Fashion Weekend Sydney and I LOVE Coco Liberace !

Not sure if it’s the same around the world but In (Sydney), Australia we celebrated Mother’s Day on the 13th of May !

My Mother’s not the one to get showered in gifts ( she has a particular taste ) and this always complicates buying her gifts at special occasions ! So instead I thought, “Hey – For once, I’ve given up working backstage at one of these events – Why not buy mum a ticket to Fashion weekend for mothers Day and a Treat to me as well for working so hard – Two things I love put together SHOPPPING AND FASHION SHOW !!! It was a great night ( complementary Drinks from Tempus Two – Thankyou thankyou !), Mum had a fantastic time and we bought all these goodies !!!!!!!!!

I Love fashion weekend soooooo much, it was almost like “the highlight of May” for me. It’s one of my favourite events EVA because its a unique yet great mix of style, sales, designers, and beauty ! I try to go every time and have even gone to the opening night in Melbourne last year during fashion week – it’s that good ! ( Sydney’s one is by far the greatest one )

It’s got great stalls, and random little labels you’ve probably never heard of, Cute and unique jewellery( I personally wanted to buy everything – ESPECIALLY FROM COCO LIBERACE !), vintage and new seasonal clothing and accessories – all WITH MASSIVE %’s OFF ! – I could go on and on and on but I think I’ll cut it short and say – IT’S GOT IT ALL ( YES EVEN SHOES ) !

So if You haven’t been to Fashion weekend in Sydney, keep an eye on this blog or their actual website ( the next time it’s on !

So I wasn’t allowed to take much photo’s of Stalls but I did sneak a few here and there ( and got told off quite a number of times haha )


Samantha Wills Jewellery – don’t worry the stall wasn’t as small as the photo – There were just too many people at the other parts of the stall so I took advantage and snapped a shot


Racks and Racks of Clothing !!


Me and the designers John and Nicolle Ullo from Coco Liberace !
Two of the nicest designers I’ve ever met and the jewellery they have – MY god ! I actually did love and WANT EVERY SINGLE PIECE !

They are definitely one to check out – or go to their facebook page –

They also have a stall at Westfield Parramatta(Lvl 3, Westfield Parramatta, Parramatta, NSW 2150) in Sydney and Miranda too !


I have previously bought little saint bracelet’s from Coco Liberace but this time I went for something a little bit different – Delicate yet edgy !

I love my NEW favourite Accessory !


(Yes i got distracted during patternmaking for my next collection hahahaha)



Gorgeous genuine Snakeskin Handbags and wallets – So soft !

I literally just wanted to buy and frame not buy and use because they were so delicate and pretty


My kind of vintage inspired jewellery with little Eiffel Towers, Vintage keys and badges ! It was another one of my favourites !


And of course the Runway !
p.s I’ll put video’s up soon – PROMISE !

Enjoy my dears ! I best be off – back to patternmaking !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


11 pm at T.L.O.R

Hey everyone !!!
I’m actually on a crazy little hype right now – (doesn’t quite help that I should really be trying sleep as I have to wake at 5am for college but besides that … hii !!! ) ha-ha

I’ve had a great day actually, and you’ll never guess what I’ve been up to ( P.S I’m sure when people ask you what you did today your answer is nothing like this…)

… I visited cemeteries (not because someone passed on – trust me I wouldn’t be this happy), trying to get the subtle graveyard/gothic vibes for some photo-shoot ideas for Spring/Summer 2013.

see… I told you ( now everyone is probably thinking weeiirddooo !)

…though I must say it was successful ! After viewing so many of them I have the greatest LOCATION EVAA !!! But that parts a secret. What isn’t a secret is the fact that I’m almost half way there. The sampling will soon come to an end – another week should do it – the fabrics and experimenting are all done and what will soon be left is the final capsule collection to be completed. Every morning I wake up and my rolls of pretty pure silk  and leather skins shine at me from my work room.

If you haven’t gotten the story yet, I’ve shared with you a mood board that symbolises the elements present within not only my collection but the direction I want to take for the photo-shoot too.


It’s going to be a beige and black summer baby !

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly