We’re back yo !

I Hope Everyone hasn’t missed me too much ! Not to worry though, we are seriously, officially back.

Promise *raises pinky*


I’d like to kick off the blog posts with a little something I read in my inbox this morning, sent from Style Saint. I think they’re onto something and of course what they are doing is fantastic !

Project : Impact By Style Saint.

When I first heard of Style Saint I was amazed at how much you could do on their website.

The fact that they had created this online world of Tearing magazine sheets and making mood boards and collages with images, amazed me ! Of course I put my hand up to be part of their Saint Society – Who wouldn’t?!

Then a few months later they launched their new line of clothing.

A few great, strong pieces, nothing too overwhelming, just perfect.

From the beginning, Style Saint has managed to promote their pieces with great quality, an affordable price and most importantly they are 100% sustainable.

Today however, They have taken it to a whole new level – Project : Impact.


According to Stats, Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world so Style Saint have dedicated their time to measure three very important things that each garment is based around – the water saved, the metres of sustainable fabric created and the hours of honest ethical labour work paid.



A very New and exciting Feature at the Style Saint Shop :

Now with Every Item you purchase or view you can see your impact



If you Vote #1 for sustainable, Ethical fashion Then please Support Style Saint.

It’s wonderful to see people in the industry care !


To View my profile on Style Saint – Click Here

Click here to join Style Saint and recieve

To view their Website – please Click Here

and Lastly, Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and my Style Saint profile ( link above ) !


xoxo Much love,

Yours Truly

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