2015 | The First Post of The Year !

Ola ! Bonjour ❤ Barev * Hello,

To Each and Every one of you Beautiful People Out there !

Wherever you are in the world, Whatever timezone you are in TheLifeOfRhy is back on for 2015.

It feels like only a few days ago where I sat at the dinner Table surrounded by Family and friends celebrating Christmas, New Year, and Armenian Christmas. Looking at the Calendar today, I feel a little Astonished as to how much I’ve achieved in 2014, How Quickly 2015 has come around, that Australia Day has passed and just how many exciting opportunities and journeys I have ahead of me. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. That saying, Seriously – It’s not even a joke anymore !

There is so much I have to write to you all, I’m not sure how I will go fitting it all in one post, but I hope that by the end of this post I still have each and every one of you equally engaged as I did the first 5 lines !

So Here it goes !

2014 | I’m sure Everyone has noticed this, but as we get older, I am very certain that somehow the years go by Faster. I’m not sure what the explanation is here, but my explanation is that *says this really fast and in one, big breath* I guess as we get older we have more responsibilities in life and we try so hard to fit them all in one day, it’s just merely impossible and this leads to the next day and the day after that , soon you have reached the next week, month and before you know it is your birthday, people are asking you about Christmas and how you will spend your New Years and by the time you come to realise you haven’t made any plans for the Big end of Year Bash, you are waking up to your 5.30 am alarm in the New Year to get back to work again ?! Right !?

The Days go by so fast that I always think to myself about my Dreams and My goals. I always say to myself that I must try harder and work faster and be better at what I love because Time is of the essence. Nowadays, the biggest thing we run out of isn’t Brown Sugar or Salt (and I’m not including Money here ) – It’s Time ! and Let me tell you, You can’t go knocking on your neighbours door asking if they’ve got a carton of Time – They’ll think you’ve gone mad !

In 2014, I said to myself I won’t waste any time, I will write down my Goals for the Year and I will do this with Strict Deadlines and Discipline so that I don’t lose what is so precious to us all.

I look back on 2014 and I feel Proud. Proud of myself, for sticking to my goals and allowing myself the opportunity to be one step closer to my Dreams.

What were my Goals and Dreams this year ?

I said to myself that I will finally, officially Launch my Label, and make a Capsule Commercial Collection. Why did I choose to take on this crazy Challenge ? Because I believed that each and every one of you have a right to have a little piece of Ratavosi in your Closet. I have designed a few Capsule Collections in the past years, and I’m sure many of you have already seen them on my Collections page on this blog,they are also on my New Facebook Page and Instagram. The Previous Collections that I designed were Ready-to-wear and High-End Collections, very Dear, exclusive, luxurious pieces that not everyone can afford. So I thought, I’d Like to give my Followers, Subscribers, Like-ers, something they can all afford. Something that is still good quality, reasonably Priced, can be worn again and again, AND – Most Importantly is still Exclusive. With that in mind, I chose a Subject, an inspiration Close to my Heart and that is how Bienvenido De Nuevo Was Created. (If you’d like to read more on the collection Click here to be redirected to the post ) I researched Hours and Hours, trying to find fabrications, bright colours and embellishments that were suitable. I didn’t want to go over the top – I still wanted the Commercial Range to have that embellished but simple vibe. Although some of the Prints may be crazy, and bright, The character and beauty of Ratavosi is still alive within the garments in a slightly different sense. It has a Fun, bright, Bubbly Mood.

This is my Big Intro to my commercial Audience. Something fun, Bright and Bubbly, so that different kinds of people can enjoy them. Different Subcultures, and people who wear different styles. This Collection is for everyone to have fun with, it’s commercial, it’s for everyday Wear, its supposed to be comfortable and durable ! And so I went ahead and did that. I challenged myself, Stayed up all night sewing, exhausted my weekends at my pattern making table and behind my sewing Machine, saved every cent to source fabrics and trims from other countries. I stuck to my Goal and My dream in such a positive yet stubborn manner, that I not only motivated the people around me to find a hobby, But actually got my partner involved, he saw my dedication and passion,and helped me.

And so in saying all that, The ” Bienvenido De Nuevo / Welcome Back “Collection has been made with Love, and great amounts of effort to every last Thread and Pom pom trim !

I’m proud of myself for creating a range around my own crazy deadline, actually meeting the crazy deadline, organising a photo-shoot and being surrounded by my dear best friends who NO MATTER WHAT support me through all my crazy ventures !

Since doing this, I have worked on releasing A Facebook Page dedicated to my Label, as well as creating a Website with an online Shop and attending the Weekend Markets. These Three tasks I took on board myself and these were also a part of my Goals for the year. I will be posting about these things in the weeks to come, in separate posts – Don’t forget to subscribe or like us on Facebook to be up to date with the latest !

On a final Note:

I Think it is really important to be able to find something that you are good at, and to turn it into something even bigger. It’s okay to have Dreams and Goals, no matter how ridiculous they sound. If you believe just a little bit more, everyday that you can achieve them and you can reach your goals, you can actually do it !

When I shut down my blog for the revamp, in those months, I kept saying to myself – What is it that I want people to know ? What is the first thing they have to know when they get to my website ?

Who can guess ?

It’s a quote. I’m not actually sure who it is by, but it is a brilliant Quote and very relevant to me, my blog, and my passions.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

If you are sitting there thinking – “Holy S*$% ! I actually feel motivated and determined. This post has made me feel good, I want to make a change in my life, I want to go for my dreams and Goals – FTW and anyone who thinks I’m ridiculous”- Then get up and do something more with your life. It’s easy to say “yeah okay, great post Lady” and move on, but if you are Real about it, then you can make it real !

It’s not going to be easy, nothing in life is easy. Don’t forget that there will be a lot of haters along the way, they are just jealous – The lot of them. So be sure you have a Trashcan Stored in your brain for all their hateful comments. Save them for the day that you are a success !

In the coming weeks I will be writing a Post about how to get one Step Closer to your Dreams and Goals – So if you are interested Stay posted !

We will be posting once a week, mainly on weekends, so please Don’t forget to Subscribe to us here on our blog – We also have many other Social Media for you to subscribe to and follow us on !

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Hope everyone had a Wonderful Thursday – We are a Few hours away from Friday – Woop Woop !

– – – Before I forget, If you managed to get to the end of this Blog Post – Tell me 2 of your Goals and Dreams ! – – –

xoxo Much love,

Yours Truly


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