Shine on Blogging Award !!

Good morning to you all!

Wake up, Wake up! The weekend has arrived!

It’s going to be a crazy weekend, Lots of news to share and plenty of pieces to keep you entertained (You’ll see what I mean soon).

So where do we begin… Let’s rewind to a few days ago.

20th March 2014, Thursday – I wake up at 5.30 am with a notification on my home screen. A Message from Kristel nominating me for the Shine-on Blogger to Blogger award! It was honestly far too much excitement for a Thursday morning but I must say Kristel, Darling, you made my day! Thank you so much for this award, being part of my blogging life and always reading my posts.

shine on

If you’re not familiar (which I wasn’t at first) with any blogging award, nominees have to follow a set of rules.

1-      Speak about the person who offered you the award.

2-      Insert the above photo

3-      State 7 things about yourself

4-      Make 15 nominations and pass on the shine.

5-      Make sure you advise the new winners they were nominated!

So, Let’s Talk about Kristel.

Kristel owns the blog Rags For Bones it’s a true fashionista’s insight on fashion and style. She often uses polyvore to create these amazing mood/style boards that honestly really help when you need a go-to guide for what’s hot and on-trend. Great Job Kristel!

7 questions to answer.

1 – How was your blog born?

Well I woke up one morning and I thought – “I love fashion, I love to write, my life is pretty chaotic right now, so let’s start a blog. I can share my style, fashion, my work, experience, and my collections, to people all over the world. Who knows I may even inspire a few and be an icon.” I think a few months later, I had to undergo a severe back operation. That is when I really started to get into the blog. Writing more about my personal experience during college and how they work you to the bone with their tough-love methods. But Hey Look at me – I’m 23, I have a really good job, one that I’d consider one of my “dream jobs” and I strive to do my best to fulfill my inner crazy-workaholic-Gal. I’m really passionate, determined and motivated – What’s going to stop me? NOTHING.

2 – What is the most important thing in your life ?

This is a really hard one actually. We all have so many different priorities in life that it’s hard to just pick one and say “Yes, that is the most important one”. I personally want to cheat and say two… So I will J *rebellious stance*. The two main would definitely have to be good health and family. Let’s face it I really need my health – If you read and follow my blog you should already know how much I’ve been through, so that’s definitely the first. The second would be the bond of family. The warmth, support and presence of having a very close and understanding family, for me, are also one of the most important things in life.

3 – Do you have any other passions ?

I’m passionate about a lot of things, my career, my family, my life. It’s all thanks to my parents for raising this little determined, motivated girl. Thanks mum, thanks Dad. What I’m working on now is actually making more collections. I am very passionate about my fashion – To have that skill and power to get a piece of fabric and create something, It’s amazing ! Knowing how to do that is actually incredible – Oh and it is always a challenge, regardless.

4 – Are you an ambitious person or are you one who likes to get carried away?

Je suis Tres Ambitious!

See, I believe that you can put your mind to anything and succeed! Nothing ever comes easy, there are always challenges, always off-days, and most likely a lot of hard work involved. Once you learn this, you begin to appreciate the exhaustion.

Try it, you control it. If you want it, you can achieve it. I guess it all falls into how much you really, actually want it.

5 – What is your style?

I love androgyny. I love girly pieces with boyish elements. Really fierce button up collars, waisted, structured pieces that are embellished so beautifully they look timeless!

6 – Do you like to travel? What is your favourite place?

I love travelling! I don’t have a favourite place yet, I don’t think I’ve been to enough places. However, I would love to go to Paris. That is one of my goals. Take me to Paris, ANYDAY!

I’d even love to go to New York.

7 – What is a quote that characterises you?

I don’t know about one characterising me but here are my top 3.

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone” Coco Chanel

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” Nelson Mandela

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door” Milton Bearle

Well there’s the 7 questions… Now onto the nominees…

1 – ColourDust and Happy Laps

2 – Girls of Wisdom

3 – Thoughts from Annika’s Room

4 – Florals For Spring

5 – Into Mind

6 – Donald Reese Photography

7 – Cloud of Lace

8 – The Fashion Power

9 – Bucket List Publications

10 – Laced in Leather

11 – Gema Katherine

12 – Vfabulous

13 – Indie Rose Deigns

14 – Style Breakdown

15 – Crengux

There you have it.

Shine on beautiful Bloggers and thank you so much for reading my posts and being a part of my life. Especially all the stalkers, I thank you too !

xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly



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