2015 | The First Post of The Year !

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RHYheartsSJP !!!

I Think ELLE magazine put it well when they listed her achievements “ actor, producer, mom, mogul, and now bona fide designer “ – So many accomplishments by the one and only SJP and she ALWAYS LOOKS SO STUNNING ❤







From the moment I saw her strutting the streets of New york in Sex and the city this actors style captured me ! On and off camera I began to be inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker and her life – Her outfits were the main thing that grabbed my attention and that’s what I loved most about her. The fact that whether she was or wasn’t her Carrie Bradshaw Role in real life – her fashion was carried on from beyond the set. Her involvement with some of my favourite designers such as the late Alexander McQueen made my respect for her grow even further !

I believe she is the perfect role model and she is definitely one of my idols ! She has her career and family life as two separates – she comes across as genuine and down-to-earth unlike other famous actors who are currently under the spotlight for stupid things !  I admire her big smile and natural beauty – she’s definitely on my “to meet” List ! I


OMG I CANNOT WAIITTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely LOVE the trailer, besides the fact that SJP is in it, I already know that it is going to be a great movie!!!

Definitely a must with the girls – I’ll keep you guys posted with a review !!!!


xxxx much love, yours truly