Be your own #girlboss !

I’ve been working so hard this past month, you’ll notice I mention it in nearly every post, that there is some big news coming to Ratavosi the label.

I really cannot wait to share it with you guys but all inn good time. Let’s just say this opportunity has caught me by surprise.

Sometimes the universe is secretly preparing us for the bigger things in life and we are presented with these crazy opportunities that we never thought would happen. I have received yet another opportunity. A bigger opportunity and Im happy to say I’ve taken it on.

Sometimes it’s not about believing in yourself and being strong for yourself and what you believe in, but In fact, it’s the people who surround you and who support you that really make you feel comfortable with taking big leaps in life.

When I left college, I was so disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to walk away with something big, like an international internship, that I told myself only a small portion of lucky individuals get to experience these things. It wasn’t that I didn’t work hard, it wasn’t that I didn’t have talent or drive – it was simply the universe building the basics in my life first so that it could slowly throw bigger challenges at me that would make up for any disappointment it had caused me earlier during college.

While you keep your eyes posted for the big announcement. I am quite happy to make yet another announcement, a smaller announcement , that my rebirth capsule collection will finally be released to the public mid/end July !

The photos have turned out so beautifully, and the amazing team I had behind me to make it all come to life, have truly been a blessing !

 If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about going somewhere in life with your talents then go for it and don’t dare let anyone push you down. Believe in yourself, have confidence and sooner or later everyone else will start doing the same about you !

And again I have not forgotten about my “how to get one step closer to your goals and dreams” blog post – understand that it is a work in progress , so it will be a series that I am still working on. 😉

Take care and happy Monday to The world. Whatever Timezone you’re in, I hope you had a beautiful day

xxxx much love,

Rhaya Ratavosi | thelifeofrhy.com | ratavosi.com

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