Mon LOD ! My little orange dress …

You often here the term LBD or little black dress and how much of a wardrobe staple just one garment can be. However, from my recent adventure to Los Angeles I found myself something a little different, a little brighter, … Continue reading

White Lace and Tan ruffles

Thick gold Chain Necklace


White Lace Shirt

Elegantly Casual

Burgundy Nails

Tan Detailed ruffle Skirt

Gold and Snakeskin splice sandals

Top knot Bun

Light Smokey Eyes

Nude Lips

White/snake envelope







Beautiful colour combo !



p.s – Pinch and a Punch for the First day of the month !


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Night Noodle Market <3 NEON !


It was 3.30pm on a Thursday.

The sky was a deep dirty orange.

Much too eerie for my liking.

Smoke, the only smell in the air.

Taking snaps of the sky (Follow me on instagram @Ratavosi)

I couldn’t help but to think of all the families whose homes and lives have been affected by the bushfires.

I hope you are all safe with your families and that there are people there to assist you through this difficult time.

My hearts goes out to you all.

Wishing you all better days.



Lunch on a Friday @ The Grounds of Alexandria.

I love the vibe and atmosphere of this place so much.

So rustic, so fresh, so much to see, beautiful landscaping and decorating BUT most importantly the amazing food !

oh ! AND They’ve also got these adorable little farm animals.






Sydney Night Noodle Markets !

Saturday we hit up Hyde Park for the Sydney Night Noodle Markets.

We indulged in some delicious dim sums, all kinds of Asian food and my goodness the best-ever Mango Pancakes.

So many tasty things to eat and Try, If you haven’t gone this year, you’d better not miss it next year.

It is seriously good. I definitely recommend.

Scroll on and take a look at my outfit and the pictures from the day.



Hi Boyfriend, I love you ❤



Hyde Park Is so beautiful !


Future In-laws.

Love them so much !


The Where-Am-I-Face !


Beautiful lantern decorations hung up for the Night Noodle Markets.


MEow !

Okay So let’s step back and analyse the look !


1 – Hair in a bun !

Hair sprayed sleek back but messy.


2 – Studs and Spikes Gold Necklace.


No Filter – Seriously.

It was all sun !

Studs Studs Studs.


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A closer look.

3 – Neon Pink Tank with Stud detail around the neckline and the hem


High-low Hem.

4 – Contrast pleather splice leggings !


5 – And a lace scarf from Sportsgirl – I stole this from Auntie Kazz ❤


That pretty much completes it.


Hope You all had a BEAUTIFUL WEEEKENDD !!!!


Stay safe and have an awesome work week.


Lights Out, Lovers !


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D.I.Y Refresh and Re-invent Series | The wardrobe Dilemma

Happy Hump Day Everyone !

Today’s post is a fun D.I.Y project for those of you who’d like to refresh your boring wardrobe pieces.

Over the weekend I was forced to clean out my drawers and while it was easier to part with some pieces, there were quite a few I just wasn’t ready to toss !

So what happens when you don’t want to throw away your favourite tee, the graphics are almost fading, and you’ve worn it a hundred times ?!

Well..You come here, to my blog and you watch my D.I.Y Re-fresh and Re-invent series.

Part one is below. It’s super easy, super fast and I hope you enjoy it !

Oh and you don’t need crazy sew skills either !


How To: D.I.Y Old graphic tee into Crop Muscle Tank.

Let me know what you think !


xoxo Much love, Yours Truly


Goodmorning it’s Sunday !

Good morning Sydney and beautiful subscribers worldwide !

Happy Sunday to you all !

The weather here in Sydney isn’t looking its best today but oh boy it was super hot yesterday !

So Hot that my best friend and I headed down to our favourite beach had a beautiful lunch at our favourite place (lifesaver cafe – the most scrumptious satay chicken wrap you will ever had !!!!) and even managed to stroll down and visit some amazing boutiques ( post coming soon).


Checkout our pictures below and see what we wore on this sizzling hot spring day.

Brought to you by one of my besties favourite brands LEE.


She wears  the Born Free cut out Muscle Tank.

Such a great edgy, festival piece paired with your Lee denim cut-offs to give you a hot spring look.


It has an awesome cut out low scoop back and laser cut details all over the garment with a cool American Eagle placement !!!


Top : $59.95 from Lee

Denim cut-offs Also from Lee


I wear something with the same kind of festival vibe, just a little bit different.

I’m wearing a cool skull and lace detailed racer back tank. (which you totally can’t see much of) Loose fit for that hot spring/summer day and an Urban Originals Hat.

I think people underestimate the hat alot -  It’s such a wonderful piece to accessorise with especially if you are going to spend time under the sun.

You can look hot and be cautious at the same time !


I’ve thrown on just a basic loose knit Cardigan to cover up from the sun as I am on some new skincare and medication for my acne which I will also share with you below !

Top: not quite sure – it’s a perk from work !

Cardigan : Target Knits

Hat: Urban Originals Australia.


(whistling because the hat said so!)

Yesterday was extremely hot – At some point it was 30 degrees !!!… That’s pretty hot for the first week of spring guys. (but it was soooo lovely ! )

As the weather gets warmer we must all remember to SLIP SLOP SLAP right ? I have been trying this new skincare product. -For those of you who don’t know – I have had trouble with my skin and acne for a very long time. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING…. Well NUMEROUS THINGS !!!! and they just don’t work.

I’ve tried dozens of antibiotics, topical medication, the pill, proactive, lots of different products and medicine but nothing has shown more results than ZO skin health by Zein Obagi. This has probably got to be the most expensive skincare I have ever bought but I must say my skin feels good, my face feels good, and everything is slowly going away, it is doing wonders ! AND the great thing is that even if you don’t have acne it is still very good for your skin.

Now, because there products are expensive my local chemist had a giftpack promotion, so I thought I’d give it a go and I suggest the same to anyone who is going to try it.

My Experience :

It is my second week using this product and I’m not going to lie, within the first couple of days of using it, I was already feeling good.

The pack I bought has an exfoliating cleanser, this is the first step. When I say exfoliating I don’t mean harsh granules of sand rubbing against your skin making it all red and horrible. It is a smooth clear gel with little beads that explode or get mushed whilst you are applying it. It does a wonderful job at clearing any dirt and oil from your face and doesn’t leave it feeling dry.

The next step, (also in the pack) Offects, TE pads Acne Pore Treatment. This product Reduces sebum production, removes dead skin cells and deep-cleans congested pores using 2% salicylic acid. It has special Botanical extracts that calm inflammation and soothe irritation, it’s Recommended for oily skin and breakouts. You simply wipe your face with one of these focusing on problem areas until the pad starts to get dry.

This third product I LOVVVVVEEEEEE !!!!!! It is the Oclipse sunscreen and primer spf30 duo ! I use it under my foundation and it gives me an even coverage as well as insanely protecting my skin from that harsh sun.

I have been using these products every day and can already see such great differences. I have few acne popping up here and there, and all that’s left are the blemishes, and that will slowly fade away with the use of ZO skin healths products.

If you don’t know of a good primer or moisturiser to use for your skin, I absolutely recommend this to everyone ! Anyone at any age can use it, you can wear it under your foundation or on its own. It ahs plenty of vitamins and nutrients and your skin will love you for looking after it.

They have a great range of products dedicated to anti-aging, skin health and acne so please do check out the rest of their products. Click here to visit their site.



Well, I’m off for Some Sunday fun regardless of the weather !

Stay tuned this week as I finally bring you the shots from spring/summer !

xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly