New shoes ? | Catch of the day !


Sometimes I have crazy little urges to shop for upcoming collections and shoots.

It’s extremely fun coming up with story’s for collections because you can make it have whatever significance you want it to have.

Whilst walking back from a CT scan on Blacktown’s Main street I decided to pop into a very cluttered store that noticeably stood out from its surroundings – “Catch of the day”.

Inside I found Awesome things both new and recycled fashion like unique shoes, vintage garments and one-offs as well as jewellery and recent collections from certain brands.


I fell in love – sold – in the name of an “upcoming” photo-shoot these gorgeous white snakeskin booties !!
Cannot wait to photograph them with a timeless piece in a wild backdrop !



xxx much love


2 thoughts on “New shoes ? | Catch of the day !

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