Breakfast at Tiffany’s | OOTD inspiration

Hi Pretty Lovers !!!

How are we all !?

I hope everyone has had a great break -a 4 day long weekend followed by a 3 day work week and another 3 day long weekend. It’s such a Tease isn’t it !

I know I didn’t post last weekend, had a few issues getting the post up but I just want to say, although it is belated – HAPPY EASTER Kiddies !



So you’re probably wandering about the title of this post ?

On my recent travels to LA, I purchased the most divine pair of D&G sunglasses .

If you have me on instagram (@ratavosi) or if you’re a regular at this blog you’ll know I’ve become annoyingly obsessed with them.

A few nights ago I watched Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and became inspired, AGAIN !

Although I’m lacking the pearls around my neck, I am actually wearing one of my favourite, Tiffany necklaces (thankyou boyfriend). With that of course, the LBD and the sunglasses suddenly seemed perfect for this outfit !

Enjoy !



Love this simple wrap dress. You can dress it up so easily as well as wearing it casually.


MY beautiful D&G sunglasses from LA.

I’m in love.



Tiffany around my neck, Just the way we like it.

My boyfriend gave this to me as a gift on our first Christmas together – Ill never forget how perfect it was.




Make up was simple.

Thick black mascara and eyeliner. Really clean.


And well we just can’t forget the Red lips with all that BLACK BLACK BLACK.



Mwa Mwa


Bonnuit Beauties !


xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly.


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