Australian Bridal Fashion Week | What’s hot for this Bridal season – A guide for all the new Brides.

Happy Hump Day Beautiful people !


I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great start to the week.

I must say, I’m so relieved there are only 2 more days left until the next weekend. There is just so much happening on The Life Of Rhy and behind the scenes at Ratavosi The label that I just can’t keep up AND i’m super Excited about finally being able to share it with you all… Not in this post, you’ll have to wait !

I will give you a hint of what is to come though.

This weekend will mark the Debut of Ratavosi The Label’s Rebirth Capsule Collection So make sure you come back and visit us on the weekend, definitely add us on Facebook and instagram to know when this will hit Social Media.

I do also have my Big announcement which will finally…FINALLY be made after the capsule collection debut is done and dusted online.


So, without further Ado, A guide for all the New brides, Our Experience at Australian Bridal Fashion week

When I heard them advertising this event on the radio, it was just when I had returned from LA. I got so excited to finally hear that this kind of event is happening and it’s focus is mainly on Bridal couture designers ! Usually you have your common Bridal Expo’s that have everything from bon bonnieries to invitations to dresses and venues, but very rarely do you get an event that lets you get up close and personal with not only the Garments themselves, but the designers too !

I snapped so many shots that day, I’m not even kidding, I had LOW BATTERY and was hyperventilating about trying to get out of Redfern ! haha Each image I’ve taken below has information about the designer and website so if you’re a new Bride I really hope this helps you with being inspired for your wedding, there were so many new and beautiful things I was really amazed !

Social Cube

First Let’s start off this THE MOST GENIUS THING EVER…


It’s called Social Cube ! Why is it the most genius thing ever you ask ? Well, Social Cube lets you and your guests print instagram images from your special night/event. How does it work ? Really simple actually – All you have to do is take a photo as you normally do through the instagram app – pick your filters, edit the image , do what you do, add Hashtags etc, BUT For every night/event there will be a certain Hashtag. and if you hashtag that word, it is linked to the social cube and you get these amazing little square polaroids printed from the social cube to keep. You can print out more copies later on in the night and go through and have a look at your event gallery. It’s very fun and convenient for your guests… and for those who forgot their camera. It is also really cool for scrapbooking and keeping as a memory later on. Something different. I’ve heard it also works for Twitter too !


Check them out by clicking here 

Maria Lush Floral Design


The Beautiful Floral arrangements from Maria Lush were divine. I loved the intensity of colours in this Lush floral Wall it really grabbed our attention at the Bridal fashion Week Entrance.


You can contact Maria Lush Floral Design by checking out their website here

They’ve also got a Facebook account with more of their recent work – to view click here

Liz Martinez Couture


Patiently waiting in the front row for Liz Martinez  Couture to open up the Show.


If you like any of her designs feels free to contact her by clicking here to view her website.




I am loving her current collection and look book – it is so beautiful !

IMG_4177 IMG_4173 IMG_4180 IMG_4185 IMG_4191

Sarah Joseph Couture


This designer used some very interesting textures and colours in her designs and I think she wins the award for The Longest Train during ABFW ! She made it to my Top 3 with the finale piece. Her style had a mix, something for everyone I think.

IMG_4209 IMG_4208 IMG_4215 IMG_4217

The gorgeous Cora !



There were a few designs that reminded me strongly of a Bohemian Bride, they had a lovely touch of leaf green on the waistband with floral detail.





This of course Topped EVERYTHING – More the Ratavosi The Label Style of course – She looked Stunning in this gown – A real Beauty. When she came out with this, My jaw actually Dropped !


IMG_4249 IMG_4250 IMG_4248

Check out her website here

Mariana Hardwick

Delicate lace with Sheer detail, there were also a few traditional styles in her collection too.



IMG_4261 IMG_4264 IMG_4266 IMG_4268




The Bead and lace work was incredible !



I strongly recommend if you love cookbook videos definitely Check hers out – I am in love with it.

To view her website and the clip on the opening page – click here 

Diane Lewis

Diane Lewis introduced to us a slightly pastel, dusty pink palette. Off Whites, Ivory, yellow creams and this very distinctive pale/dusty pink. I say distinctive because there was one dress in particular which you’ll see below that absolutely captivated us.

IMG_4316 IMG_4321





Here is the dress, The photo doesn’t do it much justice but my goodness in real life, when you actually physically see this garment, it is so beautiful and feminine, it’s to die for ! o if you aren’t a traditional Bride but don’t want to go completely OUT THERE in BLACK I would definitely recommend the soft, still Bridal feel of this dress.


To view her website and get in touch with Diane, Click Here

Avari Couture


Unfortunately I couldn’t catch a photograph of her amazing Masterpiece but I did happen to get the illustration and it was beautiful. A Very talented young lady in deed.


IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4415

To View her website and collections Click here

Some Beautiful things to decorate your event with –

Charlotte Mills


The cutest Wedding Shoes EVA ! by Charlotte Mills

For the traditional Brides – Something new, something borrowed something blue…

All her Shoes have the objects from the Old English Rhyme designed into them. Fab Idea and besides they are super cute and super comfy as well. Worth the money you’re paying for them, I’d say.

Check out her full range by clicking here

More little embellished accessories and footwear

The styling for the below booth was done by Mary Ronis the creative director at Scribble and Style


Such elegant styling

IMG_4347 IMG_4348 IMG_4349 IMG_4350

To view her page click here

The Sposa Group




A close up of some embroidered Lace and embellished dresses – I think these were from The Sposa Group.

Click here to visit their Facebook page

Samantha Wills

Bridal Jewellery collection – Click here to view their full range

IMG_4356 IMG_4360 IMG_4359

Samantha Wills definitely takes home the award for the biggest Floral Wall Masterpiece of ABFW – thanks to Boutierre Girls. It was so stunning, a mixtures of cream and white flowers with pops of babes breath and greenery coming through. I really would have loved to come home to this in my bedroom every day!

To view Boutierre Girls website – Click here

Salts Meats Cheese

IMG_4363 IMG_4364

All this Walking around and observing made us really Hungry and thank goodness here was The Salts Meats and Cheese Team to feed us. You can never go wrong with Calzones and Nutella bombs ! Oh the Nutella Bombs…. Another story all together – SO.DAM.GOOD !

Leah Da Gloria


After our Food coma we head around to visit Leah Da Gloria’s Corner. some gorgeous designs, spliced lace and tight but well fitted garments.

Loved the back wall styling of her booth too !


To View her collections Click here

Forever Vintage


They took me away on a wonderful daydream, to another Era.


Their showcase on the runway was so beautiful – Such elegant Dresses.

IMG_4466 IMG_4468


Forever Vintage stock classic original designer vintage pieces that you won’t find at your regular Bridal Boutique, So if you want something vintage, old, classy and unique definitely Check these Gals out !

Click here to view their website



Luomo had some very beautiful designs with a lot of Black contrast – Something different – and also very wearable f you aren’t going to be the Bride. Her white/ivory pieces had were uniquely designs but still very beautifully simple.

IMG_4395 IMG_4394 IMG_4387 IMG_4386

IMG_4384 IMG_4379 IMG_4377


My favourite piece from Luomo – Very Ratavosi !

To check out their website – Click here



If you thought you were stuck for Kids Bridal Clothing Stellina definitely took away their show with cute little toddler Models.

I loved their showcase and their runway performance, There were some really pretty designs and all the tiny models looked so gorgeous !

To view their collections Click here

Sant Elia


This young talented Designer had so many beautiful gowns, I wish I had taken more photos of her stuff. Very contemporary, on trend pieces for the Couture Gal who religiously follows fashion trends.





Beautiful lace work and embroidery – Stunning !

Well that pretty much concludes our Bridal Fashion Week Experience. I hope you found the dress you love and maybe got as inspired as I did from this event.

xxxx Happy Hump day Chica’s and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and instagram | @ratavosi

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