Busy as a bee on a Sunday …

It’s nice to think of Sunday as a day of rest, the day before work where you just go and enjoy yourself, and relax, or for some recover from the night before. However, my weekends have recently turned so crazy they are as busy as my weekdays. This is purely by choice though. Yes I do get a little tired and exhausted from running around but it will all pay off in the end.
So in saying that, I just want to let you all know that I will be having yet another capsule collection coming out soon. Something a little more vibrant, fun but still your “Ratavosi”. I’ve been working on a few project for awhile now.

This weekend I went searching for some trims and sample fabrics. I found so many fun yardages that I myself am anxious to see the final products.

It’s something along the lines of tribal, pom-poms, vibrant summer colours and silhouettes that you can wear casually during the day as well as dazzling them up for a night out. Completely exclusive and something that no one else will have as they are released with only a few numbers.


The stage of development can sometimes be fun and time-consuming but somehow you get it all together in the end.

Wish I could share more with you but it’s kind of exciting keeping it a Maury for now.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend !
Xoxo much love,
yours truly


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