Night Noodle Market <3 NEON !


It was 3.30pm on a Thursday.

The sky was a deep dirty orange.

Much too eerie for my liking.

Smoke, the only smell in the air.

Taking snaps of the sky (Follow me on instagram @Ratavosi)

I couldn’t help but to think of all the families whose homes and lives have been affected by the bushfires.

I hope you are all safe with your families and that there are people there to assist you through this difficult time.

My hearts goes out to you all.

Wishing you all better days.



Lunch on a Friday @ The Grounds of Alexandria.

I love the vibe and atmosphere of this place so much.

So rustic, so fresh, so much to see, beautiful landscaping and decorating BUT most importantly the amazing food !

oh ! AND They’ve also got these adorable little farm animals.






Sydney Night Noodle Markets !

Saturday we hit up Hyde Park for the Sydney Night Noodle Markets.

We indulged in some delicious dim sums, all kinds of Asian food and my goodness the best-ever Mango Pancakes.

So many tasty things to eat and Try, If you haven’t gone this year, you’d better not miss it next year.

It is seriously good. I definitely recommend.

Scroll on and take a look at my outfit and the pictures from the day.



Hi Boyfriend, I love you ❤



Hyde Park Is so beautiful !


Future In-laws.

Love them so much !


The Where-Am-I-Face !


Beautiful lantern decorations hung up for the Night Noodle Markets.


MEow !

Okay So let’s step back and analyse the look !


1 – Hair in a bun !

Hair sprayed sleek back but messy.


2 – Studs and Spikes Gold Necklace.


No Filter – Seriously.

It was all sun !

Studs Studs Studs.


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A closer look.

3 – Neon Pink Tank with Stud detail around the neckline and the hem


High-low Hem.

4 – Contrast pleather splice leggings !


5 – And a lace scarf from Sportsgirl – I stole this from Auntie Kazz ❤


That pretty much completes it.


Hope You all had a BEAUTIFUL WEEEKENDD !!!!


Stay safe and have an awesome work week.


Lights Out, Lovers !


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Yours Truly








Wonderful weekend <3

Crazy busy weekend, such beautiful and unforgettable moments with the people I love, and a splash of shopping !

That pretty much sums up my weekend…

Saturday morning began with a mad rush to our local “mall” as mum and I quickly tried to get some super important pre-christening errands done.

I was feeling very drained from the work week, struggling to get out of bed and get to it, so I thought I’d try and refresh myself for a big day ahead by adding a fresh pop to my outfit.


Nothing screams BRIGHT louder than a neon multi-coloured cross appliqued across your chest on a sheer pastel.

Add a neon textured scarf to it and VOILA you’re shining “bright like a diamond”.

Do we love it ?!

Limping around with my knee I just couldn’t resist ! I had to stop by at Betts,and well… we all know what happens when I stop by at Betts Smile

YAY – Brought new shoes ! *smiles like a loser*


With my knee, back problems and all, These shoes don’t actually have much of a high heel AND are a great spring/summer style that go with pretty much anything in the wardrobe.

Love the wood and thick black strap design – Cannot wait to take these babies on a Test run.

Shopping was over – we quickly headed home so that I could get my face and hair “did” for our beautiful baby Alex’s christening and First birthday !

Half a can of hairspray and 40 minutes of makeup later, it was dress time !

It seems that when I have important functions there is always something wrong with at least one part of my body, but it’s okay no panic here, we just keep our fashion face on !

For this look I meshed formal with confidence and comfort and with that I present to you the beautiful Saskia Maxi from Zen clothing !


A gorgeous blue and yellow print, elasticated waist, gold embellished high scoop neck and halter cut.

It was just perfect for all my “body” problems.

I wanted to hide my legs,thanks to knee surgery they were uneven and slightly muscle-less, so the smartest way to do it was with a maxi !

As the dress already had a gold embellishment on the neck, Accessorising it was easier than ever.


we added one of these babies.

Gold plated waist belt.


Completely on-trend and very easy to find.


After the gold comes the nude !

Nude beginnings ?!

Add a big envelope bag made from textured material to dress it up.

and instead of cluttering the look with bangles and bracelets, I just did it simple with a tortoise-shell like Fossil watch.


and finally the shoes.

Usually I would dazzle it up with a pair of platforms but due to my knee I found the perfect pair of not-so-casual flats.

Thankyou Therapy and my Boss for helping me hunt these down !


Snakeskin detailed straps.

and a little heel so the back and knees don’t cry.


Now we were ready to go to the church for the christening.


Congratulations Little one on this very special day, you have a whole life ahead of you an we are so happy to be apart of your life – Sharing every little step you take.

After the Church comes the reception of course !

The wonderful parents and Godparents or Alex did a tremendous job at decorating.

Every Child’s heaven.






Wonderful weekend. Complete.



I’m off to bed lovers, xoxo

Goodnight all over the world, Lights out


Much love

Yours Truly