Night of The White !

As I mentioned in the blog “Couture on Ice” there were some farewells ! Miss Meli B, one of my best friends is on a vacation to Sri Lanka and Bangkok so I’m terribly missing her and simultaneously wishing her a safe yet awesome trip !

So, in reference to the  post title “ Night of the While” one thing I Love is colour parties – yes sometimes I don’t Exactly Dress up according to the code they’ve set but It’s always nice to see everyone wearing one colour at the same event !

My good Friend Keegan’s 21st was set as an All white Party !  Mel and I, fashionably late … as usual, and also delayed by a few things had quite an awesome night… in White –

Check out our video from the night ! ha-ha

MEli and rhy |Adventure # 1

xxxx Much Love, Yours Truly


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