Clarity | noun / the quality or state of being clear. Lucidity 

Good morning world ! Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend and no one has melted away in this heat. Temperatures reached 46 in my suburb yesterday and let me tell you, even standing in the shade, the wind was … Continue reading

Rebirth has been released | Don’t forget to Subscribe !

Hello and Happy Weekend to you all ! Let’s kick this post off with the Big News that my Rebirth Collection has finally started being released. I love looking at all the images from my collection, there is so much … Continue reading

Dressing Up Kendra !

Dressing up Kendra! TGIF! Boy am I glad it’s Friday. I’m sure a lot of you are, Right!? Tonight’s post, as the name suggests, is about Dressing up Kendra! Kendra is a well-known travel expert. She has been featured on … Continue reading