Hello Hello ! First post of 2014

So I’m not quite sure where to Start but I should probably wish all you beautiful people all the best for 2014.

I cannot believe the first month is already OVER – I bet it’s  going to be another quick one.

I’m so excited about this year because I have so much to share with you guys ALREADY, especially my La trip and my very big 2014 post about positivity and confidence – It will be like a dnm (deep and meaningful) with Rhy ! So please please please don’t forget to subscribe to keep posted with TLOR.

I also want to Thank all my subscribers/ followers, stalkers and all the people who casually stop by and have a read. It means a lot to me that I’m able to entertain so many of you around the world.

Starting from This week onwards, expect a post every Weekend ! Lots of Juicy stuff, Fashion, style, Reads, life, love and well…the rest you will just have to wait for.

I hope every one has had a great weekend, and If you haven’t You should seriously get yourself some of these Happy Pills from www.myshortstory.com.au!


They aren’t prescription Drugs, They aren’t sold at a chemist and you certainly DO NOT swallow these. In fact, You aren’t even supposed to eat them hahaha

They are cleverly designed capsules that you break. Each one has a cool little quote inside.

Pretty Neat idea if you want to cheer someone up or make their day.



I’ll have to love you and Leave you.



Lights out Lovers, Have a wonderful work week




xoxo Much love,

Yours Truly




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