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Just a quick shot from the marking day | Full story here.

The journal entries before the due date. | Mens and Womens wear part duex

As we all know I’ve been busy as hell trying to get my toosh into order for a very hectic time of year in a “ fashion student world ”. So I finally Present to you the entries of this time as I couldn’t blog them right away.

Monday – the 14th of November – first week back into it fully –

All I have are my patterns, myself and my fabrics. Some things need tweaking, others need redesigning and reworking or just simply need to be sewn. Status about getting finished right now is “totes not going to get there”

Tuesday – the 15th of November

8 more days – all I get done is the bustier shell – Freaking out process starts to kick in, in the later hours of the night.

Friday – the 18th of November

By Friday all I had done was a bustier shell, separate front and back pieces for my ladies pants, and a very small no seams Ponte dress silhouette and that’s about it. So many problems begun to arise and soon enough I had all these negative thoughts up in my head about not being able to finish on time ! By the late afternoon the pants were ready to go with something as stress-less as a hook and bar to be sewn onto the waistband. Something in my paranoid little head made me want to put it on someone with a model like figure to really make me believe that another garment could be almost finished. Luckily there were fit models next door – unfortunately, as i had anticipated, her foot couldn’t make it through the tight jodhpur leg (the zips I added just weren’t long enough) ! yes – you guessed it – that meant NOT a finished garment, but one that had to be unpicked as well as new longer zippers being bought ! A disastrous cigarette leg that not even an anorexic leg could fit into What a great way to end the college week – some more disappointments, greater stress to calm level. Not one complete look and menswear hadn’t even begun !

I’d been working long hours, every day AND night – was the slightest bit of progress too much to ask for ? Seriously, Haven’t I been through enough ?

The weekend

So the weekend arrived, I had to suck it up even more and work even harder as I was the only one far, far behind ! It was very hard  – not recovered well, hardly eating or resting – it was painful and yes I whinged and cried and threw little tantrums ( tantrums that  I personally felt I was entitled too !) I tried to do my best with my men’s looks as the dying and bleaching had to be done on the weekend or else it would never dry in time ! Slight success with the colours, but I was still a little “iffy”.

Monday – Week that its due – 21st of November

And again all I have completed is a bustier and now a men’s top that I used as a replacement ( there was no way that I could have my men’s jacket done in time – no leather left, no money, no time)

It was all about reworking and trying to stay on task, as hard as it was – I was able to do it.

I tried my hardest to sew the shell of my jacket with the help of a very lovely family friend who assisted me along the way ! ( for that, I greatly appreciate her time and efforts )

At this stage, the men’s pants needed to be sewn as they had now been treated and were at drying, the ladies jacket and ladies dress both needed to be worked and that was all left for the only machine time before the marking on Wednesday afternoon !

Wednesday 23rd November – a Day before the marking

Time : 9.40 pm

Status: just got off the train, super tired – body about to shutdown.

I had my final booking with my machinist “ Connie” on Wednesday  (Connie – who it would have been impossible without – I thank her a million times over !)

I had been working very late every night last week and this week as well, trying to get the collection done. Aiming to bring to life a collection within a tight period of one and a half to two weeks was not easy. The weather was dull and Rhaya Ratavosi was definitely not going home – no way – not until all of this had been done ! I had been working too hard now and had put my body through so much pain to just quit now and not have anything done ( AND BESIDES  its totally NOT MY STYLE – to not finish something I Begun, that’s a big fat FAIL for me ). After a long day working my heart away, i was relieved to see the collar on the dress being sewn and buttonholes being marked. That meant the last thing that would complete my collection was almost done.

So i finally get home and the buttons and buttonholes get done – they weren’t perfect like I would usually have them but a home job here and there I can live with.

Overall, I’m quite proud of myself. I hope they are proud of my efforts and accomplishments too ! That would really make my year !

Here’s to a  very short but well-earned 4 and a half hours of sleep before I have to be up again.

Thursday – Marking Day

8.50am – my first model arrives. Just seeing the process, from my own eyes and knowing what I went through, witnessing the first look on a live model, was just divine ! It felt so good – like everything Id been putting my  health up for was finally up in my face complementing me back. Marking went great, with only a few minor changes here and there, they were proud of me and I was very pleased with the outcome. Looks like all the hard work paid off. Now only a little bit more stress to go until it’s really all over.

Let me be an example – an example for those people who think they  cant achieve what they want to achieve. Let this be an example to  give courage, faith and belief to people, to have it in themselves , that they are capable of doing  impossible things. Let it inspire those who at times burn out and need guidance. You’re not alone – I used to think I was – but we’re not. Do what you have to do, go for what you want to go for – don’t let others chose that for you.Plenty of people go through life changing things, misfortunes, and challenges on a daily basis – it all  depends on how you chose to conquer it. Will you sit back and state the obvious that you’re a fragile being that cant do anything or will you  suck it up and pull through it because u are still the same person deep down – a dam fighter ?

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. It never is ! It’s not easy to be motivating yourself at all ! In fact, I didn’t think Id make it but there I was Thursday morning coming home from marking sitting on a train and thinking to myself F*#k I did it – its done. OMG ! I’m a bloody legend. ha-ha !

Last night having something as little as buttons and buttonholes to do – yes it took long for it too finish and yes it was quite late into the night and sleep was a minimum but after all I’ve sacrificed I’m sure that part was the easiest. The feeling that a big weight ha been lifted off your shoulders is the most rewarding relief ever. To be able to look back and see how Quickly I was able to turn over the pieces was amazing !

After all – by tomorrow this event will be part of the past… see…

Well it’s time for the ‘dnm’ to be over – I took some quick shots of my collection. Hope you enjoy them.




before I end this post I’d love to thank everyone who was part of this, from dealing with my stresses to helping me bring the collection to life ! I love you all.

xxxx much love, Yours Truly


Alice + Olivia | All that Glitters

Alice and Olivia are Shining right now with their new “ All that Glitters “ Collection !!!


This pic is my Favourite piece – SO GORGEOUS !

Shop the new collection online now !

xxxx much love, Yours Truly,




If it’s one thing ONE TEASPOON CAN DO – It is there DENIM !!! And they do it well !!

Over time they have expanded their collections from not only denim shorts and pants but also to beautiful cropped bustiers, light summer and cute beaded dresses, as well as tees, knits and skirts !

They’ve got the whole game going on and hey ! there’s no better time to buy them but when they are on sale !

The E-boutique Sale’s been extended till the 21st of November – SO HURRY !!!!!!



There denim junkyard skirts (black and white one) and hawks – as cheap as $30

Tees and Tanks – starting from $10 – $15 and up


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New bikini ?? Only $35



Comes in three awesome colours – Orange, Red and Rose !

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High rise skinnies ?
Still available in sizes 6 – 12


The siren jacket – size 10 only – $75 !!

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xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

Having fun with Miss Jessica Rodgers | Sharing a coke with Nan and Pop

When things get Tough at college and are about to sky rocket to a sense of Tantrumitis – This is how we amuse ourselves …

well… not really…  but you get the idea haha !

having fun with jessica rodgers


xxxx much love, Yours Truly


21 | A vintage approach

So it’s my birthday today ! Finally 21 !

Dress up with a classy vintage touch.


WEARING : (from top to bottom) I’m Wearing Stella McCartney for Target Headband, Pearl Necklace from Macedonia, Reverse clothing polka dot vintage dress, Kardashian Collection Handbag and Aldo Black flats and my signature 3 Silver Bracelets that I never take off !

LISTENING TO : Louis Prima – When you’re Smiling

On my request My brother and I went for a drive down to Windsor/Richmond – Something different – Something far away from the city – Something peaceful – just greenery !

We had breakfast and I must say The day begun with greatness !

For lunch my father and mother joined me for a McHappy Run at one ! Where we bought 3 Mchappy meals for Mchappy day and indulged in fast food goodness ! Magazine arrived today as well – Special Delivery for my birthday.

Now to Pick an outfit for Dinner !!


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly



So there’s approximately 54 minutes until the day turns over and I am officially 21…

A lot has happened in my life the past few months -  emotionally, physically, mentally. And there has been a lot of crazy twisted roads throughout the journey but I’ve learnt a little appreciation along the way ,by taking back what’s mine…and that is control. By control I mean the balance.

On Wednesday – my first day of attacking and attending men’s and women’s wear after surgery was so hectic. I was told the deadlines were all dropped and moved a week forward – Meaning realistically I would only have one week to do everything. It all comes down to one week.




People talking at me.

I feel as though this balance  that I’ve gained back after two weeks of recovery and boredom might fade away and as much as I try to hold onto it, as the hours go on and grow into days i can feel it once again slowly slipping away.

My minds a crazy slur of thoughts and emotions.

To be honest, my brain hasn’t shut off for days. I don’t know what is worse -  Not being able to sleep because of the pains from surgery or staying awake because your brain is one hell of a chatter jungle. Ever watched the movie “Knowing” starring Nicholas Cage – That’s what its like !?

So many thoughts at once, so many questions, predictions, curiosities, repetition, repetition, repetition.

Please Stop.

One hour solid sleep.

Floorboards creek.

Dogs bark.

Eyes wide open again.

It starts again.

Mumbling loudly now.

Please stop.

I haven’t bounced back fully, I still cannot sit, kneel, crouch down or lay on my back and am therefore uncomfortable and that holds me back from completing tasks that would usually take a few minutes.

Veneer – calm

It’s a bit like when you do something that you get used to – something with a time limit – but each time its a different situation, a different type of challenge. And by the last few you know that somehow you will be okay because no matter what by that stage its in your blood, your immune to that shit. The drive, that kick, the adrenaline rush.

It will be over.


It will be over

And you tell yourself so many times over and over again that its enough for you to believe.

And by the time you conquer all that you’ll open your eyes and see you did it.

its done.

And having said all that, I’d only like to wish for once thing – and its nothing personal brain – but for one night please grant me a peaceful sleep.

That’s all.

Just one night.

11.59 pm – the birthday text messages and phone calls start. Maybe not tonight – but It’s an acceptation I am willing to make.




xxxx Much love, Yours Truly


27 DAYS !

Looking at photographs from Last years Runway – swimwear – Remembering the stress and pressure – I kind of liked it ha-ha !

I guess I spoke to soon because we are only 27 Days away From the End of year Fashion show 2011 !!

Eeeekkkkkk !!!!!


Better get this recovery business sorted so I can do what I do and Move on.


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Share a Coke with Rhy ?


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Anthropologie arrives as an early birthday treat !

Founded in 1992 and launching their first mail order catalogue and website online in 1998, Lifestyle Brand Anthropologie now operates Stores worldwide.

When I visited Los Angeles in 2009 (A very memorable Californian Spring) the store touched my arty farty side. The clothes, the interiors, the books, the quirky and colourful home and design items – it all expressed a certain “artful” lifestyle which I fell in love with. The clothes are probably not my style, although they are great relaxed pieces, clothes you know that you’ll be comfortable in no matter what – the books and the atmosphere are great – it definitely has a unique style !

Whilst Laying on my bed, surfing the net – recovering from surgery – I decided to have a little browse at their awesome online catalogue. I’m a sucker for books !! ESPECIALLY anything on fashion design and Paris ! VOILA ! Just the perfect book(that I’d also been wanting for awhile) – Ines de la fressange’s “Parisian Chic”. Impatiently waiting for my new book to arrive, I decided to add a lovely Turquoise Leather Journal to my Basket !

Date: Monday 7th November

Status: Overwhelmed with college work.

What?: Parcel arrives ! – And guess where it is from – YEP ! Anthropologie it is !

Sent over quick and easy – and the book – my god the book ! Read it in a day and I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT. Short and sweet with great pictures and a sense of “fun” and inspiration highlighted throughout the book.

I honestly recommend it to every female out there who loves anything to do with fashion and style, travel and most importantly "Parisian Chic”.
Inés de la Fressange – who according to the blurb is “French’s icon of chic” shares her personal tips on travelling within Paris, listing stores and attractions for every occasion as well as tips on style, beauty  and fashion – even something for the home. It really does have everything you need– hotels, restaurants, tiny tucked away boutiques, great places to buy things and unusual places.  She allows us to be apart of her “ secret Paris”.

The book is short and sweet with great pictures and a sense of “fun” carried throughout it.

Intrigued ? Why not order a copy from Anthropologie now ?





xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly,


First day back after surgery | Trying to Bounce back !

First day out again – Trying to bounce back from Recovery – its hard !

The winds blowing and the sun is scorching ! A hot spring day – Monday morning couldn’t of been presented any better.

The smell of the air as I get off the train and walk up North Sydney Station steps revives me. Two weeks of slow recovery, I was glad to be back again. A thirty minute train ride, and yes I still can’t sit so just imagine.(I was on my feet the whole day until I got to the car to go home, where I lay in the backseat whinging – just casually… ha !)

I was Embracing the walk from Station to college.

Waddling around the crowds. ( mind you I STILL have half my stitches in and crowds of people LOVE bumping into me – making the pain WORSE – but hey what did i expect on my first day out !)

When I finally arrived I felt like I was home again. The big Yellow Raffles square out front and the businessmen smoking their cigarettes, drinking their coffees, the loud chatter of the fashion students, the warmth of my friends ! Yep – It felt good to be back !

Not much to say about my first day besides the fact that our presentation went surprisingly well *sigh of relief*, I’m actually really proud of my group for pulling it together the way they did – yayyyy !!! OH AND PERSONALLY I believe our group rocked it with the Steam punk presentation.

Other than that my day was quite overwhelming and tiring. So little went on yet so much energy involved. I missed this Chaos – I love it, and to be honestly I can’t see myself with out it …really.

Well I have My Men’s and Womenswear Class on Wednesday and as you know I’m very behind and only God knows how much more work I have left to do.

D e a d l i n e          a p p r o a c h i n g

Looking forward to it though and  of Crouse all the stress and pressure that accompanies it – BUT – if I’ve learnt anything these two dreadful boring weeks of recovery is that whether you lose your cool or keep it – either way what has to happen will – so I guess I’mma keep my hat on and play the calm cards !

I’ll keep you posted on the collection !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly.


Mens and womenswear | Part un

One of my most favourite parts within designing a collection is the fabrication. I could spend Days, even weeks just looking at different fabrics, textures, weights and contents. It fascinates me because you have to have a great eye not only choosing the appropriate fabric but also colour for the season and collection. You not only have to make the sketch come alive but you have to be able to tell a story, to make sure people understand and most importantly its flow.

For my mini men’s and womenswear collection “amore amore” alot of thought went into the fabrication. It’s a very important part depending on which way you work – whether you select your fabrics first then design, or vice versa.

For the women’s collection I wanted to focus more on accentuating feminine curves and mixing it up with a touch of androgyny such as masculine tailoring which is very evident in my ladies dress. It’s very two faced – in the sense that you look at it once and you say “wow she looks gorgeous, an absolutely stunning feminine piece – great shape”, but then you look at it again and you say to yourself “man I should step back – she’s in charge” – There’s a big boom of dominance in the female pieces ! Their trendy yet edgy !

Coming to fabrication – Feminine fabrics such as sheer silk organza’s and laces were a priority as well as mixing it up with a completely opposite  heavy, authoritative, and grunge yet expensive clean look, the fabrics that shouted that out were genuine leather and real fur. Driving from one wholesaler to another in Sydney, trying to find what it was that I Loved and wanted the most – I must say It took forever but the reward the journey brought was great ! There is a bit of quilting evident within my designs which I think is a very strong element of masculinity as well as leather slashing !

The men’s look was kept very basic in design but it is the busy fabrication that will give you that touch of luxury as well as making you stand out from the crowd. For the men’s pant piece I chose the classic 5 pocket styled jean and for fabrication it will be a very crazy random tie dyed red and burgundy denim. I’ll keep it quiet on the men’s look and just surprise you all when the time comes !

The colours I chose for the looks for the brie are very “amore amore”. Burgundy and deep reds with a splash of live reds and black. At the same time, you can’t allow yourself to get too crazy because it’s a RTW collection so people have to be able to wear it on a day to day basis.

It was good to have been designing for FW 12 – stepping away from last years summer themed briefs. I really do enjoy my course and for those of you who think it’s all fun and games and dress ups – its honestly not – I must say those who have turned around and said that to me really don’t understand ! – That shirt you’re wearing – yes even those designer pants ! It has taken someone through a very stressful yet enjoyable journey and has been successful enough to make it into stores and into your closet ! Appreciation for the industry, whether you like that designers style or not – I appreciate it … Do you ?

It’s been a very long journey for me this semester, considering my operation – I’ve had some time off from it all trying to recover ( which i might add – slow process much !!), I’m really looking forward to next week back – I’ll have three weeks to re-work my patterns – those that need to be fixed – then to be re sampled/toiled, and finally to produce the actual collection – EEEEKKK !!! the amount of pressure and stress – I’m sure you’ll hear from it on my blog !

Cannot wait to share the collection with you !

p.s Check out the beautiful Lace samples I got ! The first is a French Lace, followed by Guipure Lace which is the one I’ll be using as it goes well with the amore amore -  blood/veined theme. Bot



xxxx much love, Yours Truly


RHYheartsSJP !!!

I Think ELLE magazine put it well when they listed her achievements “ actor, producer, mom, mogul, and now bona fide designer “ – So many accomplishments by the one and only SJP and she ALWAYS LOOKS SO STUNNING ❤







From the moment I saw her strutting the streets of New york in Sex and the city this actors style captured me ! On and off camera I began to be inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker and her life – Her outfits were the main thing that grabbed my attention and that’s what I loved most about her. The fact that whether she was or wasn’t her Carrie Bradshaw Role in real life – her fashion was carried on from beyond the set. Her involvement with some of my favourite designers such as the late Alexander McQueen made my respect for her grow even further !

I believe she is the perfect role model and she is definitely one of my idols ! She has her career and family life as two separates – she comes across as genuine and down-to-earth unlike other famous actors who are currently under the spotlight for stupid things !  I admire her big smile and natural beauty – she’s definitely on my “to meet” List ! I


OMG I CANNOT WAIITTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely LOVE the trailer, besides the fact that SJP is in it, I already know that it is going to be a great movie!!!

Definitely a must with the girls – I’ll keep you guys posted with a review !!!!


xxxx much love, yours truly


Conceptual Knitwear | Take 2

all the video clips from the day put together–la la la ❤


To Read the full story or view other pictures simply click on the links.


xxxx much love, Yours Truly



Epiphany | a sudden realisation | November You always do this to me

Bonjour Novembre | month of realisation!!

Status : Enlightened

I love this month because every year not only do I celebrate my birthday but somehow I always experience some sort of personal/emotional growth. Something always happens to me leading up to this month or during this month that makes me take a few steps back to brood over the year before the final month arrives !

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A light breeze through my curtain and a ray of sunshine peaking through the top.

This was the morning of the first day of November, 2011.

I’m a very open-minded person. A bright, bubbly person who is very passionate and determined at almost every point within life.

I put in 100% in my work – my Fashion is my life. I made it that way because no matter what I will always get back what I put into it, “Self fulfilment”. It is something that nothing can give you unless you allow yourself to find it and accept it. Let people laugh and judge as much as they like, but dream what you want to and be realistic about it.

I’m in third year, my final year and I love it. My collections and ideas, each and every one is a little bit of me. A souvenir of the many strange, loved, unique – priceless bits and pieces of my emotions and personality unleashed in every single one. The pressure, the stress, the expectations, the deadlines – It plays with your head. Whether you learn to accept it or not – either way it’s a choice you make. Are you cut out for it ? Can you do it ? Sooner or later you will be in a big world by yourself – no mentor, no lecturer, nobody – NOBODY but yourself to try and understand and to figure out what it is YOU really WANT. You may think I’m crazy, but this is the life of a fashion design student. It’s Tough. Endless hours spent on developments, designs, patternmaking and sampling – being a student, one goes insane.

I am pedantic, persistent and most of the time a perfectionist. But I believe that if you want to be successful you have to be able to be that as well as being able to contort yourself within a variety of characteristics. No excuses. Change in this industry is inevitable – Fashion never stands still.

I am not saying I‘m perfect, nobody is, in fact I’m that little bit crazy. However, We were created with flaws – we were born to be different and to feel emotions, to feel needy and lonely or to cry and laugh, to have tantrums and be childish, to make silly assumptions, yet to grow and embark on journeys around the world, to be faced with challenges and to learn how to conquer them.

And just sometimes we need someone who can provide us with the truth and tell us when we are squinting. Squinting at the world, at a situation, something immature, or something serious. That’s what friends, family, colleagues, partners are for.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My life,the last 7 months changed rapidly. I started to become more weak and tired, my bones would ache, and my spine would cramp. Though like the famous Chanel, I worked hard throughout it all. Acting like nothing was wrong, like a machine, running all day. I remember wishing and wanting to be bored, Wanting to be able to relax and to lie down for a week and do nothing. Just to have the time to read a book, stare at a wall or into the distance – to do anything BUT work. I knew myself that I would never back down though, nothing could stop me unless I was stopped. Why on earth would I drop all my work to read a book ? Never was it going to happen, I wouldn’t do that to myself. Although I did something else to myself, made myself sick, by now you should sense that being the work-a-holic I became wasn’t healthy. Somehow, something granted me that wish of relief though.

A few months back I got told I had to have surgery – it never occurred to me then but it does now, the mysterious way things happen for a reason.

I’m not saying I’m thankful for being sick, nobody would be. No sane person would ever want to go through any form of excruciating pain or the thought of having to learn how to walk again.

If anything I was thankful for being able to have found myself again. Especially, the tremendous amounts of support I received from people whom I never thought would be there.

Naturally open minded, I squint very rarely, but it opened my eyes.

When you are down and tired and you’ve had enough of the world and everyone in it, you think that no one will miss you and that no one cares but in fact that exclusive personality, the job that you do it leaves a footprint within the lives of others. You don’t realise until you are sick on a bed, day after day, struggling to put your foot on the ground and learning how to walk and sit again like a little puppy, just how much they miss you and need you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

All this because a friend approached me this morning and struck an emotional chord within my heart, all this because she cares. She knows who she is and I love her for it.


We all go through realisations in life, and this is one I’m sharing with you.
Some of you may not understand what this post means but for those of you who do or for those of you who know the feeling – you’d agree with me when i say :

“Hope isn’t lost, It’s just a tiny glitch in what is otherwise known as the longest journey you’ll ever experience.”


Much Love, Yours Truly