First blog …

Exactly how much time do we spend on social networks?

I was reading an article on just how much time people really spent on social networks last week and the results came across as a bit of a lie to me. Statistics showed that an estimated 7 hours monthly is spent by Australian users. How does that work ? Most people i know spend that amount in just one day, maybe sometimes even more ! Juggling it from i-phone to Facebook, Facebook to i-phone, i-phone to email, email to Facebook – then the same cycle starts back up again… Notification after notification, its a networking craze!

I think putting statistics aside its safe to say we spend every day of our lives communicating with people, and if not people then at least with SOMETHING ! Well at least you’d hope so, in order to NOT turn into a PRUNE against humanity.

Cutting this pointless first blog short I thought I’d just add…

The world is our oyster, and technology has so much to offer these days.  Email, Facebook, twitter, Skype… you name it – its all happenin’ … ONLINE !

Thought I’d “broaden my horizon” and start up a blog.

Suckey for a first blog but I really wanted to see my new theme happening !

ciao for now xox


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