The low down on The Life of Rhy = ]

Hey guys !!!!
SO VERY SORRY in the delay in posts, but here at TLOR I am quite busy-busy as it is the last semester of my bachelor degree. For those of you who are not familiar, I have been studying a bachelor of Design majoring in fashion and it will soon come to an end. As sad as it is, and as relieved as I will be when it all ends – I Truly will miss it ! I have honestly learnt so much, and have worked with so many great and inspiring people ( that I will continue to work with) – its been an amazing experience !

So what’s the Low down at TLOR !? – We’re in week 3 here – EEEEEKKKK !!!! – And so far the first term has been REALLY REALLY FULL ON ( as you can tell by my delayed posts ha-ha). This is probably because I am doing a million things at once – for example – I am not only doing my major work (which I should really be focusing on just this) but I am also doing a Brand Management course, my internship at Ladakh ( – check them out – they have an awesome new campaign!!) as well as working casually at Target and have now received the pleasure of being the in store Stylist (which I will tell you all more about below)

Therefore the days that I have left to actually DO MY WORK are ZERO – NON EXISTANT ! and that is of course how problems like stress and breakdown’s come about !!!!

So the last few weeks have been really exciting for me. I have started college again (bye-bye summer break) and am now working on my spring/summer 2013 collection. I have taken a darker approach for this collection – steering way from what I can confidently tell you all will be in fashion in spring summer 2013 and that is colour blocking again, sheers, oriental influences, cute summer prints, turquoises, really basic pieces with colour details, fruity tutty shades and palettes, and pastels, etc. Keep your eyes out for this trend guys as it will be in before you know it !
The palettes I have been working with are what’s known as a black summer – a timeless, nostalgic, historical approach with gorgeous fabrics like lace and silk, frills and layering – think Victorian meets modern, Death meets new light. I’ve decided to take this approach as I believe the trend suits the ready-to-wear deluxe aspect more,its almost challenging what we all know spring/summer should be with bold bright colours. It makes it okay to wear the darker shades, the teal instead of the turquoise, the black instead of white, the tea stained lace instead of bright pink silk organza !

Other things that have been happening would include my internship starting up again as well as my new role at work. I had an operation late last year which set me back quite a lot. However, getting back into the hectic environment I have become so used to makes me feel at home – I feel normal again. I know it sounds sick – but its the life of a fashion student who is so involved and so passionate about their work. Being back interning with the designers at Ladakh has been such a great experience and I really do enjoy working with the team.

I recently received a new role at work, one that is my professional role – A stylist. As many of you know I also do styling, I style lot of range book/look book/web store shoots, fashion weeks with designers as well as my friends, and my very own collections and photo-shoots. Today was my first day doing that at Target as we offered these workshops to the public and I believe it went quite well, very smoothly ! I had my comfortable forever 21 skirt on, of course my red work shirt, burgundy lipstick and a confidence boost I didn’t think would show. My Role involved me talking in front of a group of customers about a selection of clothes that I handpicked and considered to be fashionable, stylish, comfortable and trendy, things that they could mix and match with our basics for their wardrobes as well as trends and colours they could follow for the coming seasons.The close-to-Zara look for more than half the price. It was great engaging with the customers and providing them with professional yet honest advice. I must say I’ve had a tremendous day !

…and Even though I’m very tired, the minutes flick through on my clock.

I’ve become a slave to time,

I’ve got to get back and continue my work.

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

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