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About The Life Of Rhy 

Rhaya - About me

Meet Rhaya, The Girl behind the blog.

Sydney born and raised, with an Armenian Background, this bubbly, determined girl has a remarkable passion for fashion, a drive for success and a very can-do attitude towards, not only Life and its challenges, but her own goals and dreams.

Rhaya’s interest in fashion sparked from her amazingly talented Grandmother Lucik. The memories of her grandmother sewing and having a natural eye for fashion inspired a young Rhaya and has become her career today.

“We used to live on Buckwell Drive, and every weekend my grandmother would take her Janome out, the latest Spotlight Threads and start sewing and patterning away. She had an eye for it, a real crazy talent that was just unbelievable. The way she would mock up patterns from scratch, just by looking at you and your design. She had it, just like that, She was really something.”

Her Grandmother lived with them for most of their lives, she was like a best friend to Rhaya, someone she could confide in and tell all her girly secrets to, someone she could trust to make her feel whole, someone who would always be there, not just by choice but by blood.

After her grandmothers passing, a more serious fondness grew for fashion.

“I am a big believer in keeping the spirit alive – I was once reading this book about Chanel (she is one of my favorite designers) and she was saying how the dead are not really dead as long as people think about them and with this I thought, well I’ll never loose touch with my grandmother, and her spirit will always be alive and shining through my work, my hobby, my passion”

In 2009, After Year 12, she applied and was accepted into Raffles College of Design and Commerce. College opened up many doors for Rhaya, some of which allowed her to work with Australia’s greatest new talents as well as working behind the scenes for our very own Rose Mount and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festivals, West field presents  Fashion Show ( Sydney’s largest fashion show for the launch of their online store), and Well known Sydney Labels Ladakh and Romance was Born. She also worked at one of Australia’s biggest department stores ” Target”. Where she worked her way up from a check-out chick, to beauty consultant, then ladieswear and finally becoming their first on floor fashion stylist. As their fashion stylist Rhaya worked very closely with styling customers, holding style and fashion workshops and allowing customers to be comfortable with wearing the hottest trends.

Rhaya has now completed her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design and is working in the industry as a commercial, Department store Fashion Designer, designing : girls wear, toddler and infant girls clothing as well as Surf wear for women.

She is also working on her own Label Called “Ratavosi”, Which will be launching November/December 2014. She is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting textiles, ideas and fashion adventures.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”
xoxo Dream Big, Much love


If you would like to Collaborate with Rhaya, donate to the blog or the collection, have any business inquiries, or general inquiries please click here

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    • OH MY GOD !! Kristel Darling Thank you so much, that means so much to me and thank-you so much for reading my blog and being a part of my blog.
      Cannot wait to post this 🙂
      xoxo Hope you have a Fab Day Girlfriend.
      Much love, Rhaya

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