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Hello and Happy Weekend to you all !

Let’s kick this post off with the Big News that my Rebirth Collection has finally started being released.


I love looking at all the images from my collection, there is so much depth and so much meaning in each photograph but there is also enough room to make your own story with it.

When we first Shot this Collection – formerly known as Nostalgic Nuances it had a different feeling. Still the same theme, same meaning behind it, but I feel like ewe took something Great and we turned it into something more sophisticated and beautiful.

It is amazing how much you can grow and how you become capable of recapturing the same thing further down the track but in a different light.


I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the photographs and how everything has turned out. Our photographer Monica Pronk has done a wonderful job at ensuring the story flows, and more importantly the story is told the way I want it to be told. She was a pleasure to work with and most definitely a very experienced and educated young lady.

If you haven’t yet seen my Collection images then do take the time to head over to and like our page as well as checking out our new posts. The full collection hasn’t been released yet but we are uploading an image a day.

Let me know what you all thought of the range.


Hair and Makeup by Charntae from R.J.L Studio Photography.

Pre-orders Welcome | Ask us for pricing and size guide by commenting below, private messaging us or emailing at

Model | Jordan Kain
Necklaces | Majka Jewelry
Wrist wear and Rings | Nuri Jewellery Design

Happy Weekend

xxx Much love,

Rhaya Ratavosi | Ratavosi the Label

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