Target Essentials | Brighten up the wardrobe Part deux

I’m someone who pretty much lives in her flats !

I’m always carrying them with me because you never know when that gorgeous pair of platforms is going to turn on you,

So I’m always looking for easy shoes to slip on and off BUT the key here is comfort !

It’s always about comfort, and Target essentials have absolutely nailed it with their latest range of Bright flats.

Now I didn’t believe how comfortable these flats were until I touched the inner sole.

SUPER “cushiony” with a soft “you-know-it-wont-give-you-a-mad-blister” outer !

I thought I’d take them for a “test-drive” because they were only $15 !

My goodness they were so comfy and so cheap !

Didn’t bother my feet at all on my 9 till 5 !

So I took a few pairs and moved them to my stylists box !

Here’s a few pics.

They come in Grey, Black, green


and yellow


and Orange !


I’m not sure if they are available online yet but they are definitely available in Target stores in Sydney, Australia !



xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


Target Essentials | Brighten up the wardrobe Part un

So everyone always expects “basics” ranges and “essentials” ranges by designers and department stores to be boring and dull, and colour-LESS !

BUT here at Target our Target Essentials range is a tad bit different !

We may have basic silhouettes but with our BRIGHT Sorbet coloured basics you can add some more ZING into that Winter Wardrobe !

My two favourites from the new arrivals are our Ruched Cap Sleeve Tops in Lime and Pink

OH AND the best part is they are just $ 15 !!

What I love about these Bright Tops is that colour blocking your outfit is made so brilliant and easy – you can also dress it up or play it casual !




Lime or Pink ?

Take a Pick… or choose both !

To purchase simply click on the images and you will be redirected to the online store.


We also have some cute bright coloured flats instore – so Keep an eye out for Part deux


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly