It’s a Chinese Gardens Kind of weekend – Happy two years Boo !

And yet another weekend has almost come to an end !! Can I just say, this year has gone by so quickly, I still can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas !!

Two Weeks ago my boyfriend and I went on an adventure in the very busy Sydney CBD.

We had a very beautiful time together, especially since it was a little celebration for not only my belated birthday but also our two years together.

Scroll on down and see the pictures from the day.

I had such a great time shooting away at the Chinese gardens. It was so green, so peaceful and definitely relaxing.

Now before we get stuck into the adventure, Let’s first look at the outfit shall we !

Since it was one of those “bi-polar” weather days – I literally had to change my outfit 12 times.

That is seriously how many times the weather changed over 2 hours, before Rubick arrived !

It’s okay though, I didn’t stroll out naked, eventually got myself together !


I have so many clothes in my wardrobe/every nook of the house that there are some pieces I don’t get to wear for at least a year.

I’m not kidding, everything is in queue here… And I don’t think you’d believe me if you heard me screaming “ BUT I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR”, which usually happens at least once or twice a month give or take the kind of events included. hahaha !



My Tiffany bow around my neck.

Shirt from Glassons – A present from my Boyfriends sister last Christmas.

Prints and Styles like this are usually very popular in commercial/department stores and boutiques during Spring/Summer.


Pink lips with this outfit ? YES, Why not !

A little trick I have been using lately with my lip colour is just using lip liner.

I first outline my lip, colour it in then dab. When I am about to head out the door, I go over it  once more and put a layer of sticky gloss over it.

This makes it last so much longer – Try it !


Braided Hair…Don’t Care.


My lovely Combat boots from Betts.

Love this style to bits as you can roll them up and lace them as I have done above or simply fold them down and wear them as an ankle boot style.

Either way, They are super comfy, especially if we are roaming around on a mission !

Outfit is done – and as you can see I am wearing my very comfy Black essential legging pant.

It never lets me down !

If you’re looking for a good thick Ponte pair of leggings and are new to the blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me where to purchase, or just scroll by my blog. I’ve mentioned it in many posts before x




And so our adventure in the city begins…


We be walking Winking smile


He absolutely hates car park shots, but hey.. look who’s slightly smiling hahaha


Random little dungeons in the alleyways of Sydney.


99 birdcages but no birds…

I love this birdcage scene !


#HowtobeaTourist … I am totally practicing for my next holiday haha


Next stop was QVB


And it wouldn’t be Christmas without all of this.

Christmas decorations, tinsel and bling, Chocolate stalls and mistletoe.

How on Earth does on just casually walk past without wanting to buy anything ! It is seriously such a tease hahaha


So we kind of got hungry…ended up at Darling Harbours Blue fish Restaurant.


The food was so good, we devoured it very quickly, and I only got a chance to take a photo of my very delicious, very refreshing watermelon lychee cocktail. Sorry Guys !


Continuing our Journey towards Tumbalong park.



The suns out, The water fountains are on – I love that sound.



Last Stop, Chinese Gardens..





Secret Little Pathways








Spot The Difference…

So my feet got a little hot because Little miss Bi-polar-weather decided to get warmer…

A minor detour to Wittner left me the happy owner of these babies haha

White Studded Sandals.




Mumma Goose and her little ducklings !






Besties with the Sculptures.



Bye Bye City – We had a great day.



When I got home though, The family wanted to have a Mexican Dinner date !

Looks like we weren’t going to call it a night yet !!


Mad Mex – Just the way we like it !



It’s Christmas EVERYWHERE.

Mum and Dad are so cute !


The Best Parents EVA !



Family is the most important thing,

A bond so unbreakable with people who will always be there for you no matter what.

Sometimes we don’t realise how special the things we have are until they are gone.

Make the most of life together and always be honest about who you are.

Reach out to a loved one this Christmas – New Years is around the corner and so are new beginnings !


Well I’m off to prepare for the work week !


Lights out Beautiful People


xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly




Another Weekend Another Floral

Hope everyone is having a great Monday !

For all the Aussie’s I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend – I know I definitely had quite a nice one but it just went way too fast !

So Last Weekend I shared with you a very gorgeous, simple blue and white floral printed top, this week I’ve got another Blue Floral to share with you.


The weather was quite Hot and Humid, as it always is when Spring and Summer truly reveal themselves here in Sydney and in saying this A Lady must always dress appropriately !

I present to you a very comfortable, very lightweight cotton floral printed shirt dress.

Scroll down and check out the look !


Twirl and pin back that fringe girl because

it is way too hot to have hair in your face !


Curled the tips of my hair because I wanted that vintage day time look.


Nude brown lips, and short Vintage flicks.

Cute Heart shaped Earrings to tie in the look.



a plaited caramel coloured belt.


and ofcourse we all know what shoes I wore !

me love love loveeee them so much !


My new Laura Ashley three-tone tote bag.

Super big to fit EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine inside !


Shirt Dresses are an all time favourite, especially for Spring.

Collared styles add that clean-cut touch to your look.

This outfit was just so comfy that I lasted all day in it. No Need to re-style it – Night time the weather was beautiful So I didn’t really have to change up the look.




Dessert Time called !

OMG has anyone tried YOGURBERRY !!!

I’m so obssessed – Eastwood YogurBerry is actually Self Serve So my boyfriend and I had a bit of fun mixing up all the toppings Winking smile


Such a Cute little setting just near Eastwood Train Station.

And Well the whole flower thing matched my outfit so I snapped it !

It was very tourist of me but hey Don’t Judge !


Dessert All gone !

We had an Amazing day and Night – Thanks to my Boyfi !

However Coming home, Startled us a little.

Midnight – As I was being dropped off – opened the car door… and this cute little thing scared the crap out of me !


Midnight on a Sunday , poor thing was lost !

But it’s okay we saved her ❤


Our dog Samson playing with her !..

Sniffing eachothers….Rear ends hahahaha


Too Cute !

❤ paw pals !




That’s pretty much the end !

Lights out Lovely People.






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xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly



Blue and White Floral <3


Hello Lovely People !

The weekend is coming to an end but boy it’s been a busy one yet again.

Today’s post features a beautiful, strong, blue and white floral print top with a loose fit peplum, paired with my all-favourite black Ponte leggings and Betts wedges.

I had a lot of fun shooting this look with the new i-phone filters.

Scroll down and tell me if you love it !


Bend down and say helloooo Smile


Atmosphere – I love this toppppp


Was tying up my hair and there were lizards running about !


I love this photo

Breath in the fresh air, look at the sun and be free !


Love these shoes, they are so COMFYYYYY !!!




Beautiful concealed buttons and bow detail pockets with one exposed gold button for the stand.


Lizards again ?


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For a night time look, (weather was getting a bit chilly) I wore a black 3/4 sleeve draped jacket and an all black crucifix necklace on a black chain.


❤ ❤ ❤


Goodnight Beautiful People,

Stay happy and  I hope everyone has a wonderful work week ❤


xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly


Wonderful weekend <3

Crazy busy weekend, such beautiful and unforgettable moments with the people I love, and a splash of shopping !

That pretty much sums up my weekend…

Saturday morning began with a mad rush to our local “mall” as mum and I quickly tried to get some super important pre-christening errands done.

I was feeling very drained from the work week, struggling to get out of bed and get to it, so I thought I’d try and refresh myself for a big day ahead by adding a fresh pop to my outfit.


Nothing screams BRIGHT louder than a neon multi-coloured cross appliqued across your chest on a sheer pastel.

Add a neon textured scarf to it and VOILA you’re shining “bright like a diamond”.

Do we love it ?!

Limping around with my knee I just couldn’t resist ! I had to stop by at Betts,and well… we all know what happens when I stop by at Betts Smile

YAY – Brought new shoes ! *smiles like a loser*


With my knee, back problems and all, These shoes don’t actually have much of a high heel AND are a great spring/summer style that go with pretty much anything in the wardrobe.

Love the wood and thick black strap design – Cannot wait to take these babies on a Test run.

Shopping was over – we quickly headed home so that I could get my face and hair “did” for our beautiful baby Alex’s christening and First birthday !

Half a can of hairspray and 40 minutes of makeup later, it was dress time !

It seems that when I have important functions there is always something wrong with at least one part of my body, but it’s okay no panic here, we just keep our fashion face on !

For this look I meshed formal with confidence and comfort and with that I present to you the beautiful Saskia Maxi from Zen clothing !


A gorgeous blue and yellow print, elasticated waist, gold embellished high scoop neck and halter cut.

It was just perfect for all my “body” problems.

I wanted to hide my legs,thanks to knee surgery they were uneven and slightly muscle-less, so the smartest way to do it was with a maxi !

As the dress already had a gold embellishment on the neck, Accessorising it was easier than ever.


we added one of these babies.

Gold plated waist belt.


Completely on-trend and very easy to find.


After the gold comes the nude !

Nude beginnings ?!

Add a big envelope bag made from textured material to dress it up.

and instead of cluttering the look with bangles and bracelets, I just did it simple with a tortoise-shell like Fossil watch.


and finally the shoes.

Usually I would dazzle it up with a pair of platforms but due to my knee I found the perfect pair of not-so-casual flats.

Thankyou Therapy and my Boss for helping me hunt these down !


Snakeskin detailed straps.

and a little heel so the back and knees don’t cry.


Now we were ready to go to the church for the christening.


Congratulations Little one on this very special day, you have a whole life ahead of you an we are so happy to be apart of your life – Sharing every little step you take.

After the Church comes the reception of course !

The wonderful parents and Godparents or Alex did a tremendous job at decorating.

Every Child’s heaven.






Wonderful weekend. Complete.



I’m off to bed lovers, xoxo

Goodnight all over the world, Lights out


Much love

Yours Truly


A little rant–because I can have one, a slight realisation and a pinch of Fashion !

Hello Hello !

Yes I know I’ve gone M.I.A again but believe it or not I’ve been super busy with … life as we know it ha !

Over the last couple of weeks/months (more since I got back from Melbourne) I have been trying to get my label in order, as well as going into  depression phase and actually taking in every little thing that has happened since college has ended . At first I thought my “no reaction” to every BAD/DISAPPOINTING bit of news was a way of me “moving on” and being able to look on the “bright-side-of-things” but no… it only took a few weeks until it kicked in and I actually started to realise that “no I’m not okay with everything that has happened”. Unfortunately for most of it I can’t really do anything besides  “go with it” ( which I think is the most absolute shittest way of going about anything” – but hey ! I kind of have to ).


So college is done – besides a few minor things – and well I don’t really feel like getting into  the let down there. I guess after three years, I expected something… but no nothing. No sign of relief at all, and I think I’ve said that a million times over.I’ve been working so hard at college the past three years, The amount of dedication and effort I’ve put in doesn’t even add up to the unpredicted nothingness I’ve felt since I’ve left. The whole lack of guidance and tough love act – yeah it got me through, and yeah it’s made me become a tough little dragoness but it hasn’t fed me the success it was supposed to.

What made me good at doing what I did in college was using it as a distraction. A distraction from life, from love, and from pretty much anything I wanted it to distract me from. It’s almost like being in a relationship with a bad boy. He distracts you from your past hurts and everything going on – He’s a challenge, a smooth talker and He’s got you wrapped and because you are vulnerable he  keeps indirectly hurting you. But you don’t realise this because you forgive and forget… in the moment anyway… ? and then all your friends sit around and tell you that it’s not good for you and that you deserve better and blah blah blah… So in this case.. I guess If I’ve compared the tough love of college to a relationship with a bad boy ?… I guess I should expect nothing from it then right ? But I do… because it takes a long time to believe in yourself and to have the courage to face all the douches ( and no I’m not talking about the boys here) along the way who tell you that you’re not good enough and try to psych you up for what they think is the industry ( industry to them are – mean and scary people who don’t give a f*#k about you unless you have connections and unless you can put up with their bullsh%t torture techniques…) I feel like I’ve been overlooked and popped into a category where you are only allowed to be told what to do and regardless of how you feel you aren’t allowed to have your way and if you do – God help you – because you won’t be receiving a good mark for doing anything that isn’t THEIR way !

You know each time – I had two choices – most of the time I would prove people wrong and earn it – but this last time for college – It was more like shut up , sit-down , and this is the direction you will take because I want you to ! Now here is a sick little twist to that one liner – what happens when you are half way through it all and this person – this thing – who has been steering and steering you into direction all of a sudden ups and disappears… ?! Well then I guess you’re in a bit of a pickle ?! Because now you are left with half of it being done, a whole bunch of questions by new people who are curious to know your direction and your ideas behind it all as they are so determined to try and understand – and I guess you look stupid if you turn around and say well.. such and so person steered it here in this direction so that’s my reason why ?!…

Inspirational message regarding moments like this – which I have now learnt from – never ever ever let anyone tell you how to do something you’re passionate about UNLESS you absolutely trust them and their instinct. Always stay true to yourself and be honest because you never know what may happen in a few days, weeks or months… It is better to walk away knowing you fought for it on your  own terms rather than an unpredictable battle you secretly know you’ve already lost.

So now after all that – what I guess I’m trying to say is that I need another distraction… One I never thought I’d need from college. Yes, it’s kind of ended but I’m still stuck on what I wanted it to be for me and everything it hasn’t ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learnt a lot and met amazing people along the way but everyone has their expectations ( yes mine are high !… or were high !… whatever ?!)

So in saying this – my new distraction is the label that was overlapping my final year at college. I’ve always wanted my own label and have been working very hard for it too… Yes it has been a slow process because I have been so busy with everything else but I’m sure I will get there soon. It has taken me awhile to get over it all as I’m still fresh out of college and yeah I guess I’m the emotional type too. I want it to be perfect and therefore because I have control over it, I’ll take all the time I want with it.

I suppose everything regarding college and the way it has made me feel will really come to an end once the fashion show at the end of the year is done…

Maybe then I’ll feel something ?

Maybe then I’ll be able to make sense of it all… ?

Maybe then I’ll finally be able to close this door and open up another really damn good one to complete yet another dramatic chapter in the life of Rhy.

…I hope so anyway.

and now to my beautiful followers and all the lovely people who stop by every now and then.

Thankyou for being part of this journey.

Always remember to be yourself – there’s nothing to lose there.

– – – – – – – – –

and now for a pinch of fashion !!!!



To celebrate Australia Summer Sass and Bide have collaborated with Havaianas to create a limited edition style called “ Brazil, Brazil” ( $49.95).

Here’s more on the new style –

“The design duo has transformed the iconic footwear with their eclectic use of print & embellishment to create a unique summer staple. The slim style, “Brazil Brazil” features a monochromatic cheetah print, adorned with the iconic sass & bide gold star charm; a symbol of Sarah-Jane & Heidi’s enduring friendship & love. Both sass & bide and Havaianas embrace a free spirited approach to design with a mutual love & respect for tribal influence, drawing on beauty, movement & the natural world for inspiration” To read the full article by Havaianas simply click here

For those of you ( I really hope there aren’t that many of you) who haven’t heard of Havaianas, they are known as the world’s Best EVA rubber Sandals/Flip-flops/thongs – (whatever you call them wherever you are)

They have been around since 1962 and were inspired by the “zori”. These are Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles and for that very reason the sole of the havaianas have the same textured pattern. Since this time havaianas have been able to maintain there superb quality and have hundreds of styles and colours available.

If you don’t have a pair I totally suggest you get a pair ! They will indeed last you a lifetime and hardly ever fall out of shape.

Watch the video below

You can also purchase them online from havaianas for $49.95. I know I am ! click here to buy !

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly

Colour me … ORANGE !

So I know there hasn’t been much action on behalf of Summer in Australia But the Final Month of Summer will soon fade into Autumn. If you haven’t already noticed, the trends in store are shifting to Burgundies, Reds, Tangelo type shades(orange-reds), eggplant colours – deep purples, liver reds and browns, mustard yellows, pure whites, bursting Blues and as always our beautiful BLACK. It’s going to be a wonderfully colourful wardrobe this coming Fall/winter.
Having completed my fall/winter collection, I’ve started to grow a new love for these shades ( p.s the photo-shoot will be taking place this weekend so watch this space for some awesome pictures from the new FALL/WINTER 2012 RATAVOSI collection) However, one colour that has made its snug way into my wardrobe this summer would have to be ORANGE !

I was going through my wardrobe, bits and pieces of the Ladakh/Anise collections, new and old Glamour, and Sportsgirl – and noticed I have matching tops, Bags and even shoes !
Unlike Orange, My favourite colour of all time, Turquoise, has had a hard time making it  there ! I guess I’ve been FAR TOO PICKY ! Not too worry though as it’s still within the palette’s in the coming seasons !


Want the look ? Simply Click the Links below !
Cat eye Sunglasses ( a new love from ASOS)
Handbag from Dotti ( a lovely present from my girls)
Glamour Ginger Orange Heels ( a present to myself, from myself )
Ladakh Sheer Orange Shirt (sadly, not available anymore, however checkout other great buys at
Orange spliced knit tunic (Sportsgirl)

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly