Mon LOD ! My little orange dress …


You often here the term LBD or little black dress and how much of a wardrobe staple just one garment can be. However, from my recent adventure to Los Angeles I found myself something a little different, a little brighter, something more “Rhaya”. Let me introduce you to Mon LOD – my little orange dress.

(I’m not going to lie but I did have quite a fantastic shopping spree while I was there… Well, seeming as we are going to be honest, I had a few big shopping sprees ! My only excuse – that I am a fashion designer and I need new things not only for myself but for my bloggers too, so thankyou for being a great reason)

Enjoy the style up and let me know what you think !










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Just having some cam fun !

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay safe, love you all and remember to be positive.

Have a great work week

Xoxo much love,
Yours truly

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