Ratavosi the label | introducing the Nostalgic Relapse Jacket 

Hello Weekend !

Today’s look introduces our Nostlagic Relapse Jacket with the Adieu Adornment Pants and Rebirth Leather Bralette. 

The textures in this look are amazing, The Jacket is a combination of Raw natural Silk and textured silk, where as the bralette is a very soft sheepskin leather followed by the pants,made from a medium weight cotton pique. Absolute Quality !

Let’s not forget to mention that this look wouldn’t be complete without the amazing work of these jewellery designers- Nuri Jewellery Design and Majka Jewelry ! 

Pre-orders Welcome | Ask us for pricing and size guide by commenting below, private messaging us or emailing at sales@ratavosi.com
Photography by Photography by Monica Pronk

Hair and Makeup by Charntae at R.J.L Studio Photography

Model | Jordan Kain [Model]

Necklaces | Majka Jewelry 

Wrist wear and Rings | Nuri Jewellery Design
(P.S in case you haven’t noticed we love creative names for our pieces)

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