D.I.Y Refresh and Re-invent Series | The wardrobe Dilemma

Happy Hump Day Everyone !

Today’s post is a fun D.I.Y project for those of you who’d like to refresh your boring wardrobe pieces.

Over the weekend I was forced to clean out my drawers and while it was easier to part with some pieces, there were quite a few I just wasn’t ready to toss !

So what happens when you don’t want to throw away your favourite tee, the graphics are almost fading, and you’ve worn it a hundred times ?!

Well..You come here, to my blog and you watch my D.I.Y Re-fresh and Re-invent series.

Part one is below. It’s super easy, super fast and I hope you enjoy it !

Oh and you don’t need crazy sew skills either !


How To: D.I.Y Old graphic tee into Crop Muscle Tank.

Let me know what you think !


xoxo Much love, Yours Truly


D.I.Y Paris Love <3


As promised, Here is my post on D.I.Y Wooden cut-outs RHY Style.

I’ve always wanted to have stylised wooden letters, not just the regular white ones you always see in shop windows, but the crafty D.I.Y styled ones that have a touch of emotion and nostalgia, something a little more personal. So while my room is in the making, I have been busy coming up with ideas and inspirations with things that I love.

Paris being one of them !

Now for this project all you need is:

1 – Some wooden “Kaiser Kraft” cut-outs that look like this. I have bought mine from Spotlight in Australia. You can get them from any crafts and hobby store that sells sewing equipment and scrapbooking supplies. The two packets that I bought had these particular ones in them.


2 – Big wooden letters and words for D.I.Y can also be found at these stores however you can get them from hardware stores as well. I have bought my wooden Word from “Bunning’s” and as you can see I’ve chosen the word LOVE ❤


3 – Some paint – any colour you like, and to be honest it can be any paint around the house. You don’t really need much of it depending on what size your word is. I’ve just used some gouache paint I had leftover from my colour theory classes in design school. You can use the same too. (If you find gouache paint a little to expensive, you don’t have to get an artist grade one, you can just get a cheap one from the dollar store. – it really doesn’t matter what kind of paint it is – we want something that dries quickly for effect)


4 – Scrap booking or craft paper of your choice. ( This depends on what you wish to cover your wooden cut-outs in. If you want to have them just painted then you need not worry about the paper, however it does at quite a nice clean-cut effect to really make things stand out)

Scrapbooking paper can be found in A lot of places, stationary stores, fabric and craft and hobby stores – a great one for bulk and reasonably priced variety is Alice in paper land. Be sure to Google them.


AND you will obviously need, a pencil, scissors, 2 paintbrushes ( one for glue and the other for paint) , some fabric glue,or craft or wood glue – anything that bonds really, some rolls of thin coloured satin ribbon ( your choice), paper towels, scrapbooking or craft paper.

Let’s Begin

1 – Layout some paper towels, two layers of it, in the length of your letter/word ( This is so we don’t ruin the lovely bench top you are working on ha-ha )


2 – Squeeze a small pee size amount of gouache, or whatever paint in whatever colour you are using for the wooden word onto either the paper towel, your brush or the word itself ( whichever way you work comfortably) and start by dabbing the paint onto wood. ( keep applying more paint as you are dabbing across the word, the quicker you work and dab the better it is when working with gouache. )


3 – The look we are going for isn’t a nice brush stroked finish, it’s a dabbed, vintage style application. So rough brush marks done via dabbing the paintbrush onto the wood will create this effect. ( However, if you want it clean cut then by all means go ahead and paint it the way you like ). If you look closely into the images you will see the effect I am talking about.

Note: if you are working with gouache, I found that it dried pretty quickly as I was dabbing it, this helps create that effect even better.It also means you have to move quickly along the word without applying wet gouache in semi-dry areas or else patching will occur. If patching does occur, simply wait for the whole word to dry and apply the second coat again by dabbing.


4 – Okay so we leave it aside now and wait for it to dry. It must be dried properly or else patching will occur. If it does – just read the above note.

5  – We also want to get into the sides of the letters on the wood to give it a roughed up paint look.


5 – As you can see in the image above, I haven’t applied paint again to my brush, just with the amount of paint on my brush I am rubbing the paintbrush so it has a painted but-not effect.

Prepping the cut-outs

Now we move onto prepping the cut-outs. So for the final product I painted my cut-outs but in case you have chosen the method of covering them with paper here is how to do it.

1 – First place your cut-out on the paper and see where you would like certain parts of it to fall. I have placed mine on a diagonal as I wish half words and half images to fall on the wood.


2 – We now trace around the it with our pencil and we cut it out.


3 – Glue the paper to the cut-out using our craft glue


I’ve just got fabric glue – it doesn’t REALLLYYY matter, just use anything that bonds around the house that isn’t going to seep through the paper.


4 – Brush the glue onto the cut-out and then carefully place the paper onto it.


5 – Turn the cut-out around. As you can see there are some parts that are slightly bigger than the cut-out. If you can, get your scissor or blade and just carefully cut it away.


6 – OR you can also use your scissors to smooth down the edges around the wooden cut-out.


7 – To add final touches to your mannequin we can cut some of our coloured satin ribbon and fold it into a bow.


8 – We then just glue it onto our cut-out piece wherever we like.

You can also use sequins or beads, even feathers to get the effect you like.


As I mentioned before it really makes the idea stand out – When I chose these wooden mannequins I also went searching for patterned paper or something that was very “fashiony” and stood for “raw design” and there I found scrapbooking paper with illustrations and pattern instructions – as we can see it looks very nice and the final touch of adding a bow completes this cut-out.

Painting our pieces.

1 – Place the cut-out down onto the paper towel, apply the paint and again just dab it on.


2 – As it comes to dry, lightly place another paper towel on top and press it.

This will get rid of any excess gouache and will also help it dry faster. ( less mess Smile)


3 – Peel it back


and now we add our extras.

4 – Again you may add other bits and pieces that you like, or you can even leave it plain.


I’ve just added a red bow, as it looked nice with the black/brown paint on the Eiffel cut-out.


I used this craft ribbon. It’s 3mm wide and is great for craft use ! I bought it from spotlight but I’m sure you can get it from any craft and hobby store, even cheap dollar stores. They come in a wide range of colours and even have other widths.


5 – after we have prepped our piece, we then glue the back of it and place it on the wooden word (wherever you like to put it – I would suggest before you start you figure out exactly where you like it before painting )


Ta-Da ! there is our Eiffel


I’ve also decided to add a lamppost – again we prep the piece with paint.


Dry it


Now this time I am going to add a bit of paper to it to create that signage effect. I quite like the colour of this coffee stained paper so I’m just going to cut a square out – roughly by the measurements of the space where the sign is on the lamppost.



Glue it down and stick it on



We are not going to dab around the cut edge with our black paintbrush to give it a blended vintage effect and to create some layering.


This is the kind of effect you get


Some final touches to our wooden word before applying the lamppost to it.


Gluing some of the red ribbon just on the bottom edge of the Wooden word for added effect and we press it down to hold.


As you can see I have cut the piece of ribbon a little bit longer than the final length so we can glue it and press it right back around




Now we glue on our lamppost



there we have it…

my Love ❤ for Paris.

Ready for when I move back into my room !


I’m currently waiting for it all to dry but you may choose to write something in metallic pen or ink pen on the lamppost signage.


Well I hope you all enjoyed it and got the instructions = ]

If you have any questions please contact me and drop in  a hello


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


MEOWY XMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL <3, Fashion show Talk, Christmas Dinners, and a Little RE-decorating !

Hello Lovely people !!

Just want to start by saying


I wish you all a safe and joyous New Year and I hope it’s an unforgettable day for all of you  ❤ x x x x x


P.s.. in case you can’t see it. It says MEOWY CHRISTMAS !!! I died when i saw it… clearly, it was such an impulse… yet necessary buy ! MEOW

Now !… Onto where the hell I’ve been and What I’ve been doing !? (BESIDES the minor internet problems I’ve been having that have delayed my posts !)

This year has been one hectic year for me guys, I mean it’s always hectic but a certain set of events have absolutely topped it this year ( bet I’ll say this again next year though ha !)

As you all know I finished college… So I am officially a Designer and a stylist – Hoorah ! ( Yes I have an ACTUAL degree for the NATURAL talent I’ve always had…meow)

In Early December we had our final graduate show. If I was to tell you all, that the day went smoothly and that it was all so great and I felt so relieved afterwards… I’d be lying… except for the part that I felt relieved ha !

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I have been searching for that final sign of “relief” after college, some security to make me feel it’s all come to an end and that there is no  longer any stress of that particular kind following me around in the form of a shadow or however the saying goes. As disorganised and crazy backstage and the lead up actually was, the moment where I had all my models dressed up, in my garments, the moment that I was exactly a minute away from walking out with them onto the catwalk to show off my range I felt that stress, that “whatever”, be lifted away and carried into the lights of the runway. My anxiety and nauseousness all gone. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more accomplished and happy in my life.

Who was there ? Who cares !

Did I slouch when I walked? who cares…

Did I show off my range and enjoy it…? Yes I sure did, I loved it !

I must say though as nervous and haphazard it all was on the day before the event actually started (Just like to add that we had no rehearsal or run through…for the record) I Liked being showcased like that. Often designers, well graduate designers don’t get to showcase themselves this well and I think it was a great way for everyone to see who we were, not just a projected name in some random sans serif font.

Well that was that.. and of course some backstage shots just for you guys !


The hair of course was amazing ! Loved the whole detached braid style they had going on !

The makeup was nice, a very heavy smoky black look. Pretty classic runway !


Dalian and I ! Taking random shots and anxiously waiting for the show to start ! EEKK !


Everyone’s style sheets – The beautiful Jess ( Platform models) who wore my Black laced up Embroidered Dress on the night !


Backstage again and again, everyone is hanging around waiting for the show to start.



The Gorgeous Manon from Platform Models at the fittings ❤ Wearing my ombre, vintage tea stained jumpsuit and embroidered bodysuit ! That’s sneak peak enough !


My AMAZING MACHINIST !!!! who helped me through it all…. She is a saviour !! and… I’m wearing Ladakh ❤ just the way i Like it !!


Following this there was of course a scrumptious Christmas dinner with the future in laws !


Christmas all decked out with food and ornaments as well as gifts from Santa for everyone !


Too cute !



Clearly we were all Nice not naughty this year !

now moving on from all the food… let’s talk  about DIETS..

Amongst all of this and my crazy hours at Target I happened to stroll over to the book department and there I found THE DUKAN COOKBOOK…

Minutes later I was convinced I was rather fat… too fat…Need-to-go-on-a-diet fat and without any hesitation happily talked my sister-in-law into it and yes.. we were DUKANING…

Don’t worry, we weren’t crazy enough to do it right away so we decided to be reasonable and start the first phase in the gap between Christmas and New Years.

Let me first start by saying.. I’m put off food… It’s far too repetitive…I’m sick of the same oaty dense textures in my mouth and as great as our attempt was we only lasted 3 days in the first phase ! HAHAHA

On top of that we now realise we aren’t that big, we have great womanly curves which flat girls would die for.. and the five kilo’s we wanted to so desperately CUT OFF will have to be done with our own way of exercising and eating right.

AND I have secretly skipped to the third phase… ! so shhhhhh !

HOWEVER, I do still believe that this diet is a great diet and that people who are much bigger than us will actually lose a lot of weight if they can stick to it and make it through to the final phase.. so If by any chance any of you are DUKANING… Let me know how you are going !

Oh and I must say I did actually enjoy cooking a variety of things in the attack phase.


preparing Chicken Broth soup – yummy !

It was actually so nice to discover some warm liquids to eat during attack phase.

THE DUKAN COOKBOOK was also a great book, so if you are in need of any recipes or some guidance on what you are supposed to be eating and how to make delicious edible things with what you are given, seriously check it out !

hmm what else has there been.. OH YEAH I have been super busy with my sewing and fabric sourcing as usual, and cannot wait when it’s all launched ( slow process, as I’m such a busy little bird but hang in there).

The final thing that’s been keeping me busy is my room ! Ever since my emotional rollercoaster and deep soul searching I have decided that as every door shuts and every new door is opened one must REDECORATE, REPAINT AND REORGANISE their life, and emotions starting with their room.

So I have been on the search for new furniture, wall paints (THE RIGHT COLOUR- the RIGHT SHADE !), bed covers all sorts of stuff AND have also come up with a great D.I.Y project for anyone who wants to SCHNAZZ things up a bit with their decor.

My old bedroom had light purple walls, a certain calmness to it with a whole wall of old and new polaroids/photographs stuck side by side NO GAPS of the greatest memories EVA, pretty nostalgic if you ask me. My wardrobe doors had some of fashions greatest ad campaigns posted up and shelves of every VOGUE I’ve ever received. Not a bad set up at all, but I think it’s time for a change, New light, New colour scheme and first new feature… ! Can’t Wait until it’s complete !


oh so empty ! Thankyou dearest boyfriend for helping me empty the never-ending contents of the room ❤

Can you guess what colours I’ve picked ?!


Click to go to the next post for a little D.I.Y !