Rebirth | Ratavosi the Label Capsule Collection Release 2015


“Rebirth” – Everyone keeps asking me what this collection is about and why I’m so obsessed with cemeteries and the dead. It’s a very special place for me, a special place for most, without even realising. The story behind “Rebirth” is below, read and see if it means something to you.

Rebirth | The Short version.
She was once whole, once happy…
Then one day, her whole world turned upside down with the loss of someone very close to her. For years she felt lonely, torn, without support. Not a single soul could fill this void.
Her world became dark, deep and intricate – everything became hard without her dear loved one by her side. As she battled through this melancholic moment, she became stronger, brave and one day she finally broke free. She woke up and realised that somewhere, somehow, she’d be with her beloved again. Her complexities vanished and with that a new bright light shone upon her face, shone upon her life. Clarity was found, positivity and strength were gained. At last, she was born again. Rebirth gives us another chance to be free again. It takes us on this magnificent journey – The transition from Dark to Light – Light to Dark, Symbolic of the everyday challenges we are able to overcome. It takes places in everybody’s life.

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xx Rhy

Photography by Photography by Monica Pronk
Hair and Makeup by Charntae R.J.L Studio Photography
Model | Jordan Kain
Jewellery Majka Jewelry

 — with Jordan Kain [Model].

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