First day back after surgery | Trying to Bounce back !

First day out again – Trying to bounce back from Recovery – its hard !

The winds blowing and the sun is scorching ! A hot spring day – Monday morning couldn’t of been presented any better.

The smell of the air as I get off the train and walk up North Sydney Station steps revives me. Two weeks of slow recovery, I was glad to be back again. A thirty minute train ride, and yes I still can’t sit so just imagine.(I was on my feet the whole day until I got to the car to go home, where I lay in the backseat whinging – just casually… ha !)

I was Embracing the walk from Station to college.

Waddling around the crowds. ( mind you I STILL have half my stitches in and crowds of people LOVE bumping into me – making the pain WORSE – but hey what did i expect on my first day out !)

When I finally arrived I felt like I was home again. The big Yellow Raffles square out front and the businessmen smoking their cigarettes, drinking their coffees, the loud chatter of the fashion students, the warmth of my friends ! Yep – It felt good to be back !

Not much to say about my first day besides the fact that our presentation went surprisingly well *sigh of relief*, I’m actually really proud of my group for pulling it together the way they did – yayyyy !!! OH AND PERSONALLY I believe our group rocked it with the Steam punk presentation.

Other than that my day was quite overwhelming and tiring. So little went on yet so much energy involved. I missed this Chaos – I love it, and to be honestly I can’t see myself with out it …really.

Well I have My Men’s and Womenswear Class on Wednesday and as you know I’m very behind and only God knows how much more work I have left to do.

D e a d l i n e          a p p r o a c h i n g

Looking forward to it though and  of Crouse all the stress and pressure that accompanies it – BUT – if I’ve learnt anything these two dreadful boring weeks of recovery is that whether you lose your cool or keep it – either way what has to happen will – so I guess I’mma keep my hat on and play the calm cards !

I’ll keep you posted on the collection !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly.