New Obsession | Emily VanCamp

I rarely ever have time for television , Did someone’s jaw just drop ? ha !

I’m more a buy-the-series-on-DVD-and-watch-it-religiously-whenever-I-have-some-spare-time kind of person BUT what I have been watching is ABC’s AMAZING drama REVENGE !

I will admit I have been cheating though, by watching it ahead online because I’m just so obsessed !! *Intense Withdrawal Symptoms*


Putting all the drama and revenge aside, I actually think Emily VanCamp is quite a Beautiful person.

I love her outfits within the show, she’s got natural beauty and a great flawless body to show off with all those backless dresses !



Favourite picture so far !

So gorgeous !emilyvc01

I found a great  behind the scenes video of her Women’s Health shoot, and it’s inspired me !
Have a little watch and see what you think.


xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly