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Whoop whoop ! We love weekends at The Life of Rhy … But we are sad to see it end ! The one good thing about Sunday’s though , is that The Life Of Rhy Blog is waiting here with a new weekend post – hooray ! 😺😻😽😺 

Today’s LA fabric search post is about our favourite, quirky fabric printing company -Alexander  Henry Fabrics !   

My assistant Kazz and I had the pleasure of visiting their head quarters and seeing how things work at Alexander Henry. 


We started our little meeting tour in the warehouse. This is where ready to go prints get prepared for packing and sending off. 


It was quite interesting looking at all the prints and stories from Alexander Henry. I hadn’t seen there whole collections but when I actually saw it on the roll ready to go, it was another feeling. 

So much colour ! Flipping through there sample books !         Selecting different fabrics to take back to Australia for our upcoming commercial collections.

Kazz and I picked so many gorgeous prints  to bring back, look at this amazing border print with Frida Kahlo. So pretty !    Another one of my favourite prints was this food shack inspired print. I loved it’s pop art/ comic book feel !  And of course , did they think I wouldn’t find the macho man prints ! Hahaha we loved it ! As we made it through the warehouse and had the lovely Miho assist us with all our queries , we learnt quite a lot about Aexander Henry. 

It was quite interesting for me, especially working in the industry , designing girls wear for a commercial company. When you come to designing prints, you are restricted to how many colours you can use – so it was interesting seeing how differently they worked here. 

Each of of their beautiful prints is hand painted into a repeat and sent off to their factories in Japan And Korea. At the factory, they print their pattern and colour match the actual paint colours rather than matching to a Pantone swatch. I found this so interesting because at our work, we depend so much on pant ones and fabric swatches that’s it’s almost so crazy to imagine anything else. The other fact that completely had me amazed was the colour limit they had. For commercial companies, for obviously much cheaper garments – the number of computes used in a print are 3-4 colours sometimes 5. But the fact that Alexander Henry prints use from 14-18/19 colours, is amazing. You don’t realise how hard it is to fit a print into 3-4 colours until you actually come to designing it. 

You can check out Alexander Henry fabrics online and on Instagram for cool prints and design ideas, I definitely recommend them. Such a lovely bunch ! 

xxxx much love, 
Yours truly

Rhaya | | Ratavosi the Label 

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