Happy Easter Everyone !!!!

Happy Easter Everyone ! I hope the Easter Bunny Spoiled each and every one of you. I must say though, for once, I haven’t consumed much chocolate ha-ha

Thank god for the Easter four day Long weekend though or else I wouldn’t of gotten a decent breather. However, it wasn’t all break break break.


it was really nice to spend some “TIMEOUT” with my boyfriend away from college and work, my first day off in such a long time. ( Yay to everywhere being shut !) My boyfriend and I head down to Brooklyn ( no not NEW YORK !! – I wish ) where we had a little picnic for ourselves in front of the water. It was really relaxing, a good chance to de stress, watch the water, the surroundings ! I loved it 🙂 I’ve been so busy with everything, as I always am, that It almost felt like a dream. Towards the night we made dinner for my boyfriends family, two little master chefs we are ! Very juicy chicken breast marinated in soy sauce, honey and oranges with a side of oven baked and Italian herbs seasoned potatoes and pumpkin ( yummy !! ) and of course some salad ! It tasted so unbelievably Great considering the oranges !! Definitely a Team effort Smile

We ended the night with Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 – Just for fun and to shit ourselves a little haha



We headed to our Armenian Church in Chatswood, Sydney for Easter as well as rehearsals for my brothers wedding this Saturday ( OMGGGGGG SOO SOOONNN !!!!)

Here is my outfit from the day :


So I chose to wear all black with only one animal print to keep it on-trend yet simple for Church.

I purchased this python printed top from a boutique a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it since !!

My Skirt is a very old Forever 21 skirt from When I was in LA California in Spring 2009 – I love this skirt and will probably never throw it away as it’s saved me SO MANY TIMES ! hahaha

Some final touches – I buttoned up the shirt collar for a sharp look and added a strip of Lace trimming which you can find at any haberdashery/fabric/ribbon store. I simply chopped a bit off what I had bought, and tied it in a bow around my neck as you can see in the picture.


I also decided to wear black stockings – conservative for church. And one of my favourite jackets from my wardrobe. It’s a Little Black Jacket, but the panels, the thin collar and sleeve/shoulder design give it that extra oomph and make styling your look so much easier because it’s ALL THERE !

I’m striking a pose for you lot down below hahaha Fierce baby Fierce !


As for shoes and hand bags, I went all black. However I did want to go my new teal heels (from a previous post) and my matching ASOS bag. Another option could be brown or burgundy as both these colours sit well with the subtle tones.

I hope you all had a weekend as great as mine ! Let me know what you guys did ?

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly



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