Romance was Born | The comic Book comes to life !

I think it was late 2010, Mid October when I had the pleasure of working with Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett for a day at there Studio on Oxford Street.

I’ll never forget their cluttered studio – cluttered in a good way of course ! It revealed the source behind their inspirations and creativity. It was filled with many beautiful trims, creatively embellished  props and pieces, inspirational images, colourful fabrics and collections. Without having studied them intensely, I could already see what talents they both had !

I began to fall in love with them more and more. The more I saw their logo, their designs, their runways the more they both inspired me !

During this time of year I’m usually wrapped up in fashion week – assisting designers, stylists as well as dressers backstage, however this year I took a step back and decided to sacrifice what I love doing every year (as I’m sure there are so many more events I can do this at) and focus more on major work.

This morning, as I turned on the television, my fashion fix sprung to a new high !

Not sure if you all know but Mercedes Fashion week has started here in Sydney, Australia and guess who opened the show – yes ROMANCE WAS BORN !

The comic book came to life with Romance was born’s collection !

Superhero styled hair and makeup, graphic prints, pop art, geometric stripes, it was all very 60’s, very fun and I loved every bit of it !

Here’s a few pictures from the show.

romance was born1


romance was born2

romance was born5

romance was born6

romance was born3

romance was born4

so who else likes Romance was Born ?

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You can click this link to view The Australian’s video :

xxxx Much love, Yours Truly