Week 7 to Week 8 | Sourcing Accessories and Creating a Mood Board.

Hello, Bonjour, Barev – To everyone around the world ! We are having a Special Mid Week Post on TheLifeOfRhy today. Keeping you all up to date with Fashion week Progress, Today’s Post highlights the importance of sourcing Accessories from … Continue reading

Style.com Launches Magazine !!!

It was Mid September when Style.com started advertising their new Magazine Launching in October !

Finally The time has come – Monday 31st of October be prepared ! This Fresh-Off-the-runway magazine from The world’s most favourable Fashion website, “a magazine for fashion obsessives by fashion obsessives” is set to hit the news stands !

Style.com’s Magazine is said to cover from Catwalk to Sidewalk as well as stories from Top Designers such as Azzedine Alaiia, Donatella Versace, Tim Blanks …

If you are a Fashion-lover,follower,embracer This is a must-have Issue for your collection !

Not too sure about Australia but if you are in the United States it will be available from the aforementioned date. To order online Simply click here or check out Style.com’s Article on their .

Style.com in print