Comic Book meets Pop Art meets Fashion.

The first we really noticed this trend here in Australia was when Romance was Born opened up Fashion week in 2012 with their superhero styled comic book collection.

They absolutely, with no question brought their very own comic book to life and took costume dress up for this theme to a whole new ready-to-wear level.


Since then I have started to notice more “pops” of this trend come about through even bigger designers and even hit the shelves in department stores.

And somehow (through my lovely job) managed to get my hands on a very special Pop art Tube Skirt From Top Shop. (below)


This beautiful comic Art inspired Skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS and such a fun piece to have.

It’s super trend driven and all the pops of Red and Yellow colour make it that much easier to Style.

The Perfect Colour Palette for this trend is obviously Black and white with a combination of Red, Yellow and Blue.

Accessories that would go perfect with this trend are high shine bags and belts and Gold Coloured jewellery.

Primary Coloured Shoes, Red, Blue and Yellow would also go well with this trend.

Although this skirt is not available on Top shops Website.

There are a number of other Comic/Pop Art inspired pieces Still available. (below)

Be Quick to purchase as they may not last very long.

Simply Click here to be directed.



To look at some other Designers who have also “WOW’d” US !


3.1 Phillip Lim, Pre-Fall 2012 Collection.

I know its Pre-fall 2012 but I absolutely love it AND it’s TOTALY RELEVANT.

"Everyone wants garments to be superheroes” said Designer Phillip Lim.

In fact, some would even agree that many of his pieces were constructed from such great high-tech fabrics with remarkable design functionality , that would be enough to actually and incredibly save you from any wardrobe strife you’d be in.

Super POWERS !


I love how minimal the core pieces in this collection are.

To View the Full collection click here.


So, before I go -  A little secret between you and  I – there is more to come of this trend in Summer 2013 in Australia.

So definitely keep your eyes out at the major department stores.


Much Love,

Yours Truly



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