Night Noodle Market <3 NEON !


It was 3.30pm on a Thursday.

The sky was a deep dirty orange.

Much too eerie for my liking.

Smoke, the only smell in the air.

Taking snaps of the sky (Follow me on instagram @Ratavosi)

I couldn’t help but to think of all the families whose homes and lives have been affected by the bushfires.

I hope you are all safe with your families and that there are people there to assist you through this difficult time.

My hearts goes out to you all.

Wishing you all better days.



Lunch on a Friday @ The Grounds of Alexandria.

I love the vibe and atmosphere of this place so much.

So rustic, so fresh, so much to see, beautiful landscaping and decorating BUT most importantly the amazing food !

oh ! AND They’ve also got these adorable little farm animals.






Sydney Night Noodle Markets !

Saturday we hit up Hyde Park for the Sydney Night Noodle Markets.

We indulged in some delicious dim sums, all kinds of Asian food and my goodness the best-ever Mango Pancakes.

So many tasty things to eat and Try, If you haven’t gone this year, you’d better not miss it next year.

It is seriously good. I definitely recommend.

Scroll on and take a look at my outfit and the pictures from the day.



Hi Boyfriend, I love you ❤



Hyde Park Is so beautiful !


Future In-laws.

Love them so much !


The Where-Am-I-Face !


Beautiful lantern decorations hung up for the Night Noodle Markets.


MEow !

Okay So let’s step back and analyse the look !


1 – Hair in a bun !

Hair sprayed sleek back but messy.


2 – Studs and Spikes Gold Necklace.


No Filter – Seriously.

It was all sun !

Studs Studs Studs.


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A closer look.

3 – Neon Pink Tank with Stud detail around the neckline and the hem


High-low Hem.

4 – Contrast pleather splice leggings !


5 – And a lace scarf from Sportsgirl – I stole this from Auntie Kazz ❤


That pretty much completes it.


Hope You all had a BEAUTIFUL WEEEKENDD !!!!


Stay safe and have an awesome work week.


Lights Out, Lovers !


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Yours Truly








Target Essentials | Brighten up the wardrobe Part un

So everyone always expects “basics” ranges and “essentials” ranges by designers and department stores to be boring and dull, and colour-LESS !

BUT here at Target our Target Essentials range is a tad bit different !

We may have basic silhouettes but with our BRIGHT Sorbet coloured basics you can add some more ZING into that Winter Wardrobe !

My two favourites from the new arrivals are our Ruched Cap Sleeve Tops in Lime and Pink

OH AND the best part is they are just $ 15 !!

What I love about these Bright Tops is that colour blocking your outfit is made so brilliant and easy – you can also dress it up or play it casual !




Lime or Pink ?

Take a Pick… or choose both !

To purchase simply click on the images and you will be redirected to the online store.


We also have some cute bright coloured flats instore – so Keep an eye out for Part deux


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Getting our Lipstick Pink on !

Half way through Winter and I was already over it before it even started ! ha ! So I’m dedicating this post to a POP colour – LIPSTICK PINK !

I’m a big fan of the summer colour palette’s – turquoise, orange, the citrus and neon’s, pinks and everything that’s a lovely S/S Bright !

Adding Bold and bright colours livens up any dull little black dress outfit or a casual palette look ! So I’ve decided to forget winter, dig through my wardrobe and get my Lipstick Pink on with last years Stock !



Pink Coat from Ladakh – It’s an old one from last year but If you find a great fitting bright coloured coat – BUY IT !


Lipstick by Bourjois – You can’t really see it in the picture but it’s worth a check out.


Shoes from Betts – They are from Summer at the beginning of the year so if you don’t have a pink pair yet, not to worry because it’s in the S/S colour pallet’s and will come back in again this year !


Keep your eye out for Bright coloured Coats, Lipstick, and shoes ! Those were mine…. so where’s yours ?

xxx Much Love, Yours Truly


5 Bags on my WANT list :)

So What is on my top 5 for bags I want –at this second !!!



First up is this Vintage heirloom Classic Chanel Bag !

Its very cute and chic rectangular shape and classic quilt stitching will make any girl smile – At least you’d hope so for the lovely 5 grand that you are paying for it !!

chanel bag


River Island Snakeskin Briefcase –

Absolutely Loves it !!!

Gold metal hardware, Snakeskin-effect textured Fabric, and a beautiful Turquoise Colour – What more could you want from a briefcase ?



Miu Miu


This bag has been in my “My pictures” Folder for so long – can’t remember how old it is but looking at it made me WANT it ALL OVER AGAIN



Dotti – Betty Boxy Bag

This bag is such a cute bag – Very Square, very classic looking and such a Vibrant

$39.95 AUD – To purchase Click Here



Jaeger Catwalk Satin Clutch

Inspired by the AW11 Catwalks as well as being advertised in Grazia and cosmopolitan This bold and rich Satin clutch can make any outfit stand-out !

$225 AUD – Click here to buy online.

Also available in turquoise and beige

jaeeger bag


So that was my current top 5 Wants – Some may be purchased online, so just click on the links !


much love,

Yours Truly