Trend | Lil Miss NErdette

Hey there Lil Miss Nerdette ! Is this your style ?

This geeky Chic style has hit the streets and it’s been a while now, yes everyone is into expressing their inner geek ! haha

lil miss enrdette

So when I say Nerd, What image pops into your head ?

A geeky, unpopular loser buried in a book in a library ?

Someone a bit like Ugly Betty?


This stereotypical image probably came from those negative connotations growing up right ?!

Well believe it or not, it’s actually cooler to be intelligent.

This style is best brought to life with mismatched colour combinations, “off-kilter silhouettes”  with retro prints, and a touch of 60’s nostalgia.

I absolutely Love this style – It’s preppy yet quirky – contradiction much ! Totally my style, it’s two faced !

So Lets have a look at our Geeky chic checklist !

Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 


Crisp looks for shirts are always best – Even go a little further and get a different collar style like a peter pan collar ! If you are into the chic aspect, you can always add a stunning necklace or a thin scarf to dress it up and flaunt your Collar !

Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 

Nothing Shouts Geek more than a buttoned up plain, sharp Shirt !


Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 


Main accessories that come with this look are Glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses either one will do – make them big, over-sized, patterned frames, a vintage style perhaps –


Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 

Lauren Conrad rocks it here with her tucked in top and her high-waist shorts !


Cute Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 

Belted looks add a nostalgic touch, especially when they are accentuating a womens waist !

Try your nearest thrift store, antique shop, or Op Shop for worn out, vintage looking belts – something leather with a bit of age



If you like a more crisper, on trend – modern chic geek look, you can also wear denim – just add a beltshirt_with_studs_in_the_collar_com

Cute Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 

Don’t be afraid, bring out nanna’s Christmas gift or even her hand knitted sweater !

She’s on Trend !


Cute Collars |  Button up shirts |  real nerdy | big glasses | vintage looking | high-waist pants and skirts | belted looks | sweaters | knee high socks 


Close the look with some socks – ultra geeky !


You can also mix it up with stockings and shorts.

Overall Style look –


oh and one more thing – the hair … Untamed, Bad hair day kind of look. Messy ponytails, or fishtails and braids that are falling apart


Our Style icon | Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung’s style is very much like this – over-sized sweaters, a cute untamed bob, collared shirts, tucked in high-waist looks…

1 The Cinema Society & Shiseido With Grey Goose Host A Screening Of "Virginia" - Arrivals alexa_chung_tumblr alexa_chung_tumblr2


That pretty much sums it up -convinced ?  so let your inner Nerdette shine !


xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly


New Obsession | Emily VanCamp

I rarely ever have time for television , Did someone’s jaw just drop ? ha !

I’m more a buy-the-series-on-DVD-and-watch-it-religiously-whenever-I-have-some-spare-time kind of person BUT what I have been watching is ABC’s AMAZING drama REVENGE !

I will admit I have been cheating though, by watching it ahead online because I’m just so obsessed !! *Intense Withdrawal Symptoms*


Putting all the drama and revenge aside, I actually think Emily VanCamp is quite a Beautiful person.

I love her outfits within the show, she’s got natural beauty and a great flawless body to show off with all those backless dresses !



Favourite picture so far !

So gorgeous !emilyvc01

I found a great  behind the scenes video of her Women’s Health shoot, and it’s inspired me !
Have a little watch and see what you think.


xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly




Blog Contributors | Get on Trend for 2013

Hello my lovely subscribers !

I know the weather today is crap, depressing and maybe a little scary for some but well let’s try and look at the positives’ today – At least you can spend some time lounging around the house and reading my blog right ! hahaha

Every now and then I allow contributor posts on my blog, The one I have for you today has been written by Catherine Lavinia, a freelancer in advertising and marketing. So before I leave you to this post wherever you are in the world today, I hope you’re having a safe yet fun Saturday !

xxxx Much Love, Rhaya

Get on-trend for 2013  !

While high fashion may do well on the start of year catwalks, predicting which will be the key looks to filter down to the high street can be difficult. Surprisingly, popular looks from recent seasons include the Peplum, which exploded onto the high street in 2011 and has not lost any momentum as we passed through 2012. In terms of shoes, creepers and the more elegant creeper style platforms have been massive on the streets as fashion continues to reclaim the sixties via the nineties.


oo la la ! We LOVE peplum !


So what’s going to be big this year?

Let’s find out what the key predictions are for 2013:

Paisley might be the only print to be seen in for 2013. Try a paisley-print cotton sundress for when the weather warms up, or a slick shirt teamed with mannish trousers to work two trends at once.

Don’t panic: if paisley isn’t your thing, you can choose between geometric or floral prints to stay on trend. Fashion icons should be Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton (as well as the women of Mad Men) and look out for citrus colour prints for the ultimate homage to sixties fashion.




Floor-length gowns are going to be big this year and creating an elegant silhouette is going to be key. This season’s dresses have to go all the way down to the ground. Look out for kimono-style gowns for the ultimate in opulence.



Olsen Love Inspired saved this photograph to their profile. More than 29 StyleSaints retore this photograph. White kimono deep v neck dress, gold cuff, mary-kate olsen ​.
Oh my Goth! Goth continues to be influential this year but don’t let it get you down. Colours are black and white, obviously, and choose leather to maximise the 50 Shades of Grey influence.


Laura Beltran Rubio saved this image to their profile.
Let’s go on a space odyssey as all things futuristic and sci-fi enter our collective fashion consciousness. Think metallic, still trending from 2012,Ziggy Stardust, glitter, and try some silver shades for you footwear.


Well I hope that covered it for you all and has inspired more wardrobe fun and style for ‘13

xo Catherine Lavinia !

TGIF and I have a little treat for you all …

Friday is here – FINALLY !!

I hope you all have a cruisy day…well try to anyway so when the afternoon hits you can finally kick back and relax… and maybe do a bit of online shopping ?

If you follow T.L.O.R you would have noticed the recent blog post on Lauren Conrad’s Spring Collection for Kohl’s – if you haven’t read it or viewed the images from her shoot, don’t stress ! You can always scroll down or click here to be redirected to it.

Now, what Treat am I talking about ?

 I thought seeming as I love her style and her amazing collection why not have a little  treat for all my beautiful subscribers AND the one’s who stop by occasionally !

With love, From Kohl’s, enjoy 10% off (valid until 9th March 2013) when you enter the Code TENFORBLOG when checking out !


Don’t forget guys, you can also check out Lauren Conrad’s Collection page, where you can view her recent campaign shots, behind the scenes video and shop her entire range including shoes and accessories !

Simply click the image below to be redirected !

lauren oncrad collection page

xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly


Retro Safari with Alice + Olivia !

Retro Safari Time with Alice + Olivia – and YES that only means one thing !!

Leopard is STILL HERE  and so is one of my favourite clothing colours, KHAKI !!!

This collection reminds me alot of the Indiana Jones movies purely because of the colours and the very ranger like silhouettes and styling – I guess it’s not called Retro Safari for no reason right !

aliceandoliviaCADYCUFFSHORT_leopardprint_3_8 aliceandoliviaCRISTIANESLVSDRAPEPULLOVER_blacksilver_3_5 aliceandoliviaCUFFEDROMPERWSUEDEBODICE_army_3_8 aliceandoliviaFARLIEMILITARYSHIRTJACKET_army_3_5 aliceandoliviaJOSIERUCHEDBLSNDRESS_army_3_5 aliceandoliviaLORINROLLEDCUFFSAFARITUNIC_nudesilver_3_5 aliceandoliviaMILOLEATHERBOXMINISKIRT_army_3_8 aliceandoliviaSKINNYZIPDETAILCARGOPANT_olive_3_8 aliceandoliviaY-BACKROUCHEDDRESS_army_3_5 charlabeltedtrenchcoat_leopardprint_1

Now while we are on the topic of Alice + Olivia, I heard that they’ve Teamed up with British Leg wear Specialist “Pretty Polly” for a new Leg wear range called  “Alice + Olivia by Pretty Polly”.

This is such exicting news as it will be launching very soon, said to be mid February during Stacey Bendet’s presentation of Alice + Olivia at New York Fashion week.

I think this will be a great addition to their already fantastic collections as it will have basic and fashion tights as well as a novelty line !

Woo hoo – Well I’ll keep you guys posted – in the mean time Check out the Alice + Olivia Website by clicking here.

xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly


Smile it’s Sunday !

Smile – Blast from the past !

These Jeremy Scott tea shades have a Classic round wire frame and a groovy cut-out rose gold flip-up.


Yeah Baby – so Rad haha !

So Apparently, this particular Style of shades was frequently used within the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s to mask the use of drugs while in public !

Like them ? Well, they are currently available @ One Teaspoons Online Accessories Shop 

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Paper Crown | LC.

Sweet. Smart. Stylish.

Three words that I’d use to describe former Hills star Lauren Conrad.
(No I’ve never met her – but Yes I’d absolutely love to!)

 Now if you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I absolutely love “The Hills” especially my two favourites – Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.
Watching their lives unfold and blossom on television, without gettting carried away (cough-Heidi-Cough), has inspired me, it’s made me fall in love with their determination, and their on-screen personality, as well as being able to relate to their busy fashion-focused lives. I believe that Lauren and Whitney, Today, are two great examples of educated talented, growing women who are living their dreams and are working hard at them. Everytime I’m feeling a little uninspired or unfocused about fashion I think of them and what they’ve both achievedd in such little amount of time and it “rejuvinates” me haha !

so I’ll get to the point now – What has caught my eye recently was the sneak peak preview of Lauren’s Spring 2013 Collection for Kohl’s.

The below images are of Lauren in a few pieces from that very own Collection as she beautifully shows them off for us !

W70JHuAfsw1RCKTSrIfGP0yB_jpeg_600x0_R arRnV5c1LMZxygP2Kl0STQv4_jpeg_600x0_R 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR

130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR hDwVBESVhgp5VF2pYB254exj_jpeg_600x0_R urpMpJBJAyFmeDCmymQBLPJF_jpeg_600x0_R

I’m totally loving all the polka dots and the very vintage vibe of the shoot.

130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR SIeMBxFIAx9GPsnJP0sKxRbp_jpeg_600x0_R GRAWWotmbA196HerBXOYcbeH_jpeg_600x0_R

The Colour palette is also a perfect way to kick start that Spring wardrobe and to add some nice fresh pieces to the autumn/winter wardrobe you’d have. ( Unfortunately we’re heading out of Summer here with our last month of Summer – Sighs… I’m going to miss these scorching hot summer days…until they come by again)

UPmlBhN91avYmrQK55KFu2pA_jpeg_600x0_R 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR 1JdJSlhqjbM3fVvdZeSEDPOS_jpeg_600x0_R 130201_PS_LC_FEBMAR

Fresh forest greens and vibrant pinks have been used on some really great statement pieces. They’ll liven up any outfit.

Hope you loved her collection as much I did !

To view the Complete Spring 2013 Look book Click here

To Shop from her Paper Crown Collection Click here

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Highlite your morning with Jeffrey Campbell

Highlite your morning with Jeffrey Campbell

Light up your morning with these Super-High Super Colourful wedge sneakers. This Insanely bright sneaker has an illuminating Sole and a towering 5.5 inch rubber rainbow platform ! Don’t need to worry about not standing out in the crowd anymore … Continue reading