Polka Dots and Pearls | Mother Daughter Trending.

Happy Weekend Everyone !!!!

Christmas is nearly here and I am so excited to be sharing the festive season with some of my favourite family overseas !!!

Today’s post is about two of my favourite polka dot pieces.

One worn by me, and the other worn by my gorgeous Mother.

I don’t think I’ve ever introduced much family on this blog but since we both made a spectacular appearance with the same trend I felt it was very necessary to post her up. **Snaps for mother dearest**


Say Hi To Anita…

Mother of two, Full time Nurse/carer for the old folks at the retirement village.

Loves listening to Persian music… REALLY… LOUDLY ! “Full Belast” as she says – haha !!

She’s a very special Lady who brightens up my life, leads me to the right paths and is always there for me when I need her. Having said that I am truly Greatly for the wonderful parents I have and just how much effort they put in to make sure us Kids are a-okay and happy as can be. I don’t think I could thank them enough – Love you long time Mum and dad !!!


Gorgeous two layer Pearl Necklace.

Vintage square neckline – super flattering for bigger bust ladies.


Red belt to compliment the dark navy and to accentuate that waistline


Look at my mumma’s Curves – Divine !


Matching pearl beaded bracelet.


And them rocking red shoes from Wild pair.

Now onto me…

I am wearing a polka dot Jumpsuit.


Curled hair Don’t Care !


A really low cut v Neckline. It is almost like a wrap dress.


IF you have a long pearl necklace like mine, you can either wear it knotted or double layer


Don’t forget that bold red lip.


Again A Red belt to accentuate the waist.


My signature and obsession – The cat eye flick !


love this look !


So TWO RULES for polka dot ! Don’t forget them Pearls and if you can pull off that red lip – can be any shade that suits you… Definitely Wear it Girlfriend Winking smile

Darker shades of red suit olive skin girls and brunettes where as lighter brighter shades suit the more fairer gals.

If you struggle – Let me know !


so ummm..

Anyone want to know where we were actually heading …?

To My friend Anni’s Bridal Shower !!!!


Very cute, beautiful, bird cage, blue and yellow theme.


white birdcage favours with blue and yellow coated almonds inside.



Marshmellow on a stick and really rich and tasty Macarons !


Me and The gorgeous Bride-to-be ANNI



And what would a bridal Shower be without the most popular Game EVA !!!!… TOILET PAPER BRIDE !


Youngest bride of them all…


Last minute couture toilet paper touch ups !



Now that is a stunning bride right there !

So before I wrap it up…

As I mentioned before It is Anni’s wedding soon and I happen to be in the bridal party,

So Guess where TLOR will be for the next three weeks… Beautiful California…

I will infact be blogging my trip and I cannot wait to share it with you all –

I hope You Cali Dolls are ready for me !!!

p.s Wish me luck Packing.. SERIOUSLY !

xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly

Lights out Lovers


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