11 pm at T.L.O.R

Hey everyone !!!
I’m actually on a crazy little hype right now – (doesn’t quite help that I should really be trying sleep as I have to wake at 5am for college but besides that … hii !!! ) ha-ha

I’ve had a great day actually, and you’ll never guess what I’ve been up to ( P.S I’m sure when people ask you what you did today your answer is nothing like this…)

… I visited cemeteries (not because someone passed on – trust me I wouldn’t be this happy), trying to get the subtle graveyard/gothic vibes for some photo-shoot ideas for Spring/Summer 2013.

see… I told you ( now everyone is probably thinking weeiirddooo !)

…though I must say it was successful ! After viewing so many of them I have the greatest LOCATION EVAA !!! But that parts a secret. What isn’t a secret is the fact that I’m almost half way there. The sampling will soon come to an end – another week should do it – the fabrics and experimenting are all done and what will soon be left is the final capsule collection to be completed. Every morning I wake up and my rolls of pretty pure silk  and leather skins shine at me from my work room.

If you haven’t gotten the story yet, I’ve shared with you a mood board that symbolises the elements present within not only my collection but the direction I want to take for the photo-shoot too.


It’s going to be a beige and black summer baby !

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly