The Grand Social and Zanita

One of my favourite sites/online stores is The Grand social. I love getting their emails because I always get to see whats new from different designers AND there’s always something I love. It’s not just clothing though, they have accesories too !

The run down | The Grand Social is a marketplace for Australian and NZ designers. They aim to get the creations of labels online, so they can be sold. For Those of you who like going to stores, The Grand Social also has their very own store. It’s located in the heart of Darlinghurst and is a multi-purpose space for designers and friends to showcase their creations. The store is open Tues – Sat 11AM – 5PM at 214 Crown St, Darlinghurst. Ph:(02) 9331-0995. To find out more check out their website here.

Love this look !!!!!!!  

Grand Social Email Image

Python Top Sara Phillips ,Stylestalker Leopard Bag, Burgundy  Tovah Shorts, and StyleStalker Lithium Blazer  – so Pretty !

The picture above is from Zanita – for those of you who follow alot of blogs I’m sure you have heard of Zanita ?

 She is a blogger and photographer based in Australia. She also models.

Check her out here:

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

RHYversusWORLD |

Handerpants…Underpants ?

During Late hours of the night, one tends to:

a)procrastinate – losing train of thought, staring at walls becomes a hobby etc.


I don’t even know how I came across this BUT I kind of actually want a pair hahahaha too bad they are sold out right !

Checkout the video below and their website too .

Now I must admit When I was watching this video I did feel like I was in a really strange little world with the repetition of HANDERPANTS throughout the video – oh my goodness !


oh and p.s they also have undercaps –

 Image 1





xxxx Much love, Yours Truly


Finally Replying Back to Valentina = ]

Sometimes During my Brand Management class I wander off into Blogland and start checking recent posts, old posts from people I’m subscribed too, and other emails – a severe state of stalking ! (As you can imagine it is my only time to do so)

One Friday morning I came across Valentina’s post Buongiorno mondo! Good morning world! It had a picture of a mug being held by someone wearing a knitted jumper. This picture created warm and fuzzy feelings of a wintery weekend  morning in my mind and reminded me of a picture that I once saw on a website.

I promised Valentina that I would post it up So here it is ! Here’s another winter weekend morning picture. A Mug cosy ?


mmmm I don’t drink coffee but I could sure go for some tea now !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

My favourite Leopard finds of the weekend

I’ve Always Loved Leopard print and it’s something that has always been in my wardrobe. Whether it be a scarf, a handbag, a random strip of fabric collected for a sample, shoes, a dress – It’s in there.

I encourage everyone to Try out the Animal Print trend ! Add some fun to the wardrobe – You should have already added some colour with the T for Teal and Target too post and now its time for some leopard and Snakeskin.

On Saturday, I FINALLY went Shopping with my brothers fiancée for their wedding in three weeks – as I am a bridesmaid new shoes are a MUST-HAVE !

During our little Shopping Date I noticed so many things I loved. Yes I felt a little strange “having fun” because I hadn’t been out in ages – believe me people I have been so wrapped up in Major work The only places I’ve been going are college, work, internship, home – yeah the usual.

So to liven the change room experience I took a shot of the dress I loved the most from the day ! So cute ! A Nice on-trend mustard yellow and a cute leopard peter pan collar ! LOVE IT




There were so many cute dresses and gorgeous tops ! I fell in love with so much ! To view their website click here – however, its better to go in store as I noticed none of their stuff from Saturdays pop in was online !

Say MEow #


Another one of my finds where these leopard earmuffs !!! oh so warm !!!



And to add to this post again – Leopard Flats from Target – Get a pair, they are sooooooo comfy with a quilted inner !

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly


T is for Teal and Target too.

So I recently did some styling workshops for Target, where I had to mix and match part of the Target essentials range with other pieces to come up with gorgeous key looks for the coming seasons !

Target Essentials is a basics range by Target. It consists of business pants and shirts, denim, tops, and basic singlets that come in various colours and are a reasonable price.

We mixed and matched these items with core autumn/winter garments such as fur vests,colourful dresses, maxi skirts, printed shirts, oversized tops and winter woollen pieces. Majority of the looks were under $100 and if not that then $150. Which is great for a whole outfit including shoes, handbags and other accessories. A lot of people think that to be stylish means that you must wear designer,however it’s not about that at all – its about the way you piece things together, the final look, the composition. To have great style and a sense for it can give you a feeling that’s just as great.

The two main issues that were present during the workshops were more to do with consumers being concerned about budget and being in doubt about wearing/how they would wear certain colours within the coming trends.

If you like following trends and you still aren’t sure what colours to be wearing these coming seasons maybe this will help – Autumn/winter colour palettes: think | burgundy, browns, eggplant,teal, reds, tangelo, and Blacks. Fabrics include Ponte, leathers, laces and sheer garments. Details/appearances include various collars, lots of prints – two main = leopard and snake.

That just puts it very BASIC for you all – I think that’s enough for now haha

One last thing – As part of this blog entry today, I thought it would be nice to come up with an under $100 look myself with all the Teal accessories I have come to purchasing.

Enjoy !

Think style and budget–and voila under $100 outfit !

Dress from NastyGal – not available anymore – however there are some other great dresses that are on sale ranging from $17.95 – $35.95 That you could get.

Bag from Asos – not available anymore ? However there are similar styles in Turquoise, white, pistachio snake, nude snake, and red snake. I’ve pasted the picture of their current clutch below – they look quite similar

Image 1 of ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch

The snake range of slot through envelope clutches like the one above are $32.45 – click here to view

For the turquoise one above click here –

Shoes – Teal heels and leopard flats from Target (click on “target” in the first sentence of this post and contact your nearest store to see if they have it)

Belt from Mix Apparel @ Coles.

Hope that helps


xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly


BlogLovin’ Time

Yay i got it working !!! hahaha

If blog lovin’s your Thang then – Follow me on Bloglovin’ guys !!


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Saturday | The Amore Aftermath Dress

Saturday : Look 7 : The Amore Aftermath Dress

amore Aftermath Dress _ thelifeofrhy

This is our Final Look of the collection.


From the Front, it looks like a simple Wool jersey Dress



from the back its a massacre.

Slits and Chains – Very Grunge, Raw, Boyish, Rebellious with the Harley



yet softened to be Girly with a cute Round Hat.


Maybe in the Garden ?


and again – Very Raw !

Which Look do you prefer ? Naughty or Nice ?

Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Friday | Mesh me Madly Top and Lingering Shadow Skirt

Friday : Look 6 : Mesh Me Madly top and Lingering Shadow Skirt !


You’ve all seen the Mesh me Madly Top, Although you haven’t seen it pair with our gorgeous Lingering Shadow Skirt. a “mullet” style Skirt made from a nice thick burgundy Ponte and a Sheer Gathered Train.







Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Thursday | Flight of Darkness Bodysuit

Thursday : Look 5 : Flight of Darkness Bodysuit

flight of darkness_thelifeofrhy
Play the Plain Jane game Ratavosi style with our Black Ponte “flight of the Darkness” Bodysuit. A cute little bow at Centre back and extended burgundy Chiffon piece that reaches out to the middle finger. Wrap yourself in it !



Tell me which you like best ?!

also – if you missed out on viewing the video from the photo-shoot check it out HERE !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Wednesday | The Simple Seductress

Wednesday : Look 4 : Simple Seductress Top paired with our High-Rollers Leggings.

She’s Mysteriously …Sexy, Sultry and Seductive – The Simple Seductress.

Simple Seductress_thelifeofrhy

Sheer silk organza with a Burgundy Leather Collar. Beautifully finished with Topstitching and French seams with an open back.








To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Tuesday | High-Rollers Leggings OH YEAHHHH !

When we say HIGH we mean HIGH with the High-Rollers Leggings. Made from a beautiful thick Black Ponte,Dress it down casually or dress it up for a night out ! Either way you can rock such a simple Piece !

high-rollers leggings thelifeofrhy




To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !


xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

Monday | Sinuous Senorita Jacket, Diamond Fuzz Pants, Leather-Me-Up Bustier

Monday : Look 2 Sinuous Senorita Jacket, Diamond Fuzz Pants, Leather-Me-Up Bustier


Sinuous Senority Jacket, Diamond fuzz pants, leatherme up


The Sinuous senorita Jacket is made from genuine burgundy leather, a gorgeous guipure lace, silk organza  and a soft silk satin lining. A very Luxurious Garment that will catch the eye of just about anyone !


The Diamond Fuzz Pants are a pair of high waist jodhpur style pants.They are also made from genuine burgundy leather as well as a soft luxurious fur. A classic 1” x 1” quilting is also part of this unique ensemble, to not only give a chic effect but also to keep the legs warm during winter !

Included in this look is the Leather-Me-Up bustier. Made from real Black leather, the finest quality you’ll ever find in such  a small piece. Three stud opening on centre front, Full leather Straps.


To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

Sunday | Midnight Rendezvous Dress

Hey guys !!!!!! So I’ve finally got pictures back from the photo-shoot and have decided to upload one look per day !
7 looks for the 7 days of the week !

Look one : Midnight Rendezvous Dress






To view the video of the day of the shoot simply Click here !


Enjoy Smile
xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Vana’s Bridal Shower

So I came back from My future sister-in-law’s Bridal Shower and the outfits were so cute, I just had to share the images AND a video I made because I’ve been absent lately – sorry a million guys – not only that but the set out was cute too !

Enjoyyyy !












xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

The low down on The Life of Rhy = ]

Hey guys !!!!
SO VERY SORRY in the delay in posts, but here at TLOR I am quite busy-busy as it is the last semester of my bachelor degree. For those of you who are not familiar, I have been studying a bachelor of Design majoring in fashion and it will soon come to an end. As sad as it is, and as relieved as I will be when it all ends – I Truly will miss it ! I have honestly learnt so much, and have worked with so many great and inspiring people ( that I will continue to work with) – its been an amazing experience !

So what’s the Low down at TLOR !? – We’re in week 3 here – EEEEEKKKK !!!! – And so far the first term has been REALLY REALLY FULL ON ( as you can tell by my delayed posts ha-ha). This is probably because I am doing a million things at once – for example – I am not only doing my major work (which I should really be focusing on just this) but I am also doing a Brand Management course, my internship at Ladakh ( – check them out – they have an awesome new campaign!!) as well as working casually at Target and have now received the pleasure of being the in store Stylist (which I will tell you all more about below)

Therefore the days that I have left to actually DO MY WORK are ZERO – NON EXISTANT ! and that is of course how problems like stress and breakdown’s come about !!!!

So the last few weeks have been really exciting for me. I have started college again (bye-bye summer break) and am now working on my spring/summer 2013 collection. I have taken a darker approach for this collection – steering way from what I can confidently tell you all will be in fashion in spring summer 2013 and that is colour blocking again, sheers, oriental influences, cute summer prints, turquoises, really basic pieces with colour details, fruity tutty shades and palettes, and pastels, etc. Keep your eyes out for this trend guys as it will be in before you know it !
The palettes I have been working with are what’s known as a black summer – a timeless, nostalgic, historical approach with gorgeous fabrics like lace and silk, frills and layering – think Victorian meets modern, Death meets new light. I’ve decided to take this approach as I believe the trend suits the ready-to-wear deluxe aspect more,its almost challenging what we all know spring/summer should be with bold bright colours. It makes it okay to wear the darker shades, the teal instead of the turquoise, the black instead of white, the tea stained lace instead of bright pink silk organza !

Other things that have been happening would include my internship starting up again as well as my new role at work. I had an operation late last year which set me back quite a lot. However, getting back into the hectic environment I have become so used to makes me feel at home – I feel normal again. I know it sounds sick – but its the life of a fashion student who is so involved and so passionate about their work. Being back interning with the designers at Ladakh has been such a great experience and I really do enjoy working with the team.

I recently received a new role at work, one that is my professional role – A stylist. As many of you know I also do styling, I style lot of range book/look book/web store shoots, fashion weeks with designers as well as my friends, and my very own collections and photo-shoots. Today was my first day doing that at Target as we offered these workshops to the public and I believe it went quite well, very smoothly ! I had my comfortable forever 21 skirt on, of course my red work shirt, burgundy lipstick and a confidence boost I didn’t think would show. My Role involved me talking in front of a group of customers about a selection of clothes that I handpicked and considered to be fashionable, stylish, comfortable and trendy, things that they could mix and match with our basics for their wardrobes as well as trends and colours they could follow for the coming seasons.The close-to-Zara look for more than half the price. It was great engaging with the customers and providing them with professional yet honest advice. I must say I’ve had a tremendous day !

…and Even though I’m very tired, the minutes flick through on my clock.

I’ve become a slave to time,

I’ve got to get back and continue my work.

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly