first 4 months so much has happened ! The first term of the semester is done, I’ve completed all my subjects besides major work of course, my brother got married, we also lost some loved ones along the way, and just so many more other things !!

* * *

So it’s the weekend before my last term of college commences… I’m not quite sure whether I’m stressed, relieved, nervous, or happy – It all feels kind of surreal.

I’ve waited for this moment, this feeling for so long and I think I’ve become so used to the nature of “this thing called a bachelor of fashion design” that I’m actually coping okay ( apart from all the stress and hair I’ve lost hahahaha) It is still very hard, but I guess the previous years kind of built my expectations up, they’ve moulded me into a strong little seamstress !

All the final bits of fabric shopping are getting done – tiring days driving long distances from one supplier to another – I love that part though – Fabrication is really important to me, The feel of it, the composition…


mmm I can smell the leather every time I look at this picture ! I love this place !

so Sample marking is on Tuesday, They aren’t perfect but they are just samples, I actually can’t wait for college to start again. I love seeing my things come to life – not by samples but by their actual fabrics, trims and embellishments. The story comes to life. I love the hype and stress of things – the fast-paced environment !

I made this video a few months ago – So I could show you guys my findings from Fabric shopping phase #1 !  p.s the video just ends randomly !

fabrics phase #1

Well the journey goes on, and I hope this fills all the gaps for you guys. I haven’t disappeared completely, I’m still here – just working very very hard And of course as this is the life of Rhy I’ll share many things with you guys along the way !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Saturday | The Amore Aftermath Dress

Saturday : Look 7 : The Amore Aftermath Dress

amore Aftermath Dress _ thelifeofrhy

This is our Final Look of the collection.


From the Front, it looks like a simple Wool jersey Dress



from the back its a massacre.

Slits and Chains – Very Grunge, Raw, Boyish, Rebellious with the Harley



yet softened to be Girly with a cute Round Hat.


Maybe in the Garden ?


and again – Very Raw !

Which Look do you prefer ? Naughty or Nice ?

Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Friday | Mesh me Madly Top and Lingering Shadow Skirt

Friday : Look 6 : Mesh Me Madly top and Lingering Shadow Skirt !


You’ve all seen the Mesh me Madly Top, Although you haven’t seen it pair with our gorgeous Lingering Shadow Skirt. a “mullet” style Skirt made from a nice thick burgundy Ponte and a Sheer Gathered Train.







Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Thursday | Flight of Darkness Bodysuit

Thursday : Look 5 : Flight of Darkness Bodysuit

flight of darkness_thelifeofrhy
Play the Plain Jane game Ratavosi style with our Black Ponte “flight of the Darkness” Bodysuit. A cute little bow at Centre back and extended burgundy Chiffon piece that reaches out to the middle finger. Wrap yourself in it !



Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Wednesday | The Simple Seductress

Wednesday : Look 4 : Simple Seductress Top paired with our High-Rollers Leggings.

She’s Mysteriously …Sexy, Sultry and Seductive – The Simple Seductress.

Simple Seductress_thelifeofrhy

Sheer silk organza with a Burgundy Leather Collar. Beautifully finished with Topstitching and French seams with an open back.








To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Tuesday | High-Rollers Leggings OH YEAHHHH !

When we say HIGH we mean HIGH with the High-Rollers Leggings. Made from a beautiful thick Black Ponte,Dress it down casually or dress it up for a night out ! Either way you can rock such a simple Piece !

high-rollers leggings thelifeofrhy




To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !


xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

Monday | Sinuous Senorita Jacket, Diamond Fuzz Pants, Leather-Me-Up Bustier

Monday : Look 2 Sinuous Senorita Jacket, Diamond Fuzz Pants, Leather-Me-Up Bustier


Sinuous Senority Jacket, Diamond fuzz pants, leatherme up


The Sinuous senorita Jacket is made from genuine burgundy leather, a gorgeous guipure lace, silk organza  and a soft silk satin lining. A very Luxurious Garment that will catch the eye of just about anyone !


The Diamond Fuzz Pants are a pair of high waist jodhpur style pants.They are also made from genuine burgundy leather as well as a soft luxurious fur. A classic 1” x 1” quilting is also part of this unique ensemble, to not only give a chic effect but also to keep the legs warm during winter !

Included in this look is the Leather-Me-Up bustier. Made from real Black leather, the finest quality you’ll ever find in such  a small piece. Three stud opening on centre front, Full leather Straps.


To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Mesh Me Madly | F/W 2012


Photography : Yasmine Parker @ 000Photography |
Styling : Rhaya Ratavosi @ Ratavosi |
Hair : Melina Blok
Makeup : Natalie Thomasse @ Napolean Perdis
Model :
Jordan Kain @ Platform models
Wearing : Mesh Me Madly Top, Mesh arm gloves/warmers, both available @ Ratavosi | ,

More Photo’s coming your way – Don’t Forget to Watch the Video here

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


It’s Finally here | Photo-shoot Fall/Winter 2012

After crazily editing our videos and spending hours and hours picking a song that tickled my fancy, I finally did it !
I promised all you beautiful people footage of my Fall/winter 2012 Amore Amore RTW collection so here it is !
I hope you all enjoy it – because I know my team and I sure did.


 Can’t see the Video ??? Click here


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Rain rain go Away, Really don’t want a blackout during Revenge today !

First day back at college Today – My golly !!!!!!! I’m So EXHAUSTED !!!!!!!!

5.30 wakeup, shit weather, long-az 2 hour bus trip, shoes that don’t match my outfit, and I’m finally there ! Within the first 2 hours of class we received 3 assessments already and that’s when it all kicks in – BAM – it’s almost like I never even had a 2 month Summer break. It’s all back to normal – the beauty of reality… LIFE ! Carrying my little BUM pillow with me I was kind of relieved. ( for those of you who’ve just joined my blog – long story short i had a spinal surgery – cyst on the tailbone – recovery is going to take about a year, therefore bum pillow doesn’t sound to bad loll ) Although, the main one is tomorrow – same thing – all day – first class of major project – So many questions running through my head ! I wander what brief we’ll get ? Will i find it easy? Will it be a struggle ? What kind of colour palette is it ? Summer or Winter couture ? OMG its valentines day and i finish class at 6.30 pm by the time i get home what mood will i be in ? – see !!!! It just won’t stop.


Something to look forward to – I came home and turned on the TV – Guess what i saw ? The revenge Tease !!! *squeals with excitement*

So, If you live in Australia, particularly in Sydney (don’t quite know about what the other states are showing – I’d imagine its the same), and you’ve happened to get a glimpse of the Trailer for “Revenge” I’m sure you’d be as anxious and excited about it as I am today !

After a very long wait and anxiously wandering WHEN THE HELL ITS GOING TO START, it’s FINALLY HERE !!!!!!

The Trailer instantly hooks you in with Coldplay’s “Paradise” and the protagonist’s dialogue in the background, it looks soooooooooo gooddd !!!

EEEK I Can’t wait !!!

Another 1 hour to go for Episode 1.

Here’s the Trailer INCASE you missed it.

❤ 8.30 pm Mondays – Chanel 7.

And again On another note – The WEATHER HERE IS TERRRIBBBLEEEEE !!!!

All my life here in Sydney (born and raised) , summer has always been my favourite time of the year. However, this year it has been absolutely horrible ! Plenty of rain, thunder and clouds – nothing too gorgeous about that as we see enough of that during winter – Weather, you’ve officially disappointed me !
Think I’m overreacting ? Well,we usually get temperatures in the high 30’s, maybe a 40 on a few odd days – plenty of beach, Tanning, scorching heat and humidity BUT its been the complete opposite !

It hailed yesterday ( in summer – what the hell?) AND there was a blackout so my dear Weather, if by any chance you get a hold of this blog post (HIGHLY UNLIKELY – impossible), I’d like you to get your shit together because I think I’d have a crazy little breakdown if you decide to have a thundery tantrum during my show tonight ! hahahaha

Just take a look.


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

End of year Fashion Show time | Couture on Ice !! <3

So it’s that busy time of year again – it’s all rush-rush, running around buying shoes and accessories for the looks, doing alterations, castings and fittings for the fashion show !

All the hard work has paid off and now it’s SHOWTIMEE !!!

Would love you all to be in the audience watching my collection come to life on the runway both knitwear and men’s and women’s collection.

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at Raffles College of Design and commerce – located on 99 mount street, north Sydney – ph. :9922 4278 . Link to location for tickets is here.



When : December 7th

Where: Byron Kennedy Hall, Fox Studios – Building 220, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2000

Time: 7:30pm


Summer was hot and so was i !

As we all know by now I am studying a bachelor of Fashion Design!

Sorry that this blog is a little late but I have been quite busy trying to get my head around 2010 SWIMWEAR – an awesome experience…with stress and panic by my side J

Textile and technology class one – Headed to class knowing I had swimwear this term.

Little did I know that for once in my student life I would have a finalised swimwear design along with the fabrication and accessory piece to go with bit within the last hours of the class? Think that’s easy? The hard part is over? I must say… I did. Everyone who knows me, knows for a fact that somehow no matter how easy the design brief may be, I always seem to end up having designed the most complicated garment that I myself from paper think is easy to do.

By the end of the first class I wasn’t freaking out at all, I had two of my most favourite teachers as my lecturer and mentor, I was all sweet right?

Pattern making for swimwear and stretch fabrics class one – I’m enjoying all these brilliant new skills we are all picking up so quickly. Working with stretch wear is pretty awesome! Not freaked out at all yet…

Textile and technology class four along with pattern making class four – portfolios for 3 assessments for T and T and patternmaking your final swimwear design… all of a sudden BAM – I’m freaking out !!
What was going through my head …? Exactly this: “Swimwear – holy crap – I have to make this thing… I actually HAVE TO MAKE THIS THING… swimwear Rhaya they said swimwear not fricken whatever the hell it is I have drawn – the hardest thing on this planet right now!! HELLOO ANYONE SEE MEEE FREAKING OUTTTT OVER HEREEE…. Heeelpppppppppppp” at least at this stage the only lovely part was that my classmates no matter how grounded they seemed they were all thinking the SAME THING!

And Yes I was going through the biggest freak out of all time. My design was super hard, had all these bits and pieces that would stretch and become completely different measurements within a span of 5 minutes of handling, I’d never handled stretch fabrics before, the colours for the brief where nowhere to be found (hello to trying to dye the fabric), the budget was getting out of control and on top of all this I was producing sample after sample after sample and no improvements. There it was… Mister Easy just vanished – that easily!

Two more weeks left to marking trying to juggle this with the 6 other assessments that I had within that period, I had made over 3 samples. I was constantly fixing the neckline, adjusting the crotch area, taking out so much space and every single time just when you think you’ve figured it out and they are the magic patterns for your magical piece, something… ONE THING! GOES WRONG! … ALWAYS! Hahaha !

I had driven myself mad staring at 1 of 1 of 1 or 2 of 3 of 3 pattern pieces and white Lycra. Absolute madness. I had had enough, I grabbed some tracing paper, took my mannequin into the next room, took a deep breath and thought why not start on a “blank canvas”. I started placing the paper on the mannequin, pinning it and simply chopping the pieces out. Within 15 minutes my mannequin was covered in my paper swimwear design with all the different bits and pieces that it needed. Once again, another set of pattern pieces. I went with my gut, took each piece, re-cut it and re sampled it. Voila! I was so close, much closer than I had been the past few weeks!

So the patternmaking part was over, my toile was done and now it was down to dying it, just one more week left. How hard can dying each individual piece and sewing it all together be? Not that hard right? That’s if EVERYTHING GOES TO PLAN… WHICH IS DOESN’T!

Now try finding dye… FOR Lycra … for those of you who have ever tried this one at home would know just how difficult it is when you are trying to dye your fabric in a difficult shade and the only thing stores carry for stretch fabrics are basic colours you somehow have to work around.

Sampling for colours was a complete headache. First I had to try and get the colour right by sampling tiny little pieces of Lycra, and then I had to remember and write down how I achieved that exact colour. Everything with dying is precise; a pinch more gives you a completely different shade! That took me another two days. Finally I dyed all my pieces, sewed the front, and came to sew the back when I realised that I was missing a piece. Quickly I ran and got my calico, came to cut the piece and because I was exhausted somehow I missed the fact that my swimwear was sitting underneath my Lycra and CHOP! My Scissors made a thick noise (pauses and questions self) that didn’t sound right did it ?…( looks at the different layers of fabric she has just cut and SCREAMSSS !!!!!!!!!!)

I had chopped right into the lower half of my swimwear garment!
Was I ever going to finish?

I was under so much stress; I had to re-cut, re-dye, re-blow dry, and re-sew the complete bottom halves of my swimwear. Finally after all that was done it was time for the swimwear lining to go in before I could punch in the holes for the lacing!

So I sew in the lining – “perfect its coming together”.

I’m even more exhausted and guess what happens while I am ironing the lining – yep, you betcha, I burn a pretty hole in it!
At this stage I was so fed up I just left the hole and hand sewed it in reverse so it wasn’t visible from the outside. I swear if anything was to go wrong while punching In the eyelets I would have hung myself with the remaining 3 metres of Lycra that was staring back at me every time I did something wrong !

Marking day is tomorrow, the eyelets go in, my portfolios are done along with the assessments from my other classes, and the swimwear is laced and ready to go.
Anything wrong?

Marking day
Swimwear stretches right? The lacing? Cotton lacing? Not so much.
So I’m trying to put the garment on the model to get her ready for the marking and we just couldn’t get it on, we had to oil the pour girl and squeeze her into it! Finally we get her into it, I try and pull the laces so it’s not so suffocating and the first thing that comes out of the panels mouth is …
Why is the garment green?
Green? I asked myself … Of all the things front of him green was one of the first words to come out of his mouth!? The garment wasn’t green! Was the panel marker joking around with me? He looked pretty dam serious! I took another look at my swimwear and just couldn’t understand. Apparently he thought it looked green when clearly it was light beige, and demanded I get my swimwear professionally dyed!

When I heard professionally and dyed in the same sentence I automatically thought oh helllll noo – Rhaya will NOT BE SEWING THIS GARMENT TOGETHER AGAIN!
Lucky for me, (yes for once mister Lucky shoes up) he chose which pieces were to be what colour, he loved the fit of the swimwear, the design and idea behind it and so I just had to unpick bits and pieces and sew them back on after they were dyed. Nothing too hard, thank god!
Dyeing in Sydney costs a lot – that was expected, I got it back, sewed it back up, relaced it and voila it was finally done?
Well not quite. My life is just filled with lovely little dramas, it’s never boring. Oh no… Never!

Day of the Runway
The day of the runway came, they unloaded the trucks, it was rehearsal time just a few hours before the show and my garment is up! Whoever unloaded that truck somehow tangled all my lacing – it was a mission to get on, along with her leg pieces and arm piece that I had also made. It was even harder to get off considering our model was one of the fastest changes in the show!

Rehearsals over and everyone else is resting before the main event starts and there I am struggling to lace this thing up again, praying that it just works. For the last time, I laced it; put it back on the hanger where it was supposed to go for that model. I Walked away to the bathroom and didn’t look back until I had to come back for the show to start.

I cannot explain the amount of stress that I had gone through for this piece. This beautiful beige piece! I must admit it is one of my favourites considering just how much work went into it.

Everyone loved it, the show went smoothly, and I was relieved!

Happy summer holidays right?
Summer was hot, and so was I Smile

Hope you all like my swimwear creation – the brief was Wrapped Bandage, colour palette of nudes, beige’s and a highlight of burnt orange.