Model | Marnee K. <3

She is one of the most gorgeous and Kindest individuals I know !

Beautiful inside and out – The one and only Marnee Kidd !


Bumped into her in Cremorne at my friend’s 21st – Always a smile on her face !

Both of us wearing trendy outfits – Lively Reds and pastel nude midriffs – Loving life ❤

Check out The conceptual Knitwear blog for photos and videos of the both of us !

Below | Treat your eyes to the birthday girls outfit !!!!! LOVE IT !!!


The birthday girl and Yours Truly – P.S LOVE HER DRESS TO BITS !


Yes i know i didn’t dress winter wonderland –

but if you take a CLOSE look –


My eye makeup goes white to blue – totally fitting me in with the dress code hahaha !


xxxxxx over and out


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