Getting Intimate with Ratavosi.


Get A little intimate with me ! Another Exclusive offer !

As we showcased The “Nostalgic Nuances” Collection at the end of last year, we allowed ourselves to stupidly forget just how great and special it was.

Almost every collection I have ever designed and made, I’ve received comments about the dark and mysterious elements within them.

The incredible and unexpected split personality that is present and the very “Ratavosi” style they each have.

So in order to bring it back to life again and because I adore you all ( my subscribers) so much, I am sharing with you another Sneak Peak from my Ratavosi Ready-to-wear Collection.

Both Briefs are vintage styled high waist briefs. Both are Suitable for swimming depending on how daring you are Winking smile

The Black one on the left is  “Madame Lola”. Only available in Black with Contrast Lace insert panels.

The Vintage Tea Stained Brief is the “Nostalgia Brief”. (black bow is a styling item, not included) Mesh insert side panels with stretch lace trim insert.


So Spoil a Loved one or even Spoil yourself ?


These Items are unique and exclusive, you are guaranteed very few people will have it !

Minimum Quantities.

Be Quick to Email for pre-orders, Inquiries and sizing information.


xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


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