Finally Replying Back to Valentina = ]

Sometimes During my Brand Management class I wander off into Blogland and start checking recent posts, old posts from people I’m subscribed too, and other emails – a severe state of stalking ! (As you can imagine it is my only time to do so)

One Friday morning I came across Valentina’s post Buongiorno mondo! Good morning world! It had a picture of a mug being held by someone wearing a knitted jumper. This picture created warm and fuzzy feelings of a wintery weekend  morning in my mind and reminded me of a picture that I once saw on a website.

I promised Valentina that I would post it up So here it is ! Here’s another winter weekend morning picture. A Mug cosy ?


mmmm I don’t drink coffee but I could sure go for some tea now !

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly

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